After a VERY long hiatus, I’m back!!

After the election of President-Elect Donald J. Trump, and the squashing of progressives like so many parasite bugs…I will have a LOT to say in the coming days, weeks, months and years.

Stay tuned!!! It will have been wirth the three year wait.


Sometimes life works in the most unexpected ways. And sometimes you are presented with a situation where an opportunity presents itself that simply cannot be ignored or put off. Such was our adoption of our new “kid”, Chet, last December. Wednesday, December 19, 2012 to be exact.

Chet came into our lives in a most serendipitous manner. Deb had been searching the internet for places to donate to for the holidays. During one of her searches, she was presented with a list of 10 places — one of which was Dog Orphans is a no-kill shelter located in Douglas, MA that specializes in rescuing and adopting out dogs. When she looked at the website to see if this was a suitable place to donate to, she decided to take a look at the “orphans” being housed at the shelter then. Well, she scrolled down the page of available dogs she came upon a complete surprise — a pure bread Wire Fox terrier named “Chet.”

Mr. Chet was described as 10 years old and in excellent health. However, there were some troubling idiosyncrasies listed for him as well. He had nipped someone in the past. He was food and dog aggressive. In fact, he had been rescued by Dog Orphans because a local veterinarian refused to euthanize him per his previous owner’s request. These issues were even more troubling because we already live with two Wire Fox Terriers (WFTs) — Lily and Honeybelle, and there was no way we wanted to upset their happy apple cart with the  adoption of a newcomer who essentially may be the canine equivalent of Hannibal Lechter.

Now, I think upon seeing his, well, adorable visage she fell head-over-heels in love with him. You couldn’t help but have strong feeling for him…particularly since the both of us are crazy about WFTs and terriers in general. There is just something about terriers, and WFTs in particular, that inspires a zealous adoration of them by “terrier people.” Deb made the mistake of showing me Chet’s picture, and, well, I did the head-heels thingy too! But through this whole prospective love-fest, there was the nipping/aggressive behavior hanging over Chet’s head.

Well, between busy work schedules and Thanksgiving intervening, we couldn’t get to Douglas to see Chet for over three weeks. But I kept torturing Deb with my want to go and meet him and my dread that he was some kind of monster that we simply could not adopt without accepting great risk to our girls and ourselves.

But we decided to bite the proverbial bullet and go visit Mr. Chet to see what this legend looked like in person. So on Saturday Dec. 16th we trekked down to Douglas to Dog Orphans — which by the way is smack-dab in the middle of nowhere in the Douglas State Forest on Route 16. When we got there, we were directed to the kennels, which reside in the converted basement of a former ranch house. There, almost across from the entrance door was Mr. Chet’s kennel. He was actually smaller and cuter than we had expected. He was super-energized by the visitors in the kennel (although Deb and I were his only admirers at the time) as well as the barking and activity of the other dogs, so he really didn’t notice us much. In fact he would quite nervously run outside into an open exercise run area then back inside without regard to us or anyone else.

One of the attendants suggested that we take Mr. Chet into a small sitting room off the kennel area to get acquainted. So, we took him there on a leash and we sat with him for a while while he explored and sniffed and, embarrassingly, peed on Deb’s leg. Oh well, so much for his social graces. But we got to stroke him and give him a cursory check out. Naturally he didn’t know us from a hole in the wall, so he was sort of aloof and more interested in his surroundings than in us.

So, we asked if we could take him outside to walk him around and let him calm down and focus. And we did this. But we also had an ulterior motive! We preemptively took the girls with us with the intent to introduce them to Mr. Chet on “neutral” ground. So, we walked Chet around for 15 minutes for him to explore and pee…and just get used to our presence. Finally, there was one point where I decided to pick him up and talk to him face-to-face. Whereupon to my surprise he licked my entire face. Needless to say, he had me right then. Chet was coming home with us.

So, Deb went and got the girls one-by-one to meet Chet. As we hoped, there was no aggression and no problems. In turn, the three of them got to meet one-another. They sniffed and generally ignored each-other…giving each other a cursory once-over and then basically milling around us as we waited to see if there would be an illicit sneer or lip curl on any part. We were absolutely relieved and delighted when there were none!

So…it was time to go meet with the administrator that we wanted to take Chet home. But there was one small issue that stood in the way of taking Chet that day…Mr. Chet had a very prominent rectum that quite visibly protruded greater than what we had known (from the other dogs we had owned) by what looked like a half an inch. We wanted Chet to be checked out by Dog Orphan’s vet to make sure he didn’t have a more serious problem. Regardless, we were going to adopt him…we just wanted him checked out. So, he had to stay in Douglas for a couple more days until he could get his check up.

Well, his “butt inspection” came on Monday, and to our relief, he was cleared to come home with us. The best the vet could determine was that he has a case of “puffy butt” due to his having been neutered later in life…which causes such an occurrence in some dogs. This was later confirmed by our two other vets. This condition doesn’t bother Chet, so it doesn’t bother me. [And with a clever "butt coiffure," this issue is completely unnoticeable!] So, we made arrangements to go to Douglas once again to pick up Chet for his ride home. Home…what a great sounding thing!

So, on Dec. 19th, 2012, Chet came home with us. To his home. And there he has been since. During the first few weeks, there were a few outbursts — the new pack had to establish its pecking order. But thereafter, it has been a thoroughly peaceful house. Chet, it seems, is a gentleman and very demure with the ladies. In fact, it has been established that Honeybelle is “top dog” and Chet does not object. He is anything but food aggressive, and he gets along tremendously with both Honeybelle and Lily. However Lily, being blind, growls at him because she just can’t get used to him because she’s never seen him and thus mistrusts him. But he does try to gain her favor as he gingerly licks her eyes, even though she shows a full mouth of teeth to him. After a few minutes of tender , persistent licking, the fanged sneering turns to the occasional grunt. Chet still is working his charms on her with mixed results.

We set up a crate in the bedroom for him so he would have a safe place he could retire to. But he tends to “retire” for the night between 9 and 10PM…to the bed. When Deb and I finally turn in, he then retires to his crate for the night. And boy can that little dog snore!

Chet’s a great eater…when we first picked him up his ribs were showing and he was voracious when he ate — which may explain his reported food aggression. If I were that skinny, I would be pretty greedy of my food resources, I will tell you. Like Honeybelle and Lily have had done for them for years, Chetty has all his food home-made from fresh meat (bison, turkey and other novel proteins) and veggies…with the occasional store-bought mix-in: We think this gustatory treatment has blown his mind! Still, out of an abundance of caution, we’ve kept him separated from Honeybelle and Lily during feeding times. But that really isn’t necessary as there have been times when we’ve forgotten to close the gate…and nothing has happened. Nothing! (since we’ve adopted him he’s already gained two pounds and you can no longer feel his ribs.) He’s proven himself to be a gentle soul and a perfect house mate.

But there is one thing Chet is for sure…a sneaky escape artist! He has pulled this escape trick three times…the last time he came within inches of being hit by a car as he bolted into and down the street, helter-skelter. Thankfully we found him in the across the street neighbor’s yard, gamboling through the snow, after the first time he escaped. The second time he benefited from the ID tag we purchased for him just after his first escape. A fellow called us from the parking lot at the hospital down the street from us (about a half a mile away) informing us he had our escapee in his van and to come and get him. Upon retrieving him, the man told me that he was almost hit by a car in his frantic running about. After this escape, we put a plan into action — when either of us leave the house, Chet is locked behind the baby gate in the kitchen and then released after we’re safely out the door. If both of us leave, he’s crated so that we’re not greeted by an escape upon opening the door! When either of us comes home, we ring the doorbell and wait for the “all’s clear” signal from whomever is home at the time before opening the door. He had one accidental escape after we implemented our plan because he’s so damned persistent. After almost being hit, I jumped in the truck and tracked him down — I found him about 1/4 mile from home (only after about 30 seconds on the loose!) running full tilt down the street that leads to Clinton proper. I cornered him and when I called him to come to me, he immediately jumped in the truck and began to kiss me on the face. So much for being angry with him…oh well.

He’s all set up with his new doctors…both locally and at Angell Memorial in Boston. He’s had both physicals and eye checkups and passed all with flying colors. All the doctors comment that Mr. Chet walks with a “confident” gait. That’s for sure!! And he gleefully kisses his physicians for their troubles!

So Mr. Chet is now a comfortable member of the Marini household. It’s almost like he’s always been here. He spends his days defending the house from invaders (USPS and UPS) and choosing comfy spots to snooze when he’s not laying in the sunbeams on high alert. He also loves going for his daily walks around the neighborhood with dad. He prefers to speed walk, so I’m getting my fill of long-overdue exercise, for sure.

Deb and I hope that we have many years to come to spend with our little man Chet. He’s someone very special!

File:Benedykt XVI (2010-10-17) 4.jpg

Today marked the end of the papacy of a good, if not great, and humble man trying to provide moral and religious leadership on an increasingly evil planet. Pope Benedict XVI, now Pope emeritus, served his flock well through (to say the least) challenging and difficult times for the Catholic Church worldwide.

Throughout everything that happened during his papacy, including the sex abuse scandals that have dogged the clergy, he has been a rock solid proponent of rationalism and conservative Catholic doctrine. In 2005 many “cafeteria Catholics” were looking to Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, as the newly minted Pope Benedict XVI, to make wholesale changes in the Church hierarchy and to embrace what may be kindly termed “progressive” changes in Church doctrine and practice. To his credit, Benedict did not budge to the whims of the populists and the progressives…and his teachings were what might be thought of as a back-to-basics in the individual-Church-faith relationship. He espoused and frequently preached “Friendship with Jesus”, where he saw the love of God as a means and a bridge to loving others who loved God as well. He saw this as an important tool in replacing the rampant secularism and consumerism that has gripped developed societies. He also sought to bring the Catholic faith closer to other worldwide religions by reaching out to other prelates and faiths. But he also had the strength of his convictions to speak out regarding evil when he saw it, and this forthrightness created friction with Islam and many of its teachings.

So as the helicopter that carried him away to the papal retreat, Castle Gandolfo, we should offer our thanks to a man who was unselfish and worthy of his station. A man who put the needs of his God and his Church before his needs. He was a worthy successor to the beloved John Paul II, and he sets a high bar for future Popes to aspire to. We can only hope and pray that the upcoming conclave puts aside political correctness and chooses Benedict’s successor based on his loyalty to God and to the Church, and his fidelity to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

God bless you and thank you, Pope Benedict. May God always shine his grace down upon you.


or this

or these

or this

have not killed a single person, let alone have committed mass murder.

However this has

(particularly if it is the brain of a mentally deranged or mentally ill person.)

If we keep these

out of the hands of the likes of these

then we don’t seem to have a problem with mass murder perpetrated with firearms.

I hope this helps our liberal friends understand that playing with or truncating the unalienable rights of countless tens or hundreds of millions of law-abiding Americans will not save a single life if a deranged or mentally ill person has the will to obtain a firearm and use it for nefarious purposes. If folks in the Senate were serious about this issue they would do everything possible to insure that folks like in our rogue’s gallery above are identified and prevented from obtaining a gun BEFORE they use it. Violating my rights and those of every other law-abiding citizen in the US will not accomplish that end. It will only serve to make us hate and distrust our already hated and distrusted government even more. Is that really what we all want???

Let’s use the Constitution as our guide for once and punish the guilty instead of the innocent.

Since the ratification of the 16th Amendment in 1913, American politics has become all about money, money, money…rather than rights, liberties and freedoms. Citizens and their rights have taken a back seat to how much they make and how much they have. We are not individuals any more to our government (except when they want our vote, ha)…we are numbers much larger than one.

If you look at every other provision of the Constitution with the exception of the 16th Amendment, there is a limit to what the government may do, and the individual’s rights are paramount in the discussion. In fact, the federal government has very little power over the individual if one actually follows the authentic words of the Constitution…the federal government is SUPPOSED to be the protector and servant of the States. Not the controller and lord over individual citizens.  The 16th gives the Congress, and thus the government, nearly unlimited power over the income, and thus the property, of an individual. And by extension, unlimited power over the individual. If there were no 16th Amendment, the government would be forced to pay as they go…because there would be no income tax money tree to shake. And there would be no cross-aisle fighting about taxes and spending cuts, etc.

I firmly believe that the 16th Amendment is unconstitutional, because it renders each and every citizen of the US as a bond servant/slave to the government. Couple this with the requirement for automatic payroll deduction of taxes from a worker’s pay, and we have lost our ability to control OUR government through our free-willed actions — like withholding our taxes as a protest, etc. Much like the upcoming gun control debate which is actually an excuse to try and pacify the American populace, the 16th amendment has pacified us in terms of our ability to redress our grievances with our government. Instead, we’re stuck with this corrupt feedback loop in which we have to deal with “representatives” who have the power to tax us, ostensibly in our own best interests. Taxes always seem to go up to appease this special interest group or that one — and these taxes are indeed Progressive according to the provisions of the 16th Amendment. As a result, we’re left with covetousness and class warfare as part of our government…and national debate. And we can see from the last election, this strategy will certainly elect a president if he chooses to take this low road of politics.

If we are to become reasonably debt free and once again a nation of truly free men and women, the 16th HAS TO GO. This single action would make our representatives work for us once again and take the worship of mammon (or the use of it for political gain) from our governance. Remember, if there was no 16th, there would be absolutely no discussion about fiscal cliffs and debt ceilings. Period.

Do you know how you get out of a hole? You stop digging.

But after his election in 2008, Obama kept right on digging for the four years after Bush had vacated the White House. On Jan. 20, 2009, Obama had all the tools he required to correct any fiscal imbalances “caused” by Bush. He had a Congress comprised of a House and Senate Democrat majorities. They were a race car ready to rock-and-roll for whatever his whim was. But he chose to do his job in a car with only an accelerator for spending…and no brake pedal for cutting spending. He could have avoided the massive unemployment we suffered even today if he had shelved his ideology, ratcheted back regulations and significantly cut spending. Instead, he opted to waste his political capital on the liberty-sucking and debt-busting Obamacare as his signature accomplishment. I’m sure children will be singing paeans to him for this monstrosity generations from now. NOT!!!

See, we don’t have a revenue problem…we have a massive spending problem. Nobody wants to touch the very sacred cow of spending, as it is the very deadly third rail of politics. Craven politicians like Obama know that re-election chances approach 0% if government sending, particularly entitlement spending, is reduced. And if you think our spending problem begins and ends with the one point something trillion dollars being batted about in the lamestream, you’re more naive than you think. Cruise on over to if you want true enlightenment into the world of hurt our profligate elite masters have gotten us into. Take a look at the last box at the bottom for the true extent of our debt and profligacy…and tell me if we haven’t been duped by the most diabolical and sinister Ponzi scheme ever dreamed up…which by the way we’re on the hook to pay.

As a nation we currently have almost $122 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities. Any way you look at it it’s a lot of dough. YOUR part of this is a little over a million bucks. When are YOU going to pay up?!?!?! Seeing that many working stiffs won’t make a million bucks in their lifetimes, the answer for many is NEVER! Guess what? That debt, plus interest, falls to our kids to pay. Some legacy gift to the widdle tykes, huh?

Making matters worse, we only have national assets (you know, the real stuff that we can pay the debt back with) of just over $87 Trillion. This leaves a deficit in this liability of around $35 TRILLION. There aren’t enough millionaires and billionaires in the galaxy to pull our fat out of the fire on this one. But Emperor ZERO fiddles, and then goes on a lavish Hawaiian vacation after his re-election, while Washington runs up over $150 MILLION per hour in debt…just for the operational side of things. Honestly, the guy doesn’t have $50 worth of concern in his eyes regarding debts and deficits…let alone the countless trillions that we do owe. He’s proved this time and time again. He’d rather complain about his predecessor than do the hard lifting that is required to put our fiscal house in order.

So, although Obama didn’t run up all this debt, his party and his Progressive ideology are squarely responsible for it with their entitlement schemes and their historical profligate spending — since 1903. Obama would not be president today if it weren’t for 20th century Progressives T. Roosevelt, W. Wilson, FDR and LBJ getting the ball rolling and keeping it moving over time. [I saw a news report that since his election that Obama has spent more money than all the presidents that preceded him, COMBINED. Some legacy, huh?]

Our profligate Commander-In-Chief may argue about “fiscal cliffs” but he really should be worried about fiscal icebergs…because we’re going to hit the one with the teeny-tiny tip just above water and the ginormous mass just below the surface. It’s called unfunded liabilities…and it’s coming for us REAL soon. And soon we’ll get to meet the good buddy of unfunded liabilities as well…remorseless hyperinflation. All brought to you by the spendaholics in the Obama administration.

Rest well my little friend. I know that you are with God. You have given us so much…you loved us unconditionally, and I hope you knew that you were well loved. Your pain has ended, but our hearts are broken.

When you entered our lives in 1997 as a wriggling little clump of black and white fur, we could have never imagined how much we would grow to love you. You showed us unconditional love, and you taught us so much about stoic bravery, as you had your share of setbacks during your life. From having melanocytoma in your right eye in 2006, and having it removed…to having pancreatitis and nearly dying in 2008, and ending up with diabetes that required 2 shots of insulin per day…to having frightening grand-mal seizures in the summer of 2012…you showed us a peace, courage and a love of life that we will always admire and that will always inspire us.

I am certain that you were sent to us because God knew that you would teach us great humility and patience…and He knew that we would stick by you in thick and thin. We hope that God wills that we will see you again when we end our journeys here on Earth. It would be a great disappointment and heartache not to be able to hold you again and to be in your loving presence.

Rest well my little boy.

One last word of farewell, dear master and mistress.

Whenever you visit my grave, say to yourselves with regret

but also happiness in your hearts at the remembrance

of my long happy life with you: “Here lies one who loves us and whom we loved.”

No matter how deep my sleep I shall hear you,

and not all the power of death can keep my spirit from wagging a grateful tail.

Eugene O’Neill

A common thread that runs through the 2012 political season is the sinfulness being encouraged by the Democrat party, through the Progressive, liberal agenda. The basis, the substrate as it were, of most Democratic candidates’ platforms are sin, sin and sin. Now I’m not some wild-eyed prophet or holy man preaching God’s Word from the hinterlands. A coat of hair is just too doggone itchy for me! But having been raised and educated in a parochial school setting, I know sin when I see and hear it.

Vote for me and I’ll give you this or that. Tax the rich because they have more than you. Vote for me and I’ll give you your fair share. Vote for me and I’ll spread the wealth around. Vote for me and I’ll make sure “the rich” pay their fair share. It used to be that all it took to get elected was for a politician to promise “a chicken in every pot.” Today, these brazen purveyors of sin capitalize on man’s lesser angels at every turn. Not only do they promise a chicken, but they also promise the pot, a kitchen to cook it in, a home and all the creature comforts to enjoy the meal…and a free cell phone. Sin is everywhere! Self-sufficiency, initiative and drive to succeed are almost nowhere to be found. Sloth, avarice, greed, covetousness and envy all fuel and dominate the political debate. And unashamedly so. However, the lead dog in the pack on our national road to perdition is covetousness. Covetousness is the most utilized tool to fire up the emotions of the masses. Covetousness is the fuel that powers most liberal political campaigns and it is a powerful fuel indeed.

Monte Millionaire has more money than you, therefore he’s able to pay higher taxes than you. A vote for me will mean that everyone making $250,000 or more will pay higher taxes, and their “fair share.” But fairness is in the eye of the beholder. We all know that desperate people will do desperate things. One need not look back in history very far to see the depths to which man will sink — because it is in our nature to do so unless we tow some moral line and obey some loftier life principles. When Moses toddled down Sinai with the stone tablets, they weren’t suggestions. They were COMMANDMENTS. Because an all-knowing God who created him knew man’s flaws. He knew that left to our own devices that we would certainly devolve into the worst case scenario in terms of human behavior — displaying our lesser angels of conduct as easily as smiling. Without Divine guidance and obedience to some code of moral and social conduct, man is just another animal…with basic animal desires and drives. We are creatures of sin and turpitude.

So, isn’t it expected that when a country, particularly one founded on Christian principles and with the highest regard for Divine Providence, abandons morals, virtues and righteousness that it will by default fall into sin and depravity? Why do you think that there is such a consistent push from liberal thinkers for a “separation of Church and State,” and that this concept of separation has replaced the authentic concept of First Amendment rights in the collective mindset of Americans? The Framers wanted this separation, but only in the sense that the people’s government would not meddle in the religious affairs of its citizens. They did not want a state religion like the one whose tyranny they fled in England, nor did they want politics driving what was spoken from the pulpit. In fact, the 1st Amendment couldn’t have been more explicit in it’s intent:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

Seems pretty clear to me. But Progressive and liberal thinkers seem to view this legislative prohibition a little differently. They seem to feel that although the government cannot prohibit the free exercise of religion, that that does not prohibit said government from discouraging religion or religious behavior in our nation and society. After all, an amoral society is a society open to almost any idea…and a population that is desperate to improve their lot in life will do almost anything to achieve that goal, not the least of which is trading their precious vote for the promise of goodies given to them by a munificent government. And so we come full circle to the employment of covetousness, envy, sloth and greed in the American political discourse. I cannot tell you how many folks I encounter who proudly declare that they are “good, practicing or devoutly religious” folk and that they furthermore describe themselves as morally upright. And a fair number of these individuals also self-describe themselves as dyed-in-the-wool Democrats and liberals. But I also see the ‘Mother Of All Contradictions’ in the way these folks think of themselves. There is a certain amount of moral and ethical hand-waving and moral relativism that must be employed in order to resolve the inherent conflict between Progressivism and liberalism and the strictures that God has placed upon us if we are truly devout and observant. It is perhaps a most propitious place at which to remind the reader of the “forgotten” Commandment; that being the Tenth:

“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s.”

And this also might be a good place to further jog the reader’s memory regarding the definition of the word “covet:”

“1. To desire wrongfully, inordinately, or without due regard for the rights of others: to covet another’s property; 2. To wish for, especially eagerly: He won the prize they all coveted.”

We hear a lot these days in terms of social justice and spreading the wealth around but precious little on the cancerous spread of the sin of covetousness in our nation and society. This extends all the way to the USCCB, whose continued silence on this issue is deafening. We hear a lot about religious freedom and the sanctity of life, but we do not hear much regarding sin in all its forms from our clergy. But this silence or reticence to speak upon this topic does not absolve any of us from heeding God’s words. Just because we square in our own minds that the fruits of Progressivism and liberalism are OKAY, and there is no harm and no foul, that this is so. On the contrary, we each need to make sure that we toe the moral and ethical line required by our faith, and that we identify and reject sin and sinful behavior in all its forms.

Ostensible do-gooders forget that charity begins at home, and furthermore in their own pockets and wallets. To be charitable means that they directly participate in the act of giving, and that they sacrifice in order to do so. They also forget that charity by proxy (that means through the use of taxes confiscated by the government, to those of you who can’t bring yourself to say so) is not charity at all. Forcing others to do your vision of “good deeds” is antithetical to authentic religious charity. Yet, again, we have legion Americans of the liberal persuasion who regard casting their vote for the embodiment of  Robin Hood, for a candidate who promises to soak the rich in order to give to the poor and those “in need,” as absolutely nothing wrong in doing so. But based on His guidance to us, I can assure you that God does. I truly believe that He is taking account, and that furthermore nothing good will come of this regrettable, national transgression.

So I’d like folks to think hard about what is being said and promised to them in the political arena. I’d like them to analyze the words and the motives behind those words. We’ve heard a lot in the mainstream liberal media lately regarding political code words and “dog whistles’ — mostly attached to imaginary racism on the part of conservatives when they speak on all political topics. Well, there really are dog whistle words being spoken by Democrat candidates, from President Obama all the way down the line to local municipal candidates. These words include but are certainly not limited to “social justice”, “wealth redistribution”, “fair share”, “tax breaks for millionaires,” “progressive taxation” and “tax patriotism.” Whatever the catchy political sloganeering attached to these concepts, they have one thing in common: covetousness. And those who encourage you to participate are just as culpable and sinful as those who willingly cast their vote to engage in this affront to God’s law.

Democrats and sinners…REPENT! The time is nigh to save your soul and the fate of your nation. There may be a hue and cry for a separation of church and state…however, we cannot as a nation survive a separation between society at large and morals and virtue. It might also help to fall on bended knees and repent the error of your ways, and to petition God for forgiveness.

It honestly couldn’t hurt.

In that one profane tweet all the feelings and the underlying evil core of the agenda of the Democrat Progressives are laid bare for all to see. In the wake of the Supreme Court Obamacare decision last week, DNC executive director Patrick Gaspar summed up the treachery and perfidy of the Democrats vis-a-vis “healthcare” in one 29 character Tweet after the decision was read to the public. Besides being the prime example of classlessness, the words were quite revealing.

They speak of a Party and an ideology more interested and obsessed with “winning”…and ultimately with control of and domination over the individual. A party that has been infected by socialism in all its anti-individualistic forms, and a party that has become essentially blind to fiscal and authentic constitutional reality. See, you can’t chalk up the words in the Tweet as simply the author being overcome by the emotion of the moment. It’s a nice thought, but I would suspect that if Mr. Gaspar and his Progressive cohort were truly, really, actually happy for the American people because an essential piece of legislation was passed, then his Tweet would have been far more G-rated and humble. Instead, we in the opposition get in-your-face denigration and obvious contempt for being opposed to something that we see as the capstone on tyrannical, anti-constitutional legislation.

But beware Mr. Gaspar and command-and-control Democrats, those 29 characters may have awakened and stirred to great ire a sleeping giant…and provided a rallying cry for all those who have compromised their conservative, constitutionalist ideals and ideology for far too long. We’ll see if this is true come November. But in the mean time we who vehemently oppose Obamacare (and in light of this ruling, more properly termed ObamaTax) and all other contemptible legislation forced upon the American people against their will, will not let our anger diminish. We will not shrug and accept what is being told to us is the inevitable. We will not accept the obvious abandonment of the consent of the governed that is epitomized by ObamaTax. So begins our long, hard struggle to take back our ballot boxes and our political process!!

Last Thursday, the Supreme Court did all conservatives in the US a great favor with its decision to uphold ObamaTax as a tax. It slapped us into reality. The reality that the Constitution is no insurance policy and no guarantee. It made a lot of formerly-complacent folks realize that “the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance.” Whereas Progressives have been single-minded, unflinching and persistent in implementing their agenda since the early 1900′s, conservatives have been passive and on the defense — trying to counteract the death-by-1,000 cuts assault on our Constitution AFTER the damage has been done. Of course except when they’re doing their level best to imitate the Progressives with the creation of  “benefits” like the ill-conceived prescription drug benefit (thank you, GWB) or the creation of the Department of Energy (thank you, RMN.) The SCOTUS made us realize that the Tree of Liberty must be constantly nourished not only by blood spilled on the battlefield, but by blood, sweat and tears at the ballot box, and in all other aspects of a vigilant citizen’s daily life. The protection of our liberties MUST be job one, and prioritized by each of us as such.

Unlike past insults to our freedoms and liberties, the ObamaTax situation is different. It is an unambiguous assault on our (heretofore supposed) constitutional rights…and the results of its implementation will certainly chafe against the sensibilities of all Americans who cherish the Constitution not just in word but also in practice. So, in response to Mr. Gaspar and the now-proven untrustworthy, lying bunch of straw-grasping ninnies who now infest the Congress (as well as the White House and SCOTUS) I’ve got just one thing to say to you and your future political plans: I think November 2012 will be instructive as well as entertaining. A textbook case of Civics 101.

“It’s the Will of the People Coming for You. Bitches.”

The recent banning of baked goods, including cupcakes, at Massachusetts public schools by the Massachusetts legislature is the pluperfect example of nanny-state government gone awry, and a moribund ideology straining for relevance in the modern world. If the big-brained decision makers in the MA legislature think that this imperious action is going to help obese children shed a single fat cell then they are far dumber than even I imagine them. The only thing this legislative silliness does is engender anger and fury towards them. And it makes us question their decision-making abilities and motivations.

I cannot imagine the precious hubris of the folks who think that THEY, instead of parents, are responsible for the health and welfare of children. And furthermore that THEY can capriciously wield their legislative powers to enact laws such as this ostensible ban to perform do-gooding, PC actions that will keep them in good graces with the damn fools who see such measures as good and necessary.

With the myriad problems that engulf our state, these boneheads chose to spend precious time and energy on this “important” cupcake issue. I suppose in their minds they think that we really care about their phony-baloney agenda…and that casinos and cupcakes (two issues that have occupied much of the legislature’s time this year) are truly important in our lives. As soon as I heard the deliberations that went into the recent casino law, for example, to define when and how former legislators could dip their beaks into the promised gambling cornucopia, I saw that this was less about benefit to the state and more about self-aggrandizing special interests — the legislators themselves!

Banning cupcakes is just another way for our state government to place a stern, officious boot on our necks. It represents yet another erosion of our Constitutional rights that are neither valued or respected by those who believe they can relieve us of them with the stroke of a pen. I fear the rest of my fellow citizens here in the Bay State will wake up far too late, and consequently we will leave our children and heirs a restrictive place to live that not only sucks their wallets dry, but every bit of enthusiasm and initiative from their persons and their souls.

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