Just Plain Silly

The recent banning of baked goods, including cupcakes, at Massachusetts public schools by the Massachusetts legislature is the pluperfect example of nanny-state government gone awry, and a moribund ideology straining for relevance in the modern world. If the big-brained decision makers in the MA legislature think that this imperious action is going to help obese children shed a single fat cell then they are far dumber than even I imagine them. The only thing this legislative silliness does is engender anger and fury towards them. And it makes us question their decision-making abilities and motivations.

I cannot imagine the precious hubris of the folks who think that THEY, instead of parents, are responsible for the health and welfare of children. And furthermore that THEY can capriciously wield their legislative powers to enact laws such as this ostensible ban to perform do-gooding, PC actions that will keep them in good graces with the damn fools who see such measures as good and necessary.

With the myriad problems that engulf our state, these boneheads chose to spend precious time and energy on this “important” cupcake issue. I suppose in their minds they think that we really care about their phony-baloney agenda…and that casinos and cupcakes (two issues that have occupied much of the legislature’s time this year) are truly important in our lives. As soon as I heard the deliberations that went into the recent casino law, for example, to define when and how former legislators could dip their beaks into the promised gambling cornucopia, I saw that this was less about benefit to the state and more about self-aggrandizing special interests — the legislators themselves!

Banning cupcakes is just another way for our state government to place a stern, officious boot on our necks. It represents yet another erosion of our Constitutional rights that are neither valued or respected by those who believe they can relieve us of them with the stroke of a pen. I fear the rest of my fellow citizens here in the Bay State will wake up far too late, and consequently we will leave our children and heirs a restrictive place to live that not only sucks their wallets dry, but every bit of enthusiasm and initiative from their persons and their souls.

For some time now it has appeared that desperation and exasperation has crept into the zeitgeist psyche of the AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming)-support community. With each passing day, and with each strong rebuttal of the underpinnings of the AGW theory, the new theories or proofs of theories become more and more and more specious, speculative and tentative.

A prime example of this state of matters, what I like to personally call shoudda, woudda, coudda, is encapsulated in this recent AP story regarding a new, ominous theory that supports AGW and portends dire consequences for inaction and (of course) suggests that we cease our use of CO2-producing energy before it’s too late:

Warming ocean could melt ice faster than thought

I hate to even link to alleged news articles like this, because it might add to the appearance of credibility for the pure claptrap they report. But the best disinfectant for such things is sunlight, and I strongly feel it is a necessary responsibility to rebut these things as they arise.

I urge you to read and reread the article several times (it is short). If you will, count the number of times that a declarative (will, is, won’t, can, etc.) rather than a speculative (might, could, should, etc.) statement is made in describing the new “oceans-will-melt-faster” theory. I get eleven declaratives and eight speculatives in a cursory reading. However, if one removes the extraneous fluff, like how some action will cause some result…not associated with the theory, then the count becomes eight speculatives to four declaratives.

Through the use of clever journalistic techniques, one reads — at face value — a mainstream news story that seems like it solidly supports the underlying AGW theory, without a doubt. But if you take the time to strip away the extraneous information it contains, not related to the nub of the story, then the theory that the story purports to be rock-solid  proof, in this case of AGW, becomes quite speculative and specious.

It goes without saying that in the case if AGW, with all the power to be had and money to be made by those who would force us to accept it, that for the average man or woman two words must come to the fore whenever they read or hear such a story…

Caveat Emptor!

America has an education crisis. Scores in math and the sciences are at almost all-time lows. When you converse with the random person on the street…or exchange an e-mail with a stranger, you find that English and grammar skills are dreadful in most cases. But the worst crisis in education is in regards to the average citizen’s understanding of the Constitution and how the document relates to them. And obviously this constitutional ignorance extends from top-to-bottom and left-to-right in our society and in our political universe.

There are two premiere examples of this ignorance, willful or otherwise, that appear in today’s top news stories. The first involves an absolutely ignorant statement by an absolutely ignorant liberal bloviator, Sen. Richard (Dick) Durbin (D-IL). From Real Clear Politics — Durbin: Illegal Alien Could Be Our Future President. According to Sen. Durbin:

“When I look around this room, I see America’s future. Our doctors, our teachers, our nurses, our engineers, our scientists, our soldiers, our Congressman, our Senators and maybe our President.” [emphasis added]

Uh, no Sen. Durbin…you pinhead! What is truly frightening is this ridiculous statement comes from an experienced legislator who we would expect to be well-versed in constitutional law…since I think we should expect our legislators to enact laws that are in strict conformance with the Constitution. But maybe that’s just me and my foolish expectations!?!

Well, Sen. Durbin…just for you…today’s edition of Constitution 101, or as we like to put it here at The Sky’s The Limit, The Constitution for Complete Imbeciles:

Article II, Section 1: The President
No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

I suppose that a person who was a strong supporter of Obamacare and it’s patently unconstitutional individual mandate requirement might have some trouble understanding the words contained in AII, S1. The good people of Illinois have the remedy to this problem, and I hope that they choose to remove this useless man from office at their first opportunity. But I fear that they see usefulness in his Liberal/Progressive ideology and his goody-getting for the state of Illinois — and this outweighs the man’s utter inanity.

Consider, please, if this statement were made by Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann, the MSM would be all over them like fleas on a bloodhound. But because Durbin is an outspoken “critic” of the GOP, he get’s yet another Mulligan…a hall pass.

All the previous constitutional ignorance leads me to my second example of utter constitutional ignorance — the recent decision by a three judge panel from the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to declare Obamacare is constitutional. A two judge majority declared that Congress indeed has the authority to require American citizens to purchase health insurance under the Commerce Clause in the Constitution.

Okay, let’s go once again to The Constitution for Complete Imbeciles for the august judges who cogitated this decision:

Article I, Section 8: Powers of Congress
…To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes…

Now, Congress has the actual constitutional authority to regulate Commerce among the several States — as in interstate Comerce, but I fail to see where they have the authority to regulate Commerce among individuals and private businesses (of which health insurance companies are a subset.) The good judges, and apparently most of our misguided Congress — at least those on the Progressive/Liberal side of the political aisle — mistake the Congress’ power to regulate interstate commerce with absolute power over dictating the behaviors of the citizens of the US.

Fellow citizens, we are on the precipice of a dark abyss. For the past century or so we citizens have ceded our Constitution and it’s care and feeding to the political elites. We have collectively forgotten that the Constitution belongs to each and every one of us. The Congress, supported by complicit courts or the SCOTUS, cannot push the proverbial “Easy Button” and conjure up work-arounds and abridgements for their actual, codified constitutional powers and authorities.

The actions of Durbin and the majority of that three justice panel on the 6th US Circuit Court makes me think that to them, the political elites, giving Congress new constitutional powers is no big deal. It indicates to me that they are in the end stages of wresting the control of the Constitution from us to them.

With all their unconstitutional claptrap and actions, apparently in the minds of the elites and the single-minded Progressives, the US would be a GREAT place if it weren’t for those pesky, empowered, freeborn citizens. Their plans for complete control of the country would certainly be a lot smoother without us.

God bless Texas! Amid the constitutional chaos in the rest of our once great nation we can count on Texas to show us the way to our original constitutional rights and liberties as intended by the Framers. In a recent decision overturning a previous ruling by a U.S. district judge, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals lifted a ban on prayers in Texas schools. The ban had been put in place by previously by Chief U.S. District Judge Fred Biery because of a suit brought by the atheist parents of a graduating student in the Medina Valley Independent School District. The parents claimed that planned religious expression during the graduation ceremony at the school would cause “irreparable harm” to their son.

As a result of the initial finding, Judge Biery banned the following “religious” phrases: “join in prayer,” “bow their heads,” “amen,” and “prayer” at the graduation ceremony. He also ordered the school district to remove the terms “invocation” and “benediction” from the graduation program, in favor of “opening remarks” and “closing remarks.

Biery’s decision is just the latest in a long and insane list of assaults on our personal religious freedoms. Saying a prayer at a public event on government or municipal property does not go against the 1st Amendment prohibitions regarding religion. In order to see this for ourselves, a little review of the 1st Amendment is required:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

So, now that these words are fresh in our minds, where are the now trite and oft cited words “separation of Church and State” in that paragraph? if you answered “nowhere, ” then ding, ding, ding…you win today’s prize of a pat on the back and the title “good citizen.” Biery’s ruling in Texas was made possible because we’ve allowed doctrinaire Progressive jurists the latitude to interpret our Constitution in such a wrongheaded and perverse manner. See, Congress has NEVER passed a law regarding a national religion — a religion of state as it were. Although we were founded under Judeo-Christian moral precepts, we are still a secular nation. But this does not mean that we must be a faithless nation when it comes to government events. Right there in the first amendment the Framers made sure that Congress (or any other part of our government could not prohibit our God-given right to freely exercise our religion. This doesn’t mean just a church or in the privacy of our own home. It means everywhere.

Bierly and his ilk ignore the prohibition of free exercise clause, giving it little weight in comparison to their skewed interpretations of the establishment clause, which is assigned maximum legal weight. Why? Because they are using the establishment clause as a social bludgeon to insure that the anti-religious, atheists and agnostics are not “offended” at public ceremonies. Because a few are not religious, then all must not be religious. In effect, these justices are employing a tyranny of the minority in order to insure that no offense is put upon the small minority of those who object to a prayer, blessing or religious language used at a public ceremony.

But these rulings abolishing religion or religious expression in relationship to schools, which do show ultimate respect for the feelings and wishes of the minority, offend and curtail the precious constitutional rights of the majority. See, the rights of the non-religious haven’t been trampled if someone says a prayer at a graduation ceremony or other public event. The Congress hasn’t made a law that establishes a state religion. Simply praying or saying God’s name at a public event doesn’t establish any religion as the religion of state. It is simply the free expression of freeborn citizens according to their constitutional rights. If someone is offended, well that is unfortunate but a fact of life in our Republic. The ability to be offended or affronted isn’t a right. It is a personal choice.

The courts in our land have no place adjudicating on feelings. Feelings are important, but they cannot be accounted for in our grand social compact also known as the U.S. Constitution. The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals realized this simple fact, and reversed a great wrong that had been done to the Medina Valley Independent School District by Judge Biery’s initial ruling.

What we need is for judges to stay out of our personal affairs, leave feelings out of the equation and deal strictly in the law. It was obvious to even laymen and women that Judge Biery had grossly overstepped his judicial authority with his ruling and prohibition. Luckily, the U.S. 5th isn’t swayed by specious, patently unconstitutional rulings and findings.

We either have a Constitution that is immutable and that maintains the spirit and the letter of the Framer’s intent, or we have a “living” document that judges like Fred Biery can contort to their liking and to the sensibilities of the time. If we, the citizens and owners of the Constitution, let this happen, then we will find it nearly impossible to capture back the rights and liberties that have been voided by such judicial activism. It has happened to us time and time again, in a death by a thousand cuts manner. But if we are to remain free, with the liberties assured to us in the Constitution, we must remain ever-vigilant and willing to shout out when such egregious offenses are forced upon us.

God bless the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and God bless Texas!

Morons, psychopaths and mental defectives…If you guessed I was talking about Obama supporters, then ding, ding, ding…you’re correct! I cannot imagine a group of more brain dead sheeple than those who presently give our rambling, bumbling POTUS high marks for performance. Rasmussen has him at 50% favorability in today’s poll. With ever-increasing unemployment numbers, inflation on the move upward, increasing oil/gasoline prices and the price of food at 10 year highs I would imagine that any other president would suffer some unfavorability. But his trusty minions in the lamestream media have kept Mr. Obama afloat in the churning seas of his own making. I’m hoping that Israel supporters of all religions will start to drag his favorability down to where it belongs (probably in the high 30′s) after they’ve had a chance to cogitate on his truly breathtaking treachery involving Mideast “peace” and his “return to 1967 borders” comment.

“Never can say goodbye.” Folks are clutching on to the notion of “free” healthcare in spite of the facts presented to them that Medicare will collapse in 2030 (according to the actuary of the CBO.  We know this because a majority of Americans polled are not in favor of Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) plan to overhaul this bank-breaking behemoth federal program. But regardless of their reluctance to embrace Ryan’s proposed changes, or their wholesale buying of the negative hyperbole and outright lies being put forth by the Democrats against both Mr. Ryan and his proposal, something will need to be done to rein in the astronomical costs of this failing program. What will those who now clutch at this program do when it eventually fails? Leave it to their children or grandchildren to clean up the mess? Or worse, allow the country to default on its “promises” to Medicare recipients? It’s tough medicine to swallow, but something must be done. The Dems are demagoging this issue and making political hay with Ryan’s proposal and the support of it by many in the GOP. Granny gets rolled off the cliff…the GOP are uncaring and hard-hearted. Phooey!! But such are the conundrums that we face when we stray from the Constitution and roll out social programs that were never intended by the Framers. There are really only two choices…admit to ourselves that changes must be made, and grin and bear those changes, or…enable craven politicians to use Medicare as a political third-rail issue and see it eventually fail and produce dire financial consequences for our nation.

Barack Obama, The Tin (Ear) Man. There has probably never been another American president that has a tinnier ear for pomp, circumstance and protocol when it comes to interacting with other world leaders and notables than our current executive. He has an embarrassing track record of bowing to despots and dictators, speaking at inappropriate times, giving inappropriate or insulting gifts and “speechifying” in a manner that infuriates Americans, friends and allies alike. This latest gaffe, speaking over God Save The Queen, wasn’t covered much by the lamestream, but it was a world-class gaffe for a supposed first-string world leader. It was just another embarrassing and infuriating example of this president’s bull-in-the-china-shop approach to diplomacy and international relations. At this point in his term, I’m convinced that our friends and allies see the Obama’s as ebony hillbillies who are  not trainable in the diplomatic arts, and individuals who perhaps mean well, but just have a knack for getting things wrong.

Not My Cuppa Tea! The NY-26 congressional race was an interesting political battle. In a race distinguished by the lackluster field of candidates of all parties… Democrat Kathy Hochul, the eventual winner, Republican Jane Corwin and “Tea party” candidate Jack Davis. Davis was actually a Democrat using the the Tea party moniker to compete in the general election. Democrat pundits are using this sole, obscure victory to indicate the public’s displeasure with Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposal. But this race should give GOP candidates nationwide pause and chasten them to Democrat political treachery and chicanery. See, the Dems engaged in combination “divide and conquer” and “addition by subtraction” scheme to win this election. The addition of the ersatz Tea Party candidate Davis certainly siphoned prospective votes from Corwin. And since Hochul didn’t win by a plurality of the vote, or by a margin that was greater than the vote tally of Davis, then she really didn’t have a mandate…nor was there a clear mandate associated with her election. mark my words, candidates in the mold of Davis are going to crop-up nationwide in the 2012 election. GOP candidates are going to have to make a bigger deal of the duplicitous, phoney Tea party candidates as they appear…and educate their electorate as best as possible. Because the Democrats don’t care how they win — corpses, convicts or livestock voting, or by tricking serious conservative voters that a liberal Democrat candidate running is a serious Tea Party candidate. Let the games begin.

Didn’t You Know bin Laden is DEAD??? I think we’re seeing the framework of Barack Obama’s re-election plans come together, and it is a simple plan indeed. He is going to be the slayer of Osama. The defender of the Republic. I can just see the questions at the presidential debates:

  • Moderator: Mr. President, how do you explain the 9% unemployment and trillion dollar deficits to the average American voter?
  • Obama: Well, let me say this, I GOT OSAMA BIN LADEN!!! Ya know.
  • Moderator: Yes, Mr. President…grated. But what about the stifling regulations that are coming from the Obama administration?”
  • Obama: Well, I did KILL OSAMA BIN LADEN!!! That is a change we can believe in!
  • and so on…

The snuffing of Osama is going to wear thin real fast, I’m sure. But that won’t stop Obama from taking his share of victory laps, trying to extract maximum political advantage from his “courageous” decision. Now, indeed the president did eradicate this mad dog terrorist leader. But, contrary to the ecstasy being enjoyed by the unfortunate Joe Biden, snubbing Osama was the president’s job. He was supposed to get bin Laden if he could, dead or alive. And Biden’s eddic hyperbole aside, a courageous decision by a president is exemplified by Harry Truman’s truly mind-numbing decision to nuke two Japanese cities to aid in ending WWII. Truman’s decision is a model of courage and leadership. In comparison, what Obama did in regards to eliminating Osama was like taking out the White House trash.

Where’s The Outrage?? Well, the hypocrisy of the Democrats has been revealed in full glory with the renewal of the Patriot Act (PA.) Nary a sniff or grunt has been heard from the list of the usual congressional suspects who had no compunction in excoriating George W. Bush for his embrace of the PA after 9/11. But since Obama is the beneficiary of the renewal, then all is right in America…even though the renewed provisions, including overseas wiretaps, were seen as unconstitutional and intrusive when President Bush was POTUS. My question is: Where’s the outrage?? Cue the crickets.

Stating the Obvious. A big news tidbit over the past few days has been the fact that the Hispanic population in the US is now over 50 million. Well, duh! With an open southern border to Mexico, I’m surprised that this number isn’t bigger! The soft-skulls in the lamestream seem somehow enthralled with this population growth in the Hispanic community…seeing it as somehow a win for diversity. It would be if we had a secure border with orderly immigration. But embracing this unchecked population growth, knowing full well that a vast majority of it is due to illegal immigration is self-destructive to our nation and an odd display of encouragement by the supporters of this growth.

God Bless Joplin, MO. The people of Joplin had to endure an unspeakable tragedy. One minute they were experiencing a warm, mid-spring evening and the next, almost in the wink of an eye, their community was almost completely obliterated. It is heartening and encouraging to see neighbor-helping-neighbor in Joplin. These folks, who experienced utter devastation of their material possessions, didn’t wait for FEMA trucks or the federal government to come to their rescue. There were no “Rescue Me” signs and people just doing nothing. Although they lost EVERYTHING, most of the folks spent countless hours searching for family and neighbors, and helping to collect and pass out supplies to the other dazzled survivors. Post-Katrina New Orleans and post-tornado Joplin provide a perfect contrast between the two societies that we live among in the United States. New Orleans had too many folks dependent upon the largess of the federal government, unwilling to take charge and save themselves. Joplin, however, had folks who couldn’t care less if FEMA trucks and government assistance never came — because they have each-other. Gob bless those who were taken in this random act of nature’s fury…and God grant the survivors the grace and strength to endure and survive this disaster.

[BTW -- I'm baaaaaaack! And I will strive to have more regular postings from here on in!! enjoy!]

Because of their fierce loyalty and stubborn fealty to their union masters, the AWOL Wisconsin senate Democrats have introduced a new term into the political lexicon. The good people of Wisconsin now have to suffer with Conditional-Representative Union-Deferential Democracy (CRUDD.) Now that this CRUDD has been allowed to exist in our state legislatures, once in the past in Texas and now in Wisconsin and Indiana (and all by Democrats), I assure you that we’re going to be full of CRUDD in the future.

Unfortunately, CRUDD is going to hamper and hamstring state legislatures who have been charged by their citizens with cleaning up fiscal/financial messes left by years of progressive social experimentation. Based on the examples in Wisconsin and Indiana, Democrats in state legislatures nationwide will be heading for the hills every time an issue comes up that rankles their fragile sensibilities…and they aren’t in a position to block such legislation other than by taking a proverbial powder. We may, as a nation, need to wander in the political desert for a while while petulant children posing as grown-up legislators in the Democrat political minorities kick and wail because they can’t have their way any more.

Never mind that when THEY held majorities, there was nothing in heaven or Earth that could stop THEM from implementing THEIR political agenda(s.) But that was different — their motivations were pure as the driven snow (probably “for working families” or “for the children”,) and/or the legislation was likely crafted by union operatives or ACORN and were thus fit for their support and eventual enactment.

But the people will catch on quickly once the CRUDD becomes an impediment to getting the job done and taking care of their state’s business: They can simply vote the CRUDD(Y) out of office or recall their obstructive posteriors.

Got CRUDD? You don’t need Lysol and a sponge…and you don’t need to scrub.

All you need is some outrage and your vote!!

The Democrat delegation of the Wisconsin senate are cowards. There is no other way to frame these bad actors. The fact that they have abandoned their state and their responsibilities to camp out somewhere in Illinois is childish and duplicitous. And it shows a brazen disregard for the business of the people of Wisconsin.

I guess we know in no uncertain terms where their loyalties lie. They are craven stooges for the public sector unions in Wisconsin. They have no honor. This bolting the state as a result of legislation that they oppose is not an acceptable action from elected representatives. They were elected to roll up their sleeves and do the peoples work in the Wisconsin senate. They aren’t expected to go on hiatus because they expect to have legislation passed that is contrary to their ideology or their special interests. They are expected to voice their opposition strenuously, and then take the consequences of the vote. That is what makes our representative democracy so great.

So, look closely Americans! View the ideological treachery that is the Democrat party. Cowardice in the face of defeat; deal-making in the dead of night, behind closed doors; bending and breaking of rules to get their way; and the wholesale abandonment of the will of the people they are purported to serve. And, oh yeah, taking sides with those who favor thuggish and selfish behavior.,

Wisconsin is a highly visible microcosm of the cowardice and treachery that exists in other states and in Washington DC, all brought to us by the Democrat party. But I predict that this won’t turn out well for the coward senators in WI, nor will it turn out well for the greedy union payroll patriots who are infesting the Wisconsin capitol in Madison — with their markedly “uncivil” signage and slogans. The preponderance of hard-working taxpayers are sick, or are growing sick, of their antics. Their state is broke, and something’s gotta give. Unfortuantely for the unions, they are living quite large on the public’s dime.

And the public is out of even dimes for some time to come.

In retrospect, I’m glad that Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election. There are actually two reasons for my gladness: the first is that we got our once-whispered orgy of socialism/Progressivism out in the open, and this led directly to the 2010 conservative gains in the House. The second is the fact that we didn’t have to suffer through the tenure of President John McCain. Yes, McCain did have Sarah Palin as his running mate, and she was the ONLY reason that I supported his candidacy. But McCain has shown himself to be a tiresome RINO…a liberal/Progressive who uses conservatism to suit his political ambitions when it is convenient. In this vein, McCain used Ms. Palin as his conservative “beard,” and it was a desperate Hail Mary attempt by his campaign to rescue it from obscurity. History shows us that even former Governor Palin and the tremendous interest she created in the conservative community was too little, too late for his ineffectual campaign. I thank him for introducing Ms. Palin to the wider political audience, but I have come to mistrust and oppose John McCain for his continued political duplicity.

This news story probably illustrates why I distrust and reject John McCain’s avowed “conservative” credentials:

McCain says a ‘much more centrist’ Obama ‘much’ easier to work with

Even as a newly-repackaged “centrist” POTUS, there are still enough ideological differences between Obama and any so-called conservative Republican (ostensibly Mr. McCain) to raise the hackles of said Republican. Not so with McCain. Ever the infuriating ‘maverick” legislator, McCain is constantly finding ways of helping the Democrats to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat to the GOP. This includes his failed presidential attempt in 2008. Now it appears that McCain is hell-bent for leather to give Obama credibility in his now-magical transformation from a new age Karl Marx to ersatz Ronald Reagan. Apparently McCain now sees Obama as much easier to work with now that he’s conveniently tacked his image to the center. Really? Was Obama the paragon of compromise and ease to work with when he had political majorities in the Congress John? Was the passage of Obamacare in such a humiliating manner to the GOP, with the tacit approval and imprimatur of Obama, an example of this co-operation?

Goody-two-shoes McCain is trying to make himself relevant in a news cycle that has pretty much relegated him to history. He’s trying to put himself back in the spotlights by engaging in this crazy high wire act with Obama. Except it’s not so much high as live wire…and the results are indeed truly shocking for those of us who are fed up with just a half-term’s worth of the Obama agenda…and see McCain as a vehicle for Obama’s successful re-election. Unfrortunately for McCain, the up and coming Republicans (and those who are getting all the news focus) are those who are actively embracing conservative values and putting voice to Tea Party principles such as limited government and personal freedom and liberty. McCain has never been big on these core conservative Republican principles…in fact he has been willing to jettison them in favor of crossing the aisle in search of “bipartisanship.”

But now he’s gone way too far. His endorsement of Obama’s attempt to transmogrify himself into an ebony Ronald Reagan stretches his own credibility to its breaking point. How do we trust a man who would in some way encamp with the enemy and support its aims? Yes, I did mean the enemy! Because Obama’s first half-term as POTUS has shown him to be antithetical to every ideal that conservatives and constitutionalists hold dear. And McCain now declares that he sees Obama as being easier to work with? Doesn’t this supposedly astute senior senator understand that his endorsement of sorts of Obama will enhance his chances for re-election in 2012? Could it be that the “maverick” is beginning to show signs of his dotage?

Perhaps if I had to craft a title for John McCain’s biography it would be “The Mis-Adventures of Gullible” because he is either the dumbest politician that God has created, or he is a scheming ideological subversive within the ranks of the Republicans. A “squishy” RINO like Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, both of Maine and both willing to blunt attempts to enforce GOP unity. You know, the partisan unity that is the hallmark of the Democrats.

Well, given what is at stake for our nation…we definitely don’t need the attribute squishy in GOP politics. We need conservative politicians with spines of steel who are true to the constitutionalist’s ideology and true to their supposed conservative core principles. We need patriots and stubborn men and women of virtue — bulwarks of our noble cause.

What we don’t need are the trite and tired antics of John McCain.

Add Renee Loth of the Boston Globe to the Idiot’s Opera in regards to voicing skewed constitutional interpretation. From today’s Boston Globe: We all ‘own’ the Constitution. Read Ms. Loth’s interpretations carefully to understand the breathtaking ignorance of the left and their acolytes. Ms. Loth has apparently used the Cliff Notes version of the document when she claims:

Opponents of the law say it is unconstitutional because it requires individuals to buy insurance coverage. But the broad mandate for government action to “promote the public welfare’’ is right there in the preamble.

Uh, no Ms. Loth. The preamble of the Constitution does not contain the phrase “promote the public welfare” but rather it accurately says “promote the general Welfare.” If you had a sliver of initiative Ms. Loth, you would have referred to the Federalist Papers to understand that the “general Welfare” described in the Preamble refers to the welfare of the Union of the several states, not of individual citizens. But what is such a trifle of interpretation regarding the Preamble when such plums like Article 1, Section 8 await.

Ms. Loth, your ignorance is challenged only by your stupidity.

It was all at once amusing and infuriating to watch my congressman, Jim McGovern (D-Havana), bloviating on the House floor or in conference over the past few days. Yesterday, Mr. McGovern raised hypocrisy to a sacrament when he was challenging the new House rules for considering the GOP-proposed Obamacare repeal bill. McGovern was challenging the claims of transparency by the House GOP regarding their rules.

Well, if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black! If we put on our time travel suits and turn the clock back to last year just before Christmas, we will find that Obamacare passed because of the twisting, no shredding, of the House rules by then House Rules Chair Jim McGovern. Imagine that. The same guy who engineered the Christmas eve vote using “special” rules and the same man who invoked the “nuclear option” and twisted reconciliation more than once now is crying foul now that he is on the outside and warming the back bench.

Today, the shameless McGovern took to the House well to decry the GOP’s one page Obamacare repeal bill, which he called “the most expensive piece of one page legislation in history.”


So, a two-thousand plus page piece of legislation that violates our constitutional rights, assumes control over 1/6th of our economy and spends enough money to cover 30+ million new insured isn’t expensive? Not according to the CBO, crows Pelosi, McGovern and the Dem choir. But if one scratches the surface of the very flawed CBO estimates on the “savings” that are claimed for Obamacare, one will see the vast deceit and obfuscation that was used to seed the CBO’s initial assumptions (by the House Dems.) The Dems claim that over the next 10 years that Obamacare will save over $800 billion. But a more accurate (and honest) analysis by House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan (R-WI) reveals that Obamacare will actually cost $701 billion. [Breaking news: A new, honest and accurate estimate from the CBO just released finds that the repeal of Obamacare will actually save $540 billion and eliminate $770 billion in new taxes!] Double counting savings and omitting costs allowed the Dems to fabricate their favorable savings figure — which provided them the ammunition that they required to bolster support for its passage.

But average Americans still reject Obamacare; according to Rasmussen 60% of those polled favor repeal. So Jim McGovern, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their capo de tutti capi Obama can crow about the benefits of Obamacare, and decry the GOP for their repeal efforts. But they are on the wrong side of both public opinion and economics. Sorry Jim…hypocrisy may be a powerful political tool for you, but in this instance it is a loser!

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