It appears as though in the run up to the 2012 election that the GOP candidates for president are going to be actually challenging two incumbents. First there will be the actual incumbent, the ineffectual and inept Barack H. Obama and second there will be the state run media, the so-called mainstream media, who are rabid supporters of the incumbent and a dedicated group of so-called “journalists” who would say or do anything to get this man re-elected.

Examples are always necessary, so I offer you two examples of the utter propaganda being offered by the MSM as “news” items, but are not quite so cleverly disguised liberal/Progressive party line drivel:

Leading Democrat says GOP tax argument flawed

Major teachers union endorses Obama’s re-election

The first story describes the attack on the GOP by Obama’s premiere pit bull Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC). Clyburn is a liberal’s liberal…and a sure Obama supporter regardless of the president’s competence — both men are black Democrats. Clyburn’s statements regarding the debt ceiling disagreement in the House are intended to place the GOP in a bad light, and thus Obama’s position in a good light, by making the GOP the bad guys in the fray. Clyburn is using the reliable liberal tactic of attempting to make the Dems the guardians of “everyman” and the GOP the patsies of “the rich.” See, Clyburn’s comments make the GOP seem implacably retrenched in their position on no new taxes because they refuse to consider closing tax loopholes in the existing tax code. But if a tax loophole is closed, doesn’t the individual who previously exploited the loophole pay more in taxes — ergo undergoing a tax increase?

It certainly does! But Clyburn is trying to associate tax loopholes, legal tax avoidance, with “fat cats” and millionaires. It doesn’t matter that such loopholes may be exploited by anyone who pays taxes. but such facts are trivial in the political gainsay that may be achieved by engaging in the sinful class warfare that is the hallmark of the Democrat party. Clyburn is the the latest bomb thrower on the right — aided and abetted by the AP, the Progressive’s trusty media lapdog.

The second story should surprise nobody. Does anyone with an IQ greater than 15 think that the teacher’s unions anywhere would endorse or support a Republican for any elective office? Certainly not, given the more-than-cozy historical, and almost symbiotic, relationship between the Democrats and the unions.

But the ringing endorsement as described in the story reveals the selfish motivations of the NEA and other teacher’s unions. The unions will support Obama, who has been an abject failure as president. Our country is in historic jeopardy as a viable nation under this man’s “leadership.” We have 9.1% unemployment, multi-trillion dollar deficits and debt and a crisis in our culture where an almost majority of Americans believe in an entitlement nation or outright depend upon the government for their living. But these problems matter little because Obama and the NEA have the same education “visions.” I postulate that this vision includes a favored, protected and special interest status for the NEA and other unions by the administration. Just look at the way that Obama used his “Present” response to pressing national issues regarding the recent union brouhaha in Wisconsin. All the Democrat senators in Wisconsin leave the state for parts unknown thus paralyzing the state’s legislature, and Obama has no comment?

Sure, Obama would have stepped in it if he had the courage to comment on this legislative treachery because he would be betraying or sabotaging his cozy relationship with the unions. Unions are a major fundraising artery for the Democrats, and with his track record so far, Obama is going to need an abundance of money if he is going to get re-elected. The unions, particularly teacher’s unions, are his useful idiots.

And by penning the second story, so are the AP.

With such blind support of the liberal/progressive ideology and candidates, the mainstream/lamestream media is going to do everything they can to place GOP candidates in a negative light and in a scrutiny crucible. These candidates will need to stiffen their spines and summon every ounce of virtue and honor that they can in order to do honorable political battle with Obama and his insane media posse. Because everything that Obama has said and done, and will say and do will be massaged and propagandized by a complicit media. And each and every one of us needs to rebuff the shameful bias of this media, and make sure that the hypocrisy is documented and publicized.

This is our country, and the upcoming elections are ours as well. Not theirs.

For some time now it has appeared that desperation and exasperation has crept into the zeitgeist psyche of the AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming)-support community. With each passing day, and with each strong rebuttal of the underpinnings of the AGW theory, the new theories or proofs of theories become more and more and more specious, speculative and tentative.

A prime example of this state of matters, what I like to personally call shoudda, woudda, coudda, is encapsulated in this recent AP story regarding a new, ominous theory that supports AGW and portends dire consequences for inaction and (of course) suggests that we cease our use of CO2-producing energy before it’s too late:

Warming ocean could melt ice faster than thought

I hate to even link to alleged news articles like this, because it might add to the appearance of credibility for the pure claptrap they report. But the best disinfectant for such things is sunlight, and I strongly feel it is a necessary responsibility to rebut these things as they arise.

I urge you to read and reread the article several times (it is short). If you will, count the number of times that a declarative (will, is, won’t, can, etc.) rather than a speculative (might, could, should, etc.) statement is made in describing the new “oceans-will-melt-faster” theory. I get eleven declaratives and eight speculatives in a cursory reading. However, if one removes the extraneous fluff, like how some action will cause some result…not associated with the theory, then the count becomes eight speculatives to four declaratives.

Through the use of clever journalistic techniques, one reads — at face value — a mainstream news story that seems like it solidly supports the underlying AGW theory, without a doubt. But if you take the time to strip away the extraneous information it contains, not related to the nub of the story, then the theory that the story purports to be rock-solid  proof, in this case of AGW, becomes quite speculative and specious.

It goes without saying that in the case if AGW, with all the power to be had and money to be made by those who would force us to accept it, that for the average man or woman two words must come to the fore whenever they read or hear such a story…

Caveat Emptor!

It’s Anthropogenic Global Warming! Until it isn’t…or maybe it’s the scourge of Climate Change. Uh, nope. Or, perhaps it’s just the weather being the unpredictable weather. Hey, I think we’re onto something! An interesting tidbit from the cyclone and hurricane observers at Florida State University (Dr. Ryan Maue): Recent historically low global tropical cyclone activity. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought that all manner of bad things, meteorologically-speaking, were going to befall us due to AGW and our continued use of all things CO2-producing. Who would have guessed that  the DIRE predictions of super-strong hurricanes and cyclones that made Katrina look like a kitten in comparison would be dashed…at least they’ve been if we’re to believe the good Dr. Maue. Oh well, maybe these things are caused by, now take a seat you climate scaremongers, THE VAGARIES OF THE RANDOM WEATHER!!! I dunno…seems like a theory to me.

Tipping Point? There are incidents which occur that leave you scratching your head and make you think “What were they thinking?” There are other incidents that occur that make you think that we as a nation have reached a tipping point, and that perhaps the scale is weighted such that we are at a point of no return. Behold, a tipping point: Elderly woman asked to remove adult diaper during TSA search. Where has all logic and sanity gone in our government when an incident such as this may occur? It is abundantly clear that the TSA is no longer concerned just about our “safety,” whatever the hell that may be. No, I’m afraid that their intentions are more sinister at heart: They are gaining control over us! Now, I assume that we’re all still freeborn American men and women with certain inalienable rights: like those pesky attributes life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness spelled out in the Declaration of Independence and codified in the Constitution. For example, situations like what happened with the ailing, 105 pound, wheelchair-bound, 95 year old woman in her “encounter” with the TSA are most handsomely covered in the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Read that passage very carefully and tell me that what the TSA is presently doing in the name of “safety” has any constitutional basis whatsoever. I’ll cut immediately to the chase for you — it doesn’t. This unfortunate lady was subjected to an unreasonable search of her person, without the benefit of a court order and furthermore was humiliated in her having to remove a very personal hygiene product at the order of a TSA “official.” Benjamin Franklin was right when he opined so many years ago:

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

His words ring true…as an ominous warning, even today.

Liberalism/Progressivism Has Failed. OKAY, it’s high time to start stating the obvious: that the precepts, agendas and programs that constitute the ideology called liberalism/Progressivism have failed. Spectacularly. Since the nascent probings of Progressivism by Teddy Roosevelt to the full-bore adoption of Progressive/socialist programs by Franklin Roosevelt, the US has suffered a great harm regardless of the “good” that all the hard-earned money spent on this ideology is alleged to have done. Regardless of the party line and the hype, we have come to the end. We are BROKE! There is no way to tax and spend our way out of the fiscal, social and moral abyss that we have backed ourselves into. For Americans, the FAILED ideology of liberalism/Progressivism isn’t the answer. It is the illness. The only way out of the present mess we find ourselves in is to re-adopt the prudent, frugal and austere precepts that are found in the Constitution. We must abandon our profligate and sinful ways and become the perfected society, based on constitutional and free-market principles, that we should be. I think that many Americans are waking from their profligate stupor; and they are realizing that the math that the Progressives espouse just doesn’t add up. There are no free rides, and you can’t get something for nothing (or almost nothing.) That taxing the “rich” only gives you the wages of sin (sloth, greed and envy) and that “helping” the poor with perpetual government alms and “charity” only breeds contempt and idleness from the “beneficiaries.” it’s time to shout the failure of this cancerous, unproductive ideology from the rooftops! “Liberalism/Progressivism is DEAD! Long live freedom and capitalism!!!”

Nothing New Under the Political Sun. It is indeed the silly season. Since the beginning of the 2012 presidential campaign we have seen the Dems/Progs/Libs ramp up their rhetoric and redouble their ad hominem attacks on the GOP candidates. One need to look no further than Michelle Bachmann for this political and media fold and spin job. Rep. Bachmann is truly a woman of substance. She has numerous scholastic, personal, business and political achievements to her credit. But unlike the Marxist Barack Obama, she is hated by the media and reviled by her political opponents for her strong conservative beliefs. See, regardless of the cries for more “civility” in the political discourse after the tragic shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Rep. Bachmann has been the recipient of some odious “scrutiny” for alleged gaffes and misstatements. In a recent interview on FOX News Sunday, host Chris Wallace asked her if she was “a flake?” Rep. Bachmann is definitely not a flake…and such a question is both demeaning and insulting, regardless of Wallace’s intent. If the “flake” question by Wallace can be considered friendly fire, Ms. Bachmann had better steel herself for a fusillade of invective and insults that are now being dreamed up by the “civilized” left — from both media and politicians. Because the one thing we can count on is that there is NOTHING new under the political sun, particularly where desperate Democrats are concerned.

Morons, psychopaths and mental defectives…If you guessed I was talking about Obama supporters, then ding, ding, ding…you’re correct! I cannot imagine a group of more brain dead sheeple than those who presently give our rambling, bumbling POTUS high marks for performance. Rasmussen has him at 50% favorability in today’s poll. With ever-increasing unemployment numbers, inflation on the move upward, increasing oil/gasoline prices and the price of food at 10 year highs I would imagine that any other president would suffer some unfavorability. But his trusty minions in the lamestream media have kept Mr. Obama afloat in the churning seas of his own making. I’m hoping that Israel supporters of all religions will start to drag his favorability down to where it belongs (probably in the high 30′s) after they’ve had a chance to cogitate on his truly breathtaking treachery involving Mideast “peace” and his “return to 1967 borders” comment.

“Never can say goodbye.” Folks are clutching on to the notion of “free” healthcare in spite of the facts presented to them that Medicare will collapse in 2030 (according to the actuary of the CBO.  We know this because a majority of Americans polled are not in favor of Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) plan to overhaul this bank-breaking behemoth federal program. But regardless of their reluctance to embrace Ryan’s proposed changes, or their wholesale buying of the negative hyperbole and outright lies being put forth by the Democrats against both Mr. Ryan and his proposal, something will need to be done to rein in the astronomical costs of this failing program. What will those who now clutch at this program do when it eventually fails? Leave it to their children or grandchildren to clean up the mess? Or worse, allow the country to default on its “promises” to Medicare recipients? It’s tough medicine to swallow, but something must be done. The Dems are demagoging this issue and making political hay with Ryan’s proposal and the support of it by many in the GOP. Granny gets rolled off the cliff…the GOP are uncaring and hard-hearted. Phooey!! But such are the conundrums that we face when we stray from the Constitution and roll out social programs that were never intended by the Framers. There are really only two choices…admit to ourselves that changes must be made, and grin and bear those changes, or…enable craven politicians to use Medicare as a political third-rail issue and see it eventually fail and produce dire financial consequences for our nation.

Barack Obama, The Tin (Ear) Man. There has probably never been another American president that has a tinnier ear for pomp, circumstance and protocol when it comes to interacting with other world leaders and notables than our current executive. He has an embarrassing track record of bowing to despots and dictators, speaking at inappropriate times, giving inappropriate or insulting gifts and “speechifying” in a manner that infuriates Americans, friends and allies alike. This latest gaffe, speaking over God Save The Queen, wasn’t covered much by the lamestream, but it was a world-class gaffe for a supposed first-string world leader. It was just another embarrassing and infuriating example of this president’s bull-in-the-china-shop approach to diplomacy and international relations. At this point in his term, I’m convinced that our friends and allies see the Obama’s as ebony hillbillies who are  not trainable in the diplomatic arts, and individuals who perhaps mean well, but just have a knack for getting things wrong.

Not My Cuppa Tea! The NY-26 congressional race was an interesting political battle. In a race distinguished by the lackluster field of candidates of all parties… Democrat Kathy Hochul, the eventual winner, Republican Jane Corwin and “Tea party” candidate Jack Davis. Davis was actually a Democrat using the the Tea party moniker to compete in the general election. Democrat pundits are using this sole, obscure victory to indicate the public’s displeasure with Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposal. But this race should give GOP candidates nationwide pause and chasten them to Democrat political treachery and chicanery. See, the Dems engaged in combination “divide and conquer” and “addition by subtraction” scheme to win this election. The addition of the ersatz Tea Party candidate Davis certainly siphoned prospective votes from Corwin. And since Hochul didn’t win by a plurality of the vote, or by a margin that was greater than the vote tally of Davis, then she really didn’t have a mandate…nor was there a clear mandate associated with her election. mark my words, candidates in the mold of Davis are going to crop-up nationwide in the 2012 election. GOP candidates are going to have to make a bigger deal of the duplicitous, phoney Tea party candidates as they appear…and educate their electorate as best as possible. Because the Democrats don’t care how they win — corpses, convicts or livestock voting, or by tricking serious conservative voters that a liberal Democrat candidate running is a serious Tea Party candidate. Let the games begin.

Didn’t You Know bin Laden is DEAD??? I think we’re seeing the framework of Barack Obama’s re-election plans come together, and it is a simple plan indeed. He is going to be the slayer of Osama. The defender of the Republic. I can just see the questions at the presidential debates:

  • Moderator: Mr. President, how do you explain the 9% unemployment and trillion dollar deficits to the average American voter?
  • Obama: Well, let me say this, I GOT OSAMA BIN LADEN!!! Ya know.
  • Moderator: Yes, Mr. President…grated. But what about the stifling regulations that are coming from the Obama administration?”
  • Obama: Well, I did KILL OSAMA BIN LADEN!!! That is a change we can believe in!
  • and so on…

The snuffing of Osama is going to wear thin real fast, I’m sure. But that won’t stop Obama from taking his share of victory laps, trying to extract maximum political advantage from his “courageous” decision. Now, indeed the president did eradicate this mad dog terrorist leader. But, contrary to the ecstasy being enjoyed by the unfortunate Joe Biden, snubbing Osama was the president’s job. He was supposed to get bin Laden if he could, dead or alive. And Biden’s eddic hyperbole aside, a courageous decision by a president is exemplified by Harry Truman’s truly mind-numbing decision to nuke two Japanese cities to aid in ending WWII. Truman’s decision is a model of courage and leadership. In comparison, what Obama did in regards to eliminating Osama was like taking out the White House trash.

Where’s The Outrage?? Well, the hypocrisy of the Democrats has been revealed in full glory with the renewal of the Patriot Act (PA.) Nary a sniff or grunt has been heard from the list of the usual congressional suspects who had no compunction in excoriating George W. Bush for his embrace of the PA after 9/11. But since Obama is the beneficiary of the renewal, then all is right in America…even though the renewed provisions, including overseas wiretaps, were seen as unconstitutional and intrusive when President Bush was POTUS. My question is: Where’s the outrage?? Cue the crickets.

Stating the Obvious. A big news tidbit over the past few days has been the fact that the Hispanic population in the US is now over 50 million. Well, duh! With an open southern border to Mexico, I’m surprised that this number isn’t bigger! The soft-skulls in the lamestream seem somehow enthralled with this population growth in the Hispanic community…seeing it as somehow a win for diversity. It would be if we had a secure border with orderly immigration. But embracing this unchecked population growth, knowing full well that a vast majority of it is due to illegal immigration is self-destructive to our nation and an odd display of encouragement by the supporters of this growth.

God Bless Joplin, MO. The people of Joplin had to endure an unspeakable tragedy. One minute they were experiencing a warm, mid-spring evening and the next, almost in the wink of an eye, their community was almost completely obliterated. It is heartening and encouraging to see neighbor-helping-neighbor in Joplin. These folks, who experienced utter devastation of their material possessions, didn’t wait for FEMA trucks or the federal government to come to their rescue. There were no “Rescue Me” signs and people just doing nothing. Although they lost EVERYTHING, most of the folks spent countless hours searching for family and neighbors, and helping to collect and pass out supplies to the other dazzled survivors. Post-Katrina New Orleans and post-tornado Joplin provide a perfect contrast between the two societies that we live among in the United States. New Orleans had too many folks dependent upon the largess of the federal government, unwilling to take charge and save themselves. Joplin, however, had folks who couldn’t care less if FEMA trucks and government assistance never came — because they have each-other. Gob bless those who were taken in this random act of nature’s fury…and God grant the survivors the grace and strength to endure and survive this disaster.

[BTW -- I'm baaaaaaack! And I will strive to have more regular postings from here on in!! enjoy!]

The government released its highly anticipated unemployment numbers yesterday for February 2011, and the result was that the unemployment rate dropped to 8.9%. This is the lowest unemployment number in over two years, and President Obama and his administration seized upon this good news to take their share of “credit” for the decrease.

However lost in all this adulation and self back-slapping were the Gallup employment figures for the same time period. Gallup tells a markedly different story, with an unemployment rate of 10.3% and an underemployment rate of 19.9%. The Gallup numbers paint a less-than-rosy picture of unemployment…and also show a troubling upward trend. Amazingly, I didn’t hear so much as a whisper in the media regarding the Gallup numbers, but I heard the administration and their willing media touts essentially blowing vuvuzelas in support of the lower Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) numbers. For some reason the divergent Gallup and BLS numbers didn’t stop the Infotainment sector (Lame Stream Media) from wholeheartedly embracing the BLS numbers without so much as a question or a hint of skepticism.

Please, Call me skeptical! I’m beginning to distrust almost everything that this administration says or information that it has a hand in releasing. We’ve seen in the past how easily numbers or statistics may be manipulated for pure political gainsay. And, how encouraging numbers released one month, be they financial or employment-related, may be revised to a more accurate (and disappointing) level in the next…with little media fanfare attending the more dour revision.

As for me, I think that Gallup doesn’t have a dog in the fight…their motivation is to maintain their reputation of accuracy — a hallmark of prestige for their organization. So, I’ll put more stock in their numbers over those that would be released then used as a political shoehorn to aide giving us four more years of the flaccid and ineffectual Barack Obama. The only person that benefits from an exaggerated or overly optimistic unemployment rate at this time is our hapless POTUS. Because if the unemployment (UE) rate is as Gallup suggest, more people are suffering in joblessness.

Right now, the lamestream media and the Obama administration have got us conditioned such that we’re grading the “deadness” of the corpse that is our economy. They would have us believe that our dead economy is showing signs of life…it’s only “slightly” dead because the UE rate came in at 8.9%. Well, dead is dead…it doesn’t matter what you call it so long as the economic corpse is still on the wrong side of the grass, even at an 8.9% UE rate!

In either case…using BLS or Gallup statistics, the numbers are dire. And claims by Obama of “progress” (and the use of any decline as a tacit endorsement of his brilliant economic agenda) cannot paint this awful situation with a more rosy color.

A few days have passed since a madman opened fire on Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and the crowd of people in attendance while she was holding a parking lot meet-the-constituency event. The result was six people killed and 14 injured, including the gravely wounded congresswoman. There is no doubt that this shooting is a tragedy, and that it threatens the underpinnings of our political system whereby ordinary citizens have the right of petition to their elective representatives. In essence, the murderous act of an armed lunatic loner, Jared Loughner,  has fractured the safety, security and the trust that elective representatives have felt and experienced in the past. Ms. Giffords paid a severe price for simply doing her job.

But beyond the physical and emotional damage done by the killer Loughner, there has been a gaping ideological fissure that has been opened up in American politics because of the comments of elected officials seeking to assign blame or a reason for the shooter’s actions. Initially, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik of Pima County as well as a great swath of the MSM decided that “the incendiary rhetoric” of the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and right-wing talk radio unduly influenced Loughner and triggered his murderous rampage.

The problem is that as facts have unfolded that there has been no evidence– not a single scrap — that indicates Mr. Loughner is even aware of those who were this supposed bad influence, let alone having listened to them. From all indications, Loughner was brought to his murderous undertaking by just about any other reason but vitriolic political discourse.

But this hasn’t stopped left-wing MSM commentators from continuing the claims and the cries to reduce the “hateful and violent vitriol.” Joining the MSM as if reading from the same play book are several members of the Democrat caucus who plan on introducing legislation to restrict political free speech (Rep. Robert Brady, D-NY) and to further restrict gun ownership (Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-NY and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-NY.) It seems that the actions of a single madman indicate that the behaviors and freedoms of the remaining 300+ million Americans must be restricted and/or modified. And making things worse, Rep. James Clyburn, D-SC has taken the opportunity of using the aftermath of the tragedy to begin talking up the so-called Fairness Doctrine as a means of reducing combative political rhetoric.

This evening, the president will trot out the TOTUS and attempt to read a speech that will “unify” the nation and begin some healing process. I think Mr. Obama will be wrong to drag politics into what will ostensibly be a local community show of support for those killed and wounded. Certainly there is reason to be concerned about the violence loosed on that innocent gathering of people last Saturday because the reported target was the congresswoman, Ms. Giffords. But she is alive, as are fourteen other souls: We simply cannot forget that there are six dead, including a 9 year old girl. For the president to in any way politicize his speech will disrespect the memories of the dead.

I’m presently penning this essay prior to the POTUS/TOTUS main event at the memorial ceremony in Tucson. I’m of the mind that he just won’t be able to help or control himself, and that somehow, some way, Obama will slip in some denigrating or condescending comment that will either zing conservatives and the right, or he will just outright choose the nuclear option and join the chorus of left-wing blame-gamers outright.

I hope not for the future of our nation. Not only will he surely appear “un-presidential”, he will guarantee that the unsupported and uncalled for blame game will continue for the foreseeable future. Americans need jobs, and they need a government restored to constitutional principles. They don’t need partisan rancor and bickering. Obama can go along way this evening to tamping down the rhetoric and focusing the entire nation on mourning and on praying for the recovery of the wounded. This may be wishful thinking, but we’ll see.

Add Renee Loth of the Boston Globe to the Idiot’s Opera in regards to voicing skewed constitutional interpretation. From today’s Boston Globe: We all ‘own’ the Constitution. Read Ms. Loth’s interpretations carefully to understand the breathtaking ignorance of the left and their acolytes. Ms. Loth has apparently used the Cliff Notes version of the document when she claims:

Opponents of the law say it is unconstitutional because it requires individuals to buy insurance coverage. But the broad mandate for government action to “promote the public welfare’’ is right there in the preamble.

Uh, no Ms. Loth. The preamble of the Constitution does not contain the phrase “promote the public welfare” but rather it accurately says “promote the general Welfare.” If you had a sliver of initiative Ms. Loth, you would have referred to the Federalist Papers to understand that the “general Welfare” described in the Preamble refers to the welfare of the Union of the several states, not of individual citizens. But what is such a trifle of interpretation regarding the Preamble when such plums like Article 1, Section 8 await.

Ms. Loth, your ignorance is challenged only by your stupidity.

It’s official! The 2010 election season is here.

How do I know? Well, it’s not because of the campaigning going on. It’s not because of the smattering of political yard signs beginning to appear. Nope, I know it’s election season because the mud (or the threat of mud) slinging has begun in earnest.

There was a news article on Drudge today that described something that I though might be coming. In case you’re in suspense and wondering, the title is: “Globalist Soros Launches Frontal Assault Against Tea Party“.

I had heard rumblings of this earlier in August…with snippets here and there that videos, news stories, pictures, etc. were wanted so that they could be posted online to reveal bad and racist behavior. The funding wasn’t mentioned — it was rumored that either Huffington or MediaMatters would be the sponsor.

But in the loony left-o-verse of thought and politics, all dough in one way or another leads back to Soros. And it is fitting that Soros is funding this smear effort: He is purported to HATE the Tea Party and it gets under his skin like nothing else.

I predict that this smear site,, is going to do more harm to the left than good. The crazed left is convinced that there are bigots and racists and hate-mongers under every rock. Particularly rocks on the property of Tea Party members. But just like the political nonsense that oozes from the left…the “stuff” found on the .org site will be primarily manufactured by the left, for consumption by the left.

Those on the left who despise the Tea Party (pretty much everyone with a pulse) have tried for months to tar and feather rally attendees or folks at town meetings. The crown jewel of proof of Tea Party racism was the alleged hurling of racial pejoratives at members of the Congressional Black Caucus on the day of the passage of Obamacare by members of the Tea Party who assembled to protest this action. Contrary to the claims by the individuals who were alleged to have been the “victims” of this verbal assualt, no evidence of any kind has emerged — even in the face of a $50,000 reward by Andrew Breitbart.

So now every Tea party event from now until Nov.2 will be documented every which way to Sunday. And like I said, if the deportment of the Tea Party members is stellar, I’m convinced that questionable “bad” behavior will appear on the .org reporting site and exploited for all it’s worth.

The sad part of this is that rather than being skeptical, the MSM will run with the garbage hurled by the anti-Tea Party .org site. They won’t give the Tea Party folks the assumption of innocence until proven guilty. No, no, no. I predict they will pig pile on the alleged “bad” behavior. And they will ignore any evidence that would prove otherwise.

See, as much as Soros hates the Tea Party, the combined MSM hates them worse.  The thought of freeborn citizens exercising their constitutional rights in a public forum drives all these leftist/socialist/statists CRAZY! So they will need the mud and the garbage assembled by the .org site to create controversial headlines and leading news stories.

At least we all know what’s coming. But let’s not fool ourselves, regardless of how exemplary we act from here on in, don’t be surprised if any of us see ourselves portrayed as racists or some other label with negative connotation attached to it.

My advice — smile and say “Have a nice day.” What we will experience on Nov. 3rd will more than compensate us for having Smearbots hurl the mud, garbage and dreck at us.

  • Ship Ahoy! SOS!! If there wasn’t so much hubris and duplicity involved, I’d probably have a little more empathy for the Obama administration. Because the wheels are coming off that wagon in a big way, or nautically speaking, the good ship Obama has run aground. Between his sinking in opinion polls, the mutiny in the Democrat ranks and the once lock-step, fawning, liberal media starting to turn on him, Obama and his minions are in serious political trouble. Although the future of our country is affected by all this, it is definitely a well-deserved comeuppance for this man who believes — truly believes — he is a demigod. I’m finally on the HOPE and CHANGE bandwagon: I hope that the Republicans can take both the House and the Senate and bring Obama’s contrarian agenda to a grinding halt. There has been no president in history so deserving of the term “lame duck” as our, hopefully, Commander-In-Brief.
  • Useful Idiots. Yesterday’s declaration by the NAACP that the Tea Parties are racist (or at least have significant racist elements) is the opening shot in the official 2010 election season. The resorting to ad hominem attacks and making unsubstantiated, specious accusations are the hallmark and chief tool in the Democrat toolkit. It’s apparent that the Democrat powers-that-be see a potential advantage by scatter-casting the racist tag on their Republican opponents, and that the NAACP is just a group of useful idiots in achieving this end. However, I think that the average American voter is seething angry, and furthermore they see clean through the desperation tactics of the Democrats. The Democrats are going to have to live with the consequences of their past legislative actions (like the Porkulis, Obamacare, etc.) and resorting to distractions just ain’t gonna work.
  • A Stranger In These Parts. I’ve finally figured out why Obama has such a tough time relating to the average American citizen. He’s not one of us! To put it kindly, his upbringing was way outside the mainstream. He might have been born and partially raised in Hawaii, but he spent his formative years as a Muslim — in a predominantly Muslim country. while the rest of use were being imbued and inculcated in everything American, young Barry Soetoro was subjected to a culture that is tens of thousands of miles and hundreds of years separated from that of a “mainstream” American. As a result, he’s having a tough time relating to his country, even though he went to college and graduate school here. He is essentially a stranger in a strange country. By the way, a country that he somehow became the leader of. I take little comfort in the fact that I understand him as little as he understands me and my cohort.  Hopefully, this accidental president won’t be allowed to do much harm during his tenure, and hopefully we’ll pick our presidents more carefully in the future. (More on this topic to come!)
  • Whither Europe and the Euro?? Things have become awfully quiet on the financial front in Europe. The problems with the PIIGS and the Euro have suddenly become back-burner news over the span of four short weeks. Could it be a case of the calm before the storm? Or could it be an example of a tree falling in the woods with nobody to hear it? Whatever the case, if Europe does fall, it will take us with it. Because with all the spending like a drunken sailor (the Congress’ spending gives drunken sailors a bad name!) and the intergalactic-sized deficits here, our economy and our government’s finances are tottering at the edge of the abyss. I wish I could blame hyperbole on my feelings, but I’m too grounded in reality to become hyperbolic at such a grave and serious time in our history.
  • Clueless In California. Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) recently became the poster boy for cluelessness. In a recent town hall meeting with his constituents, he claimed that he had not heard about the recent brouhaha regarding voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia during the 2008 elections. Please, Mr. Sherman — do us all a favor. You are obviously not very engaged in the goings on in our country, so call it a day — retire — ride off into the sunset with whatever scrap of credibility or dignity that you can.  Otherwise, I beg the voters of the California 27th to retire Mr. Sherman for your and his own good.
  • The Revenge of Obamacare, Part CCXVII! It seems like a week doesn’t go by when some new, and deleterious provision of Obamacare comes to light. And the newest affront to our sensibilities doesn’t even have to do with healthcare! No, it seems that a hidden and formerly obscure (until it’s passage) provision of Obamacare is the requirement for businesses to provide 1099 to vendors with whom they do more than $600 of business. My immediate question is: What the hell does this have to do with healthcare? It doesn’t, and it was one of the manifold ways that the desperate Democrats were trying to squeeze every penny that they could out of us citizens in order to pay for this monstrosity, and give them a favorable CBO report on “savings.” well, we now know those claims of savings to be a sham, but here we are left to deal with the collateral damage. As a small business owner, this new requirement is not only a nuisance, but it is a damper on my business. I will make damn sure that I just don’t procure more than $600 of anything with a single supplier. It will force me to keep track of my purchases and to spread my purchasing around. Because I will not be doing make work tasks, that prevent me from conducting real business, if I don’t have to.

Sen. Robert Byrd (D-KKK) died early this morning at 92. Good riddance. I hate to speak ill of the dead, but he was a loathsome man with a loathsome past. It’s now between him and God as to what happens to him next.

But here’s the thing. Byrd was a former “Kleagle” and “Grand Cyclops” in the KKK. In his past, he was a hand’s on guy when it came to racism…regardless of the revisionist history that will be attached to him (just read the softening of his past in the odious Times story that follows.) So, how will he be remembered?

For the NY Times, his death is marked by this headline and this story:

Robert Byrd, Respected Voice of the Senate, Dies at 92

Seems like they’ve forgotten to mention something, eh? Ahhhh, but he was a good Democrat…and perennial goody-giver to the proletariat. In fact, he was known the “King of Pork,” and there wasn’t a stretch of road or public building in West Virginia that doesn’t remind us so.

Now, let’s contrast the treatment of Byrd in the Times to another less odious character…but still a man with a racist background, Strom Thurmond of North Carolina. See, he wasn’t a member of the KKK, but he was memorialized by the NY Times as follows:

Strom Thurmond, Foe Of Integration, Dies At  100

Notice that the Times forgot to mention something? Like that the man was a former senator…and a decorated WWII veteran…but they didn’t forget to mention something else even though Mr. Thurmond had no affiliation with any hand’s on, racist organization. The NYT chose to tarnish this man’s memory in his public “obituary.”

But why the different treatment of these two men? Why the differentiation between two men from the South — both with racist pasts (but not uncommon for white men of their generation and their times) and both long time serving senators?? Because Byrd died a Democrat and Thurman a Republican. See, other than that little racism thing, that was the difference in the history of these men. See,both Byrd and Thurmond were ‘foes’ of integration, with both conducting lengthy filibusters in opposition to civil rights-related legislation when they served in the Senate. I also suspect that both were respected voices in the Senate. But again, because of the ‘R’ versus ‘D’ thing, Thurmond gets the highly disrespectful tag line and Byrd gets a pass.

We don’t need to wonder if there is a liberal bias in the media, it’s there in full view for all to see. But for this example, it took waiting from 2003 until Byrd’s passing for us to see in full view the liberal bias of the media in general and the hypocrisy of the NY Times in particular. And to cap things off, both these stories were written by the same person, Adam Clymer, with the only exception being the seven year time difference in the stories. But regardless of the author, these stories obviously bear the editorial imprimatur of the NYT editorial board. Nothing gets printed without their tacit approval; at least nothing as important as the death of a sitting or former senator.

Byrd dies an important statesman, given encomiums and respect way beyond what he deserves. He is a Democrat.

Thurmond dies a flawed individual, and shown disrespect not commensurate with his past sins (at least when compared to Mr. Byrd)…and the headline in his memorial in the Times reflects their bias and their hypocrisy. They detested Thurmond not because of his convenient “racist” past, but rather because he was a Republican. That was his greatest sin. But they embrace a truly flawed and odious man, Byrd, and slough off serious character flaws and past actions — and they do this because of his ideology — he was a Democrat.

So, forget about a dictionary…you’ve just seen the perfect definition of hypocrisy thanks to the NYT. All the news fit to distort…

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