Tea Party

Despite the outward appearances to the contrary, the Democrats, Progressives and Liberals (DPLs) are gripped with fear. A glance at the state of our country, society and economy will give you a pretty good impression why.

The big government, nanny state vision of America as espoused by DPLs is imploding right before our eyes. Imploding big time! The mountainous deficits, the ever-increasing joblessness and small societal things like the increasing-in-number violent flash mobs are all the direct result of DPL ideology and government programs. Profligate social spending (regardless of the cries that we spend too much on defense), suffocating government regulations and a pervasive entitlement attitude are at the core of those economic, business and criminal problems.

The DPL folks in Congress know this…they can read the writing, or should I say graffiti, on the wall. Many of the hard-core DPL ideologues are twisting and contorting themselves into logical pretzels in order to explain away or ignore the obvious — that big government, wealth redistribution, welfare state policy and programs have failed spectacularly.

If creating a per-person debt that cannot be paid-off in one’s lifetime was the goal of the New Deal and Great Society…as well as all the other government goody give-away programs, then the DPLs can claim success and plant the flag of victory on Mount Debt. But I think most folks who are concerned, patriotic Americans (at least those concerned about their children’s futures) see things differently. They see racking up more and more and more debt as a crippling legacy that our generation will pass on to the next and the next and the next. Trillions and trillions of dollars spent to, for the most part, insure that scheming, craven politicians enjoyed a life-long lock on their political position. And to provide an elite few with power, both economic and political, that was never intended by the Framers.

But what was done was done without our (the citizen’s) permission and with generous interpretations of the Constitution in favor of almost unlimited congressional power. And although it has been one heck of a ride so far for the DPL folks, and has spawned numerous long-lived political careers (Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd immediately come to mind), it seems that lately the excess and profligacy of the DPL are catching up to them. Our economy and the nation’s fiscal situation are unraveling right before our eyes…debt is mounting and individuals are finally recognizing the trouble that has been caused by those who purportedly preached good times for oh so long.

The Tea Party and many conservative Republicans, Paul Ryan and Michelle Bachmann to name but two, are now leading the charge to reduce government spending as well as to reduce the size of government. We have come to the point where our government taxation and spending simply cannot be supported by our tenuous GDP. So, we can either cut those programs that are supposed to benefit us all, like the military, or we can cut the military in favor of preserving vote-grabbing social benefits and programs. Doing the latter is so short-sighted as to be ridiculous — and really not a viable option at all in a world where jihadists run free and the Chinese are hurriedly modernizing their military. Therefore, we must reduce social programs and either eliminate them immediately or reform them and then phase them out gradually. Many people recognize this need, and they are increasingly clamoring for such actions to occur.

Which brings us to prominent DPLer’s…up to and including President Barack Obama, and the likes of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. In recent weeks, both these Democrats have made excoriating statements regarding the Tea Party and those in the political opposition who would reduce the size of government.

You can almost smell the fear! As his favorability ratings are shrinking virtually every day, Mr. Obama is desperately searching for some way of reversing that trend. If you don’t believe me, just visit Rasmussen Reports for the bad news delivered on a daily basis. Despite his trying REAL hard, his economic agenda…punctuated by oppressive regulations and a “tax the rich” divisive mantra, is not currying favor with voters who see through this attempt at class warfare. So we have attacks on conservatives and the Tea Party by Obama and his DPL surrogates, like Ms. Jackson Lee.

So, be on the lookout for more of the same. Watch for the gratuitous attacks on “tea baggers” and on GOP presidential candidates — particularly those who deign to speak out about the Ponzi schemes that are Social Security and Medicare. It’s sort of gratifying to watch…the squirming, the fear mongering, the insults and, there’s no other way to put it, the lies.

Honestly, you can almost smell the fear…

Morons, psychopaths and mental defectives…If you guessed I was talking about Obama supporters, then ding, ding, ding…you’re correct! I cannot imagine a group of more brain dead sheeple than those who presently give our rambling, bumbling POTUS high marks for performance. Rasmussen has him at 50% favorability in today’s poll. With ever-increasing unemployment numbers, inflation on the move upward, increasing oil/gasoline prices and the price of food at 10 year highs I would imagine that any other president would suffer some unfavorability. But his trusty minions in the lamestream media have kept Mr. Obama afloat in the churning seas of his own making. I’m hoping that Israel supporters of all religions will start to drag his favorability down to where it belongs (probably in the high 30′s) after they’ve had a chance to cogitate on his truly breathtaking treachery involving Mideast “peace” and his “return to 1967 borders” comment.

“Never can say goodbye.” Folks are clutching on to the notion of “free” healthcare in spite of the facts presented to them that Medicare will collapse in 2030 (according to the actuary of the CBO.  We know this because a majority of Americans polled are not in favor of Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) plan to overhaul this bank-breaking behemoth federal program. But regardless of their reluctance to embrace Ryan’s proposed changes, or their wholesale buying of the negative hyperbole and outright lies being put forth by the Democrats against both Mr. Ryan and his proposal, something will need to be done to rein in the astronomical costs of this failing program. What will those who now clutch at this program do when it eventually fails? Leave it to their children or grandchildren to clean up the mess? Or worse, allow the country to default on its “promises” to Medicare recipients? It’s tough medicine to swallow, but something must be done. The Dems are demagoging this issue and making political hay with Ryan’s proposal and the support of it by many in the GOP. Granny gets rolled off the cliff…the GOP are uncaring and hard-hearted. Phooey!! But such are the conundrums that we face when we stray from the Constitution and roll out social programs that were never intended by the Framers. There are really only two choices…admit to ourselves that changes must be made, and grin and bear those changes, or…enable craven politicians to use Medicare as a political third-rail issue and see it eventually fail and produce dire financial consequences for our nation.

Barack Obama, The Tin (Ear) Man. There has probably never been another American president that has a tinnier ear for pomp, circumstance and protocol when it comes to interacting with other world leaders and notables than our current executive. He has an embarrassing track record of bowing to despots and dictators, speaking at inappropriate times, giving inappropriate or insulting gifts and “speechifying” in a manner that infuriates Americans, friends and allies alike. This latest gaffe, speaking over God Save The Queen, wasn’t covered much by the lamestream, but it was a world-class gaffe for a supposed first-string world leader. It was just another embarrassing and infuriating example of this president’s bull-in-the-china-shop approach to diplomacy and international relations. At this point in his term, I’m convinced that our friends and allies see the Obama’s as ebony hillbillies who are  not trainable in the diplomatic arts, and individuals who perhaps mean well, but just have a knack for getting things wrong.

Not My Cuppa Tea! The NY-26 congressional race was an interesting political battle. In a race distinguished by the lackluster field of candidates of all parties… Democrat Kathy Hochul, the eventual winner, Republican Jane Corwin and “Tea party” candidate Jack Davis. Davis was actually a Democrat using the the Tea party moniker to compete in the general election. Democrat pundits are using this sole, obscure victory to indicate the public’s displeasure with Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposal. But this race should give GOP candidates nationwide pause and chasten them to Democrat political treachery and chicanery. See, the Dems engaged in combination “divide and conquer” and “addition by subtraction” scheme to win this election. The addition of the ersatz Tea Party candidate Davis certainly siphoned prospective votes from Corwin. And since Hochul didn’t win by a plurality of the vote, or by a margin that was greater than the vote tally of Davis, then she really didn’t have a mandate…nor was there a clear mandate associated with her election. mark my words, candidates in the mold of Davis are going to crop-up nationwide in the 2012 election. GOP candidates are going to have to make a bigger deal of the duplicitous, phoney Tea party candidates as they appear…and educate their electorate as best as possible. Because the Democrats don’t care how they win — corpses, convicts or livestock voting, or by tricking serious conservative voters that a liberal Democrat candidate running is a serious Tea Party candidate. Let the games begin.

Didn’t You Know bin Laden is DEAD??? I think we’re seeing the framework of Barack Obama’s re-election plans come together, and it is a simple plan indeed. He is going to be the slayer of Osama. The defender of the Republic. I can just see the questions at the presidential debates:

  • Moderator: Mr. President, how do you explain the 9% unemployment and trillion dollar deficits to the average American voter?
  • Obama: Well, let me say this, I GOT OSAMA BIN LADEN!!! Ya know.
  • Moderator: Yes, Mr. President…grated. But what about the stifling regulations that are coming from the Obama administration?”
  • Obama: Well, I did KILL OSAMA BIN LADEN!!! That is a change we can believe in!
  • and so on…

The snuffing of Osama is going to wear thin real fast, I’m sure. But that won’t stop Obama from taking his share of victory laps, trying to extract maximum political advantage from his “courageous” decision. Now, indeed the president did eradicate this mad dog terrorist leader. But, contrary to the ecstasy being enjoyed by the unfortunate Joe Biden, snubbing Osama was the president’s job. He was supposed to get bin Laden if he could, dead or alive. And Biden’s eddic hyperbole aside, a courageous decision by a president is exemplified by Harry Truman’s truly mind-numbing decision to nuke two Japanese cities to aid in ending WWII. Truman’s decision is a model of courage and leadership. In comparison, what Obama did in regards to eliminating Osama was like taking out the White House trash.

Where’s The Outrage?? Well, the hypocrisy of the Democrats has been revealed in full glory with the renewal of the Patriot Act (PA.) Nary a sniff or grunt has been heard from the list of the usual congressional suspects who had no compunction in excoriating George W. Bush for his embrace of the PA after 9/11. But since Obama is the beneficiary of the renewal, then all is right in America…even though the renewed provisions, including overseas wiretaps, were seen as unconstitutional and intrusive when President Bush was POTUS. My question is: Where’s the outrage?? Cue the crickets.

Stating the Obvious. A big news tidbit over the past few days has been the fact that the Hispanic population in the US is now over 50 million. Well, duh! With an open southern border to Mexico, I’m surprised that this number isn’t bigger! The soft-skulls in the lamestream seem somehow enthralled with this population growth in the Hispanic community…seeing it as somehow a win for diversity. It would be if we had a secure border with orderly immigration. But embracing this unchecked population growth, knowing full well that a vast majority of it is due to illegal immigration is self-destructive to our nation and an odd display of encouragement by the supporters of this growth.

God Bless Joplin, MO. The people of Joplin had to endure an unspeakable tragedy. One minute they were experiencing a warm, mid-spring evening and the next, almost in the wink of an eye, their community was almost completely obliterated. It is heartening and encouraging to see neighbor-helping-neighbor in Joplin. These folks, who experienced utter devastation of their material possessions, didn’t wait for FEMA trucks or the federal government to come to their rescue. There were no “Rescue Me” signs and people just doing nothing. Although they lost EVERYTHING, most of the folks spent countless hours searching for family and neighbors, and helping to collect and pass out supplies to the other dazzled survivors. Post-Katrina New Orleans and post-tornado Joplin provide a perfect contrast between the two societies that we live among in the United States. New Orleans had too many folks dependent upon the largess of the federal government, unwilling to take charge and save themselves. Joplin, however, had folks who couldn’t care less if FEMA trucks and government assistance never came — because they have each-other. Gob bless those who were taken in this random act of nature’s fury…and God grant the survivors the grace and strength to endure and survive this disaster.

[BTW -- I'm baaaaaaack! And I will strive to have more regular postings from here on in!! enjoy!]

In retrospect, I’m glad that Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election. There are actually two reasons for my gladness: the first is that we got our once-whispered orgy of socialism/Progressivism out in the open, and this led directly to the 2010 conservative gains in the House. The second is the fact that we didn’t have to suffer through the tenure of President John McCain. Yes, McCain did have Sarah Palin as his running mate, and she was the ONLY reason that I supported his candidacy. But McCain has shown himself to be a tiresome RINO…a liberal/Progressive who uses conservatism to suit his political ambitions when it is convenient. In this vein, McCain used Ms. Palin as his conservative “beard,” and it was a desperate Hail Mary attempt by his campaign to rescue it from obscurity. History shows us that even former Governor Palin and the tremendous interest she created in the conservative community was too little, too late for his ineffectual campaign. I thank him for introducing Ms. Palin to the wider political audience, but I have come to mistrust and oppose John McCain for his continued political duplicity.

This news story probably illustrates why I distrust and reject John McCain’s avowed “conservative” credentials:

McCain says a ‘much more centrist’ Obama ‘much’ easier to work with

Even as a newly-repackaged “centrist” POTUS, there are still enough ideological differences between Obama and any so-called conservative Republican (ostensibly Mr. McCain) to raise the hackles of said Republican. Not so with McCain. Ever the infuriating ‘maverick” legislator, McCain is constantly finding ways of helping the Democrats to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat to the GOP. This includes his failed presidential attempt in 2008. Now it appears that McCain is hell-bent for leather to give Obama credibility in his now-magical transformation from a new age Karl Marx to ersatz Ronald Reagan. Apparently McCain now sees Obama as much easier to work with now that he’s conveniently tacked his image to the center. Really? Was Obama the paragon of compromise and ease to work with when he had political majorities in the Congress John? Was the passage of Obamacare in such a humiliating manner to the GOP, with the tacit approval and imprimatur of Obama, an example of this co-operation?

Goody-two-shoes McCain is trying to make himself relevant in a news cycle that has pretty much relegated him to history. He’s trying to put himself back in the spotlights by engaging in this crazy high wire act with Obama. Except it’s not so much high as live wire…and the results are indeed truly shocking for those of us who are fed up with just a half-term’s worth of the Obama agenda…and see McCain as a vehicle for Obama’s successful re-election. Unfrortunately for McCain, the up and coming Republicans (and those who are getting all the news focus) are those who are actively embracing conservative values and putting voice to Tea Party principles such as limited government and personal freedom and liberty. McCain has never been big on these core conservative Republican principles…in fact he has been willing to jettison them in favor of crossing the aisle in search of “bipartisanship.”

But now he’s gone way too far. His endorsement of Obama’s attempt to transmogrify himself into an ebony Ronald Reagan stretches his own credibility to its breaking point. How do we trust a man who would in some way encamp with the enemy and support its aims? Yes, I did mean the enemy! Because Obama’s first half-term as POTUS has shown him to be antithetical to every ideal that conservatives and constitutionalists hold dear. And McCain now declares that he sees Obama as being easier to work with? Doesn’t this supposedly astute senior senator understand that his endorsement of sorts of Obama will enhance his chances for re-election in 2012? Could it be that the “maverick” is beginning to show signs of his dotage?

Perhaps if I had to craft a title for John McCain’s biography it would be “The Mis-Adventures of Gullible” because he is either the dumbest politician that God has created, or he is a scheming ideological subversive within the ranks of the Republicans. A “squishy” RINO like Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, both of Maine and both willing to blunt attempts to enforce GOP unity. You know, the partisan unity that is the hallmark of the Democrats.

Well, given what is at stake for our nation…we definitely don’t need the attribute squishy in GOP politics. We need conservative politicians with spines of steel who are true to the constitutionalist’s ideology and true to their supposed conservative core principles. We need patriots and stubborn men and women of virtue — bulwarks of our noble cause.

What we don’t need are the trite and tired antics of John McCain.

A few days have passed since a madman opened fire on Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and the crowd of people in attendance while she was holding a parking lot meet-the-constituency event. The result was six people killed and 14 injured, including the gravely wounded congresswoman. There is no doubt that this shooting is a tragedy, and that it threatens the underpinnings of our political system whereby ordinary citizens have the right of petition to their elective representatives. In essence, the murderous act of an armed lunatic loner, Jared Loughner,  has fractured the safety, security and the trust that elective representatives have felt and experienced in the past. Ms. Giffords paid a severe price for simply doing her job.

But beyond the physical and emotional damage done by the killer Loughner, there has been a gaping ideological fissure that has been opened up in American politics because of the comments of elected officials seeking to assign blame or a reason for the shooter’s actions. Initially, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik of Pima County as well as a great swath of the MSM decided that “the incendiary rhetoric” of the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and right-wing talk radio unduly influenced Loughner and triggered his murderous rampage.

The problem is that as facts have unfolded that there has been no evidence– not a single scrap — that indicates Mr. Loughner is even aware of those who were this supposed bad influence, let alone having listened to them. From all indications, Loughner was brought to his murderous undertaking by just about any other reason but vitriolic political discourse.

But this hasn’t stopped left-wing MSM commentators from continuing the claims and the cries to reduce the “hateful and violent vitriol.” Joining the MSM as if reading from the same play book are several members of the Democrat caucus who plan on introducing legislation to restrict political free speech (Rep. Robert Brady, D-NY) and to further restrict gun ownership (Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-NY and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-NY.) It seems that the actions of a single madman indicate that the behaviors and freedoms of the remaining 300+ million Americans must be restricted and/or modified. And making things worse, Rep. James Clyburn, D-SC has taken the opportunity of using the aftermath of the tragedy to begin talking up the so-called Fairness Doctrine as a means of reducing combative political rhetoric.

This evening, the president will trot out the TOTUS and attempt to read a speech that will “unify” the nation and begin some healing process. I think Mr. Obama will be wrong to drag politics into what will ostensibly be a local community show of support for those killed and wounded. Certainly there is reason to be concerned about the violence loosed on that innocent gathering of people last Saturday because the reported target was the congresswoman, Ms. Giffords. But she is alive, as are fourteen other souls: We simply cannot forget that there are six dead, including a 9 year old girl. For the president to in any way politicize his speech will disrespect the memories of the dead.

I’m presently penning this essay prior to the POTUS/TOTUS main event at the memorial ceremony in Tucson. I’m of the mind that he just won’t be able to help or control himself, and that somehow, some way, Obama will slip in some denigrating or condescending comment that will either zing conservatives and the right, or he will just outright choose the nuclear option and join the chorus of left-wing blame-gamers outright.

I hope not for the future of our nation. Not only will he surely appear “un-presidential”, he will guarantee that the unsupported and uncalled for blame game will continue for the foreseeable future. Americans need jobs, and they need a government restored to constitutional principles. They don’t need partisan rancor and bickering. Obama can go along way this evening to tamping down the rhetoric and focusing the entire nation on mourning and on praying for the recovery of the wounded. This may be wishful thinking, but we’ll see.

It’s official! The 2010 election season is here.

How do I know? Well, it’s not because of the campaigning going on. It’s not because of the smattering of political yard signs beginning to appear. Nope, I know it’s election season because the mud (or the threat of mud) slinging has begun in earnest.

There was a news article on Drudge today that described something that I though might be coming. In case you’re in suspense and wondering, the title is: “Globalist Soros Launches Frontal Assault Against Tea Party“.

I had heard rumblings of this earlier in August…with snippets here and there that videos, news stories, pictures, etc. were wanted so that they could be posted online to reveal bad and racist behavior. The funding wasn’t mentioned — it was rumored that either Huffington or MediaMatters would be the sponsor.

But in the loony left-o-verse of thought and politics, all dough in one way or another leads back to Soros. And it is fitting that Soros is funding this smear effort: He is purported to HATE the Tea Party and it gets under his skin like nothing else.

I predict that this smear site, Teapartytracker.org, is going to do more harm to the left than good. The crazed left is convinced that there are bigots and racists and hate-mongers under every rock. Particularly rocks on the property of Tea Party members. But just like the political nonsense that oozes from the left…the “stuff” found on the .org site will be primarily manufactured by the left, for consumption by the left.

Those on the left who despise the Tea Party (pretty much everyone with a pulse) have tried for months to tar and feather rally attendees or folks at town meetings. The crown jewel of proof of Tea Party racism was the alleged hurling of racial pejoratives at members of the Congressional Black Caucus on the day of the passage of Obamacare by members of the Tea Party who assembled to protest this action. Contrary to the claims by the individuals who were alleged to have been the “victims” of this verbal assualt, no evidence of any kind has emerged — even in the face of a $50,000 reward by Andrew Breitbart.

So now every Tea party event from now until Nov.2 will be documented every which way to Sunday. And like I said, if the deportment of the Tea Party members is stellar, I’m convinced that questionable “bad” behavior will appear on the .org reporting site and exploited for all it’s worth.

The sad part of this is that rather than being skeptical, the MSM will run with the garbage hurled by the anti-Tea Party .org site. They won’t give the Tea Party folks the assumption of innocence until proven guilty. No, no, no. I predict they will pig pile on the alleged “bad” behavior. And they will ignore any evidence that would prove otherwise.

See, as much as Soros hates the Tea Party, the combined MSM hates them worse.  The thought of freeborn citizens exercising their constitutional rights in a public forum drives all these leftist/socialist/statists CRAZY! So they will need the mud and the garbage assembled by the .org site to create controversial headlines and leading news stories.

At least we all know what’s coming. But let’s not fool ourselves, regardless of how exemplary we act from here on in, don’t be surprised if any of us see ourselves portrayed as racists or some other label with negative connotation attached to it.

My advice — smile and say “Have a nice day.” What we will experience on Nov. 3rd will more than compensate us for having Smearbots hurl the mud, garbage and dreck at us.

In an interview with Brian Williams of “NBC Nightly News”, President Obama said that he ignored Glenn Becks’ 8/28 “Restoring Honor” rally:

It’s not surprising that somebody like a Mr. Beck is able to stir up a certain portion of the country. That’s been true throughout our history…what I’m focused on is making sure that the decisions we’re making now are going to be be not good for the nightly news, not good even necessarily  for the next election, but are good for the next generation.

What does this man take us for? Do we look like fools? Beck was able to assemble by all estimates a crowd of 300,000-650,000 people on the mall in Washington. If that isn’t strength in numbers then I don’t know what is! For a sitting president to declare that he “ignored” the assembly of this many people strains credulity and credibility. Are we to assume that he’s either a liar or a plain old-fashioned imbecile? Or maybe a political high wire walker?

Now, perhaps instead of following Beck’s exploits, Obama spent his time in rapt attention of the “crowd” that “Reverend” Al Sharpton assembled, purportedly 3,000 strong, to celebrate the 47th anniversary of Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial. Three thousand marchers, now there’s a demonstration of political will! Maybe Obama ignored Beck’s rally for the same reason that Sharpton held his — rally envy!

Sharpton claims that Beck’s rally was a affront to the memory of Dr. King and that Beck was attempting to hijack the civil rights “movement.” Al: Wah, wah, wah. Even if Beck were successful in doing so, it would be a change for the better given the “leadership” of this movement by the likes of you and Jesse Jackson.

But I guess all that is water over the dam…with the exception of a stern and grim-faced Sharpton appearing on every broadcast media outlet for a while expressing his effrontery and decrying the alleged usurpers. Please Al, enough is enough already.

But let’s forget Al…his 15 minutes of fame ran out over two hundred thousand hours ago! Please, just go away.

I suggest, in all seriousness, that Mr. Obama in retrospect take a closer look at the Beck rally and its participants and try to see that he is not as righteous and as forward thinking as he portrays himself to be. He may see himself as the savior of “the next generation,” but does that mean he’s willing to discard the cares, hopes and dreams of this generation? Perhaps he is, as political agendas are intoxicating and powerful stuff. But maybe, just maybe the crowd that swelled on the mall on Saturday is just the small tip of a growing iceberg of citizen and voter dissatisfaction that he should take heed of.

But the over-confident president should choose his words better, and he should ignore such a vast display of unity at his own political peril. Because surely those folks at Beck’s rally, and other countless millions of like-minded souls, will “ignore” the Democrats in November. And given your dismissive attitude towards them, I predict that they will similarly “ignore” you in 2012.

Students of the US Declaration of independence will recognize the following quotation:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights,that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This quote contains the seminal notion among our founding documents regarding the relationship between the individual and the government. However, it is often misunderstood and the ultimate meaning of these words is often twisted to a different meaning by contemporary politicians.

The key idea of the “endowment” quote is that all men are created equal, and that if they are provided the essentials of life, liberty and the ability to pursue happiness, they may achieve great things. The operative word in that sentence is may. Unfortunately for us all, we have a government and a majority of legislators that constantly insist all men are equal beyond their creation, regardless of their initiative and achievements. In other words, the government has falsely endowed all men and women with unconditional equality.

This is a noble thought, but it is certainly not the concept of equality that the Founders had intended.

Certainly all men are valuable in the eyes of God, but are we all necessarily equal? Do we humans live in a world that is immune to or devoid of natural laws, such as natural selection? In our daily lives we sense for ourselves the inequities between individuals: Some are better politicians (brown-nosers or ass kissers); some are superb athletes; some are talented musicians; some are otherworldly artistic; some are scientific geniuses; and some are financial wizards. And on and on. See, all people have differing abilities that they may exploit, and as such we are not all equal when we reach the ends of our lives. Simply put, some people are more successful or more talented or just plain luckier than others. This difference doesn’t make them better, it just makes them unequal as compared to their peers. (And if we bring in the concepts of lawlessness and crime, then we may observe even greater inequities among men.)

Now, we can dispute this fact or try to legislate fairness…by treating all individuals in an egalitarian manner regardless of their effort in their life or the success that they have achieved. And our legislators can try to impose a false equity with taxes or restrictions on the successful, because it is good politics (as well as lucrative politics) to decry “the rich” and to foster and encourage class envy and warfare. But this is a self-defeating ideology, as it encourages laziness and it robs individuals from their will to succeed. After all, is it likely that a person who is provided a living, after expending as little effort as possible (sometimes the only exertion required is the right vote), will strive to pursue something better?

Well, experience with human nature tell us “NO!” People become inured to this existence, and they come to expect being taken care of — even though the lifestyle that they have can be considered austere. Politicians know this fact and they capitalize and exploit this human frailty. So, what happens is that we have legion individuals willing to trade some of their rights and liberties in order to “be taken care of” by the government. It is a sad fact, but unfortunately true.

And guess what happens? This situation of government-individual co-dependence further enhances the inequity between those who have the will to achieve (and succeed) and those who do not. Rather than a path to an egalitarian paradise, it is a road to serfdom and slavery. The individual is now beholding to the government and dependent upon the “generosity” of the politician.

And this is the rub where the true equity in our society has been co-opted by politicians — the equality of our vote. By encouraging class envy and inflating class differences, politician can create special interest voting blocs that they then may use to neutralize the votes of others. The votes of a smaller number of successful citizens may be swamped by those of a larger group of have-nots, thus creating a tacit inequity. So, the will of the majority have nots may be used to plunder the fruits of success from the haves. This is a sinful, ugly technique used by greedy and sinful politicians whose goals are not equality and “fairness” but rather life-long political power.

But none of what I’ve written should be a surprise to an observer of history and human nature. People are people, and they will exploit whatever circumstances that they are provided with. If that means wealth redistribution through the force of law, then so be it. If it means electing monarchical politicians time and time again, then so be it. If it means putting up with a loss of some liberties and freedoms, well everyone has their price.

I hope that the Tea Party movement restores for many the almost lost concepts of personal achievement and success. American is not and cannot be a great country, a country loyal to the intentions of the Founders, if we choose the mediocrity of government co-dependence. There was a time in the not-too-distant past when individuals of all abilities and classes called out quite loudly for the government to get the hell out of the way and let them take care of themselves. Some called this “pioneer spirit” but I like to think of it as the indomitable part of the human spirit that just wants to live life to its fullest and then let the chips fall where they may.

Please join me in watching for falling chips. Regardless of the outcome, they are far better than the humiliating scraps that will be flung at us by an intemperate government.

After considerable thinking on the subject I have finally formulated in my mind what has happened to our country. Over the past centuries, decades and years since the Constitution was ratified in 1789, the citizens of America have slowly but surely traded their guaranteed rights and liberties as represented by THAT Constitution and have replaced them with an invisible, pernicious set of new rights as represented by the present laws of the United States and not necessarily the Constitution as it stands today.

What do I mean by this and how did it happen?

What I mean by this is that words mean something. And so does intent. We have the actual words written in the Constitution as our guide to what our government may or may no do when representing our interests as a nation. In fact, these words were written quite plainly such that an average American citizen in the 18th century could understand and internalize the content and the intent of this document. There was no interpretation necessary: No lawyers were required to explain their rights and liberties to the citizens of the new nation. They were all in plain view and all citizens, from elected representative to field workers, had a common understanding of their meaning and intent.

The Law

Over time, however, it became clear that divining the meaning of the Constitution and furthermore transmitting its meaning to the hoi polloi was highfalutin business, and certainly not within the scope of intelligent or cognition of the average Joe citizen. On the Constitutional level, because there were so many opportunities for legal and political hijinx, we apparently needed legal scholars, steeped in the precedents and traditions of American law. Gradually, the Constitution itself began to take a back seat to the subordinate laws allegedly written to support it. Immense legal weight was and is given to “settled law,” even though the under-girding of these settled cases may be flimsy or possess the most fragile constitutionality. Law schools began to teach the importance of case law rather than focus on strict constitutionality. So instead of being the subject of the curriculum, Constitutional law and compliance became seminar topics in curricula dominated by case and tort law. Unfortunately in many law schools, including those in the rarefied air of the Ivy League, the Constitution has become a mere footnote when training our nation’s lawyers.

And with regards to the law and the Constitution, something more insipid has occurred. With every interpretation or mis-interpretation of what the Constitution “allows” our elected representative to create as laws of the land, the system maddeningly and chillingly adds layer-upon-layer of complexity upon our original Constitutional rights. The federal government now has rule after rule, dictate after dictate, mandate after mandate, regulation after regulation — you get the picture, that weighs upon the ability of the average American enjoy their life and liberty, or to ultimately pursue happiness.

But what does the legal system have to do with citizens anyway? In the end, the citizenry are supposed to toe the line and obey the dictates of the government, bolstered by the laws that our “representatives” have put in place. Right? First and foremost, we are supposed to be a nation of laws and not men — at least as posited by John Adams. But in a seminal sense, we are a nation of Constitutional liberties and freedoms, which cannot be superseded and subordinated by well-intentioned laws. But indeed this subordination has consistently happened over time. Sometimes for very good reasons, like truncating the freedom of speech to exclude crying “Fire” in a crowded theater, but most of the time it has been done for sinful and self-serving reasons by corrupt and contemptible legislators. Or even worse, determined as the intent of the Constitution using beneficial penumbras and the favorable interpretations of words and clauses by Supreme Court justices who were more ideological politically than they were loyal to the original intent of the document.

Making matters worse its that the Constitution was intended to be a user friendly document…as was supposed to be the nation it provides the operating framework for. The Framers never intended this to be a nation of law givers and law receivers — the rulers and the governed. No, the Constitution used simple, non-legalistic prose to convey its intent and its message to citizens and representatives alike. But again, with the passage of time American citizens have allowed a corruption of both the original intent and the process of governance to occur.

Our government and our society now supports a legal caste system when it comes to the Constitution and to the law. As individuals, the law is completely out of our hands. Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to submit or suffer the consequences! The laws, and their prospective constitutionality, are now in the retinue of high priests and priestesses of a new religious sect. A sect complete with rites and rules and regulations, and secret handshakes if you will, and with impenetrable powers with regards to the laws and the true (and often hidden) meaning of the Constitution. Our law givers have in essence become much like the fire bearers in ancient societies: Functionaries instilled with great responsibilities and importance in our society.

The Congress and the “Governed”

All the while that the legal system was being configured as an ersatz religion, our Congress was being co-opted and configured as a place where the average Joe citizen is unwelcome. It’s almost as if a sign were placed on the Rotunda that says “Citizens need not apply.” This sense of exclusion is anathema to what the Founders intended for the composition of the Congress. From the very beginning of our country, the Congress was intend to be the representative body where citizen-legislators of all occupations could participate. The Constitution makes no exclusions or allowances for the nature or situation of the representatives that each state may send to this body. Yet again, time coupled with corruption have made it difficult for an average citizen to be elected to the House of Representatives or nearly impossible to be elected to the Senate. We have now replaced traits like horse sense and virtue with Ivy League educations, past legislative “experience” and political connections. Couple these new determinants of suitability to the representation task with the fact that it takes a plump campaign war chest to overcome the inertia of a candidate deeply embedded into the two party political system, and you have a dire situation indeed for the average citizen who wants to honorably serve their fellow Americans.

The fact that there exists two political parties is also an unfortunate vestige of past bad practices in our government. The fact that these parties have come to dominate, no rule, our political lives is now accepted as the de facto way that things are done. But what role should parties play in the governance of our nation, given the fact that the Constitution does not mention such political allegiances? How can the real issues and real concerns of the average American be considered in a political process that has been configured for a fight? We now have a Congress that has been Balkanized as a result of these two parties. Primacy of one political philosophy has come to rule the day, and our republic. We now live and fully accept the concepts of majority and minority party rule: Democrat versus Republican. Sure there are so-called minor parties like Libertarians and the nascent Tea Party, but they trail far behind in regards to the political infrastructure, control and most importantly money that the two larger parties can muster and bring to bear.

And certainly making things worse in government is that “representation” has become all about money — all about perks that the government can provide to the citizenry, or more accurately to special constituencies in the citizenry guaranteed to provide generous legislators continued support and grateful votes in the next election. Once upon a time, at least as envisioned by the Founders, our representatives we supposed to, well, represent us…speak for our interests and advocate for our concerns as citizens of an individual state in the Union. Today, we hear a lot of talk about the “consent of the governed” and “doing what’s in the best interests of the citizens” and the “need to govern” being bandied about by our legislative betters. And this is another problem where our representatives have slowly become a select group who governs us. Again, this concept of governance is in direct conflict with the intent of the Constitution. Elected representatives do not govern those whom they represent, they are true advocates and above all they are acolytes of the Constitution. Or at least they’re supposed to be. In a strict Constitutional sense, they should listen to the concerns of their electorate and then voice these concerns to the remainder of the representatives in the Congress and take legislative action if absolutely necessary. Legislation should be used as a scalpel, not as a bludgeon.

But the emphasis on money and entitlements has separated the elected “representative” away from those he purports to represent. Advocacy for the electorate has been replaced by zealotry for the poor, the displaced or other sympathetic constituencies. The new advocacy for the manifold special interests groups in society has become big political business, and an incumbent or a candidate for elective office cannot expect to be (re-)elected without support for these constituencies, even though it may be to the detriment of the vast majority of the people who are supposed to be represented. With this situation, Americans have allowed themselves to essentially be “killed with kindness,” and the result is unsustainable budget deficits and mounting debt that will, unfortunately, never be paid off.

And, worse still, lawyers and the “lawyerly” class have infested our Congress. Roughly one-third of our representatives in the Congress are lawyers. Now considering that 62% of the members of the Constitutional Congress were lawyers, one might not think our modern-day proportion is not so bad. But no fair comparison may be made between the individuals who “studied the law” in Colonial times with our present day bar. Simply put, our contemporary legal brethren are steeped in American case law, precedent and the fine art of skirting the system whereas their historical counterparts were trained in the finer aspects of British law. Colonial lawyers had no preconceived notions about Constitutional interpretation and American jurisprudence, because there weren’t any in existence at the time!

Anyway, back to the proportion of lawyers in our modern Congress. Lawyers make up approximately 0.4% of our population (around 1.5 million of the 310 million total) yet constitute around 33% of our modern Congress. One would expect that based on their proportions in the total population that lawyers would be few and far between in the Congress, yet almost one third of that august body is “skilled” in the law. Why? Because the business of representation has turned from advocacy and rights to legislating and governing. And who better to legislate than lawyers, the ultimate manipulators of law?

The presence of such a preponderance of lawyers serving as representatives has allowed the legislative process to be corrupted from one of service and concerned advocacy to one of conflict between the law givers and the governed.

The Ruling Class

Now that serving in Congress is less about being a true representative of the people than it is about crafting laws, and furthermore since our “representatives” have perfected the process of governance, we citizens now must endure what may be kindly termed a ruling class. The best description of this ruling class may be found in the essay “America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution” byAngelo M. Codevilla in the July/August 2010 edition of the American Spectator. It is a long piece, but it is the most accurate analysis of the ascendancy and then primacy of our contemporary ruling class. As such, I’m not focusing on the hows and whys of why we have such as class, but the reason that it came to power and the method that it holds on to this power.

The reason the ruling class came to power is quite simple. Human nature coupled with human frailty, chiefly in the forms of gluttony, envy and greed, were exploited by the individuals who were fortunate enough to be elected. Obviously the situation existed (and still exists today) where there were legion people who had nothing and wanted something, as unfortunately hard work and and a luckless existence did not reward their efforts.  Enter the opportunistic elected representatives! Using a combination of audacity, trickery and legislative hocus pocus, the ruling class (augmented with complicit, appointed judges) started making socio-economic “investments” under the aegis of progressivism.

But these investments, investments for controlling future elections and enabling the primacy of a political ideology perhaps forever, required a willing citizenry to accept them. People being people took the bait, and they made the Hobson’s choice of goodies over a strict conformance to the Constitution. I guess it’s the ultimate confirmation of ‘it takes two to tango.’ And by allowing this craven manipulation to occur by their betters, we have insured that we will get more and more of this behavior in the future from the ruling class.

But the allowance of, then the ultimate endorsement of the ruling class (via our precious votes)  not only emboldened the ruling class into using the electorate as useful idiots,  it once again provided confirmation of a an observation attributed to an 18th century thinker. In 1721, Dr. Alexander Tytler was purported to have said:

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.

Prof. Tytler may or may not have actually said these words, but this quote must be considered with caution and we should proceed on our self-destructive path with great peril. Because like Dr. Tytler, the ruling class are excellent students of human nature and behavior. And because of this fact they are not likely to let up with their political philosophy, even though the future of our nation may be damaged through their efforts. See, the ruling class is also wealthier than the average Joe citizen through their exploitation of their privileged circumstances. So for them, who cares if the masses have to suffer economic or even political turmoil and upheaval? The ruling class is all but guaranteed to regain their footing regardless of the mess that they get the rest of us into.

The Future

If I were a betting man I would say that the die is already cast and that our future as a nation is dismal. Why? Because we have citizens who are reluctant to refuse entitlements, regardless of the form that they are offered to them in. Another reason for my pessimism is the pernicious and stubborn tenacity of the ruling class. As certain as there are suicide cults, we have among us a political sect hell-bent on implementing their ideology regardless of the outcome, positive or negative. And given the increasing size of the government debt, the ever-increasing budget deficits and regulatory throttles being unleashed upon free enterprise businesses, the outcome of the progressive ideology appears to be quite negative and ultimately most harmful to the nation.

Now understand that things can change for the better. If our representatives can exert some self-control, discipline and a modicum of responsibility — and more importantly, some absolute constitutional fealty and real leadership, we can emerge from our present circumstances in reasonable shape. But this will require corresponding sacrifice as well, but not just sacrifice from taxpayers and “the rich.” We have to embrace a new ethic as individuals understanding that the free ride is over. That entitlements are tolls on the road to perdition. That we have to show the same fiscal restraint in government as we must in our personal lives. To continue to remain a strong nation we cannot trade the future security of unborn generations of Americans for the political gain of the ruling class and the continuation of an underclass co-dependent with government.

These steps are almost impossibly difficult, but like the Hebrews of Moses’ time we have assured ourselves through our own sinful actions that we must wander in virtual desert, free from prosperity as a nation, for a good long time. Only after this cleansing with suffering may we return from the ranks of the governed into the renewed (and hopefully better appreciated) liberty of American citizenship. I’m convinced that time does heal all wounds and that because we are human, we need to have “our noses shoved in it” in order to change our behaviors and to form new opinions — particularly as things relate to politics.

We don’t have many choices left to us. Come November we can re-elect or elect Democrats who will maintain the majorities in the Congress, and buttress the utter madness that the agenda of President Obama has at its core. This would be the ultimate in self-destructive behavior. Or we can elect Republican candidates such that they can achieve majority status in one or both chambers of the Congress. This would effectively grind President Obama’s agenda to a screeching halt. It would be a welcomed half-time in a game where the progressive opponents have been running up the political score with great gusto. And maybe, just maybe, the election of Republicans would lead to the repudiation of Obama the man in 2012. This would be a highly desirable result, but nothing can be taken for granted in the fickle arena of national politics.

Finally, there is a third option, and I believe this is the option that could lead to our ultimate salvation as a nation. We can support, endorse and vote for candidates who are members of a third party. Call it what you will; Tea Party, Constitutionalists, Fiscal Conservatives, we desperately need a viable alternative to ‘None of the Above’ as a category to place our votes. But this new option must not be just a rejection or repudiation of Democrats and Republicans, it must be a real, clear choice that offers voters the promise of Constitutional adherence coupled with fiscal restraint. This option must not be a compromise, it must be an iron-clad guarantee that candidates from this party would not resort to abusing their legislative powers for personal political gain. And it would assure every voter that the Constitution would be respected as it should be, at least according to the oath of office taken by our alleged representatives:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Except that as members of this new party, they REALLY mean it.


Like no other time in the history of the United States of America does its citizens hold its future and its fate in their hands. Our actions, or correspondingly our inaction, will bear grave consequences on the future existence of our nation. It is up to us to show that we can steel ourselves to the choices that must be made and then make these choices, sacrificing our wants and needs, in favor of securing a viable future for our nation’s inheritors. The time is now, and history will either remember our generation for its courage and wisdom, or our progeny will curse us for our continued greed and selfishness.

The future is calling us, and it’s time to answer!

The Fourth of July, or as it alternatively known Independence Day. The day our nation put their collective feet down in the latter part of the 18th century to defy a tyrannical monarch and declare that the citizens heretofore were a special breed indeed. We let King George and the rest of the world know that our embryonic nation was a place where freeborn men were endowed with unalienable rights by our Creator, and by no one else. And, rather than serve an autocratic monarchy, we the people would form the government that would lead us with just representation for every citizen.

All in all, a pretty heady concept for the time…and the Founders, I believe, were divinely inspired to first put the words of their intentions to paper in the form of the Declaration of Independence and then codify our rights as freeborn men and women in the Constitution. They were further inspirational to us all by putting their lives and liberties on the line and fighting for their noble endeavor. And the fact that they ultimately won and broke away from British rule against the staggering odds arrayed against them was yet another example of divine Providence and their dogged belief in their cause.

The Founders and their generation left us subsequent Americans with something truly worth fighting for, and in the far-flung conflicts in the interceding years until even today, men and women have sacrificed themselves for a truly noble, higher cause. They gave their lives and many gave their healthy bodies to help secure our collective liberty and to defend the Constitution. But they did not make this sacrifice for the government or the Congress or the manifold unjust and self-serving laws that have been enacted over the years. And the Founders did not leave us a birthright, paid for with their blood and treasure, so that our representatives and our government could squander the fruits of our industry, and replace an autocratic 18th century monarch with a modern all-powerful congress and president.

But, unfortunately, that’s what has happened. We can look back in history at the progression of political events that have slowly yet inexorably veered us off the course of a strict Constitutional nation. Our nation has embraced a lassiez faire attitude regarding our individual roles in our government. We have abdicated our responsibility to be good citizens and we have cast off our Constitutional duties to the very representatives we elect to serve us. The result is that over time, we have assumed a lesser role in serving as the watchdogs of our freedoms and liberties. And, our elected representatives have assumed a greater role and the attendant power to determine what our rights and liberties are. In essence, by laziness or lack of vigilance we have allowed the original intent of the Constitution to be turned on it’s head. We have, in essence, crowned a re-electable monarchy!

Statistics tell us that modern Americans eschew the very act that our Founders bought for us with blood and bullets. Pundits hail an outstanding election when more than 30% of eligible voters turn out to vote. This is considered a “success.” I consider it a tragedy, a travesty and a slap to the face of the spirits of all the men and women who have given their lives for each of us to make a mark on a ballot to signify our free-willed choice. Again, whether due to laziness, apathy or disengagement, most of us have made the choice to neglect and abandon our Constitutional responsibilities. But as sure as the sun rises, I assure you that you cannot entrust anyone else to watch over your rights and liberties for you. Much as you cannot trust someone else with your credit card or checkbook. And, in case you haven’t figured it out for yourself, your Constitutional rights and liberties are far more valuable than mere money.

So, what are we able to divine from the lack of engagement of the average American citizen in regards to their ultimate Constitutional responsibilities? If the majority of modern Americans don’t want to participate in our continued social experiment as a nation of freeborn citizens with the right of self determination, why do we even bother celebrating the Fourth of July. Perhaps for many, this holiday is celebrated for the day off from work, the barbecues and the fireworks. And if it is celebrated for those reasons alone, it is a hollow celebration indeed.

I ask again, why do we even celebrate July 4th any more? In my mind it’s because of a spirit of hope and optimism for the future.  Our Constitution is such a powerful document that we are able to survive and somewhat prosper even when so vast a segment of our nation’s citizens  chose to be disengaged from the process of governance (except to bitch and moan!) However I believe that as Americans, we are inculcated and instilled with freedom and liberty in the marrow of our bones. We have plenty of worldwide examples of tyranny that we can use to compare our nation against. Is America perfect? Certainly not. Will we American citizens recognize the flaws and the deviations from Constitutional behavior and correct them? Given time, I believe that Americans will realize just what is at stake for each of them and they will answer the call to correct the problems and readjust our national focus to one that the Founder’s would approve of. We can see this spirit of the Founders in the grassroots Tea Party efforts, and we can hope that the self-serving and the monarchical in our government will be replaced with the righteous.

I will celebrate this 4th of July with the hope that I can help effect change with my voice and with my words. I want to be able some day to face my God and the Founders and say that I gave a damn about the nation that they left me…and that I wanted to leave a nation worthy of inheritance to future generations. I want to be able to say that I had absolute fealty to the Constitution and its values, and that I lived my life as a proud American.

If I can achieve more than that in my life, when it’s my time, I will certainly die a happy man.

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

I heard a pretty funny call in to yesterday’s Dennis Miller Radio Show. The female caller said she had attended a Tea party rally on April 15th (tax day) and saw a sign that she thought that Dennis would think was funny:

I Can See November From My Front Porch.

Funny stuff. There are a lot of simultaneously angry and humorous protesters out there in America. These aren’t right-wing nut jobs or neo-Nazi supporters who are one synapse away from shooting up their fellow man. Nor are they the socially-defective, racist swine as they are portrayed to be by the mainstream media.

No, contrary to what Obama and his über-Democrat/liberal/socialist minions think, I think that they are patriots in the most sincere sense. They represent the best in us, and they are willing to do the heavy lifting required to put our country back on the right track.

I just hope that that rally attendee’s sign is more prescient than they could ever hope for.