Based on your past legislative and voting performances in your respective legislatures, what justifies Massachusetts voters voting for you on November 2nd?

Rep. McGovern, you claim that you are concerned for the welfare of voters in your district, yet you supported harmful, and in some cases unconstitutional, legislation — for example Obamacare. You supported the Obama/Reid/Pelosi agenda almost 100%, and as a result we are trapped in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. And your shameless bending of the rules (as Chair of the House Rules Committee) during the run-up to the vote on Obamacare was indefensible.

Harold, I’m disappointed in you because of two serious issues. The first is your serving as a defense attorney for OUI drivers (I served on a jury where you defended an OUI driver from Auburn, and you were the defense attorney for the OUI driver who hit my wife head-on in 2005.) How can you possibly be a defender of such individuals while being an unbiased legislative advocate for the people in your district? My second issue with you was your support to shanghai the will of the voters of Massachusetts with your support and vote for the National Popular Vote legislation in June 2010. This legislation is in direct contradiction to the 12th Amendment to the US Constitution, and diminishes the voice Massachusetts voters in future presidential elections. Shame on you!

I am always troubled when my supposed representatives act in a manner contrary to my welfare, rights and liberties, and when my Constitutional rights are unnecessarily trifled with. It is for the aforementioned reasons that I find both of you unworthy to serve in your respective offices and I urge my fellow voters to join me in voting for your challengers – Martin Lamb and James Gettens.


Anthony G.P. Marini

The next time that you have the chance to rub elbows with any of the candidates for US representative, please ask them how they stand on Article  I, Section 8 of the Constitution. If they look at you with a puzzled expression, gently remind them that this section deals with the “Powers of Congress.”

In a perfect world, you should receive an answer that includes and acknowledges the following:

The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

To borrow money on the credit of the United States;

To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;

To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States;

To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;

To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States;

To establish Post Offices and Post Roads;

To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;

To constitute Tribunals inferior to the supreme Court;

To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations;

To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;

To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;

To provide and maintain a Navy;

To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces;

To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;

To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings; And

To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.

If they hem and haw over the question, have them elucidate on the passage that gives them the power to force US citizens to procure health care or to enforce Cap-and-Trade legislation. Don’t take no for an answer…pin them down to an unqualified reply: Make them go on the record.

This may be the most important question that you will ever ask…and the answer will be the most important in the career of the incumbent or challenger.

Because the answer that they give should have more influence over your vote than their party affiliation or them being a “good guy or gal.” PLEASE, for the sake of yourself and your children, PLEASE vote for the Constitution rather than the candidate. If we are to emerge from the mess that we’re in, we need strict Constitutionalists representing and serving us in the Congress. We don’t need more Constitutional abuse and contempt for us…in other words, more of the same.


The political scene has taken another turn for the worse as a result of the über-partisanship revolving around passage of the health care “reform” legislation. Claims and counter claims are flying about from the left and the right regarding threats and violence from the “other side” in the hours before and the days after passage of this bill. However, no entity can make hay out of their claims like the Democrats and their party. Let’s just look at the spectacle for a moment and take account of the alleged carnage to date: the alleged use of bitter invective including the so-called “n-word” by protesters at the Capitol; an alleged incident where a black legislator was spat upon; a coffin left on the lawn of a Democrat rep.; windows were broken in the local office of another Democrat rep.; death threats were made to by phone to several reps. of both parties; a Republican rep.’s discovered a bullet hole in the window of his local office; and other incidents of less than acceptable deportment and decorum vis-a-vis elected officials.

I think all of these incidents reside at the intersection of reality and hyperbole. I also think that the Democrats, using their strongest politically ally in the mainstream media, have performed a bit of political alchemy on the events of earlier this week — changing the controversy of the unpopular partisan healthcare vote to ersatz-sympathy for the alleged “attacks.” See, there is quite a bit of political apprehension and guilt on the left-leaning side of the aisle. The Democrats folks knew that they, proverbially-speaking, tweaked an angry dragon’s tail with their passage of Obamacare. But they did so in order to bolster their Ideologue-In-Chief and his socialist “transformative change” agenda. So they desperately needed political cover (and since not a single Republican voted for the monstrosity they can’t take cover behind them because of that), and fast! How better to obtain this cover, and fire up their base (because we all have poor short-term political memories in the face of righteous indignations affecting “our guy” or gal) than by playing presto-chango with their vote and the alleged “violent” repercussions? How can you despise someone and their actions if they’re the hapless “victim?”

Couple theses specious and increasingly debunked claims with the fact that the alleged perpetrators of these affronts are the Tea Party protesters, then you have the basic ingredients of a spittle laden rage and tirade by the likes of Comrade Keith Olbermann et. al. that even a heaping dose of mother’s little helper can’t curtail. And so the entire width and breadth of the government controlled media are now actively involved in the debasement and derision, if not outright ridicule, of the Tea Partiers (almost as though they received specific instructions by FAX as to what to say and how to say it!) This action by the MSM would be laughable except for the fact that the Tea party folks are from all political stripes — certainly the lion’s share are right-leaning ideologically– and I know several moderate Democrats who have joined the movement out of buyer’s remorse for their 2008 vote folly. So the swiftness with which the MSM painted the alleged “violence” as right wing and associated with the TP protesters is shameful and deceptive.

But really, isn’t that their job? Aren’t the entire MSM, probably with the exceptions of FOX News, the WSJ and the indies on the internet, in the bag for the current Democrat powers-that-be and their liberal base? So why would it be unexpected or raise a single eyebrow that the MSM is off trying to do everything they can to discredit the TP crowd in the eyes of the perhaps dozens of readers and viewers that they have?

The plain truth is it isn’t unexpected. In fact, it’s entirely expected! The fact of the matter is is that if you’re persistent enough and can tolerate enough liberal dreck and pablum, you will see a pattern emerge where all the newsreaders (no, they’re not journalists!) seem to have an eerily similar story to tell. So eerily similar, in fact, that one has to wonder if it wasn’t drafted in a windowless communications office in a certain Washington landmark and FAXed to the corpus of useful media idiots for them to recite.

This is NOTHING new…it’s just the new order of American politics. American politics Democrat style. Part of the de-evolution of our society into a modern day orgy of blood sport, ad hominem attacks and ridicule. And if you add in the new administration’s Chicago political roots, you’re left with a bare-knuckled, winner-take-all implementation of the previous.

So, fasten your seatbelts for the political ride we’re about to have between now and November. By the time that the Democrat spin machine is done, we won’t know right from left or up from down. But you can bet your grandma that we WILL know one thing — that the Republicans are the problem, they are the party of NO, they are egging-on violence, they don’t have any answers, they are the party of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, and they are closely aligned with the Tea Partiers. You can also be darned sure that their claims are righteous and true.

The FAXes say so…

News stories today are speculating that in order to balance this year’s budget that the Massachusetts state legislature is considering cuts to local aid to cities and towns. This action, if taken, would be yet another hard slap to the face to the taxpayers in the Commonwealth.


Because the individual taxpayers fund the madness that is administered by the solons on Beacon Hill. Without us taxpayers — the proverbial money tree — the legislature wouldn’t have any resources to codify their grip on our fine state. Without our tireless financial contributions via income and sales taxes, how would our elected betters pay for the patronage jobs they dole out to family and friends? How would they fund their pet projects? How would they fund their pay raises??

So many questions, so little time.

But decreasing local aid without undertaking dramatic cutbacks and reorganizations of state government would be a hypocritical step. After all, where would the shortfall from state local aid reductions come from? In a word, taxpayers. Local real estate taxpayers. The same folks who pull cash out of one pocket to feed it to the state (and to the feds) are the same folks who’ll have to fish around in the other pocket for the “missing” money. Yes, we are the money tree, whose fruit is always hanging from its branches. There is NEVER a time, at least to politicians, when the money tree lays bare and there is no fruit to pick.

Well, I’m here to tell my august legislature that the money tree is bare. Buck nekked bare. Lying fallow, waiting for nourishment before it will blossom again. And, oh by the way, not waiting for the “fertilizer” that it is constantly fed by craven politicians. Where there was once easy pickens, there is none.

What can’t our “representatives”, who are supposed to be in touch with their electorate, understand this simple fact? Why must we be once again insulted and affronted with the threat of the loss of local aid, given the amount of revenues (of all kinds) that the state collects from us citizens. This constant threat of local aid cuts, BEFORE a single cost cutting measure is implemented in the hierarchy of state government, is getting to be a tired threat.

And I guarantee a threat that won’t elicit fear, but ire. If local aid is cut in Massachusetts, without a significant cut in the state’s budget elsewhere, then I GUARANTEE that it will be an interesting election season this fall. I promise that I will work tirelessly to “retire” those gutless legislators politicians who take this opportunity to push the “Easy Button” (apologies to Staples!) in lieu of doing the heavy lifting that we hire them to do. We’re all tapped out, and we’re not going to take this abuse of government any more. We may not look angry, but I assure every single one of you on Beacon Hill that we are. And our displeasure will be recorded on the first Tuesday in November.

So, follow through with this scheme to reduce local aid at your own political peril. You have been warned.

Let the games begin!

Until I read Massachusetts Senate Bill 2028, I don’t think I’ve read a more sweeping piece of proposed legislation that tramples on both the US and state Constitutional rights of citizens in our Commonwealth. And for this bill to have been unanimously passed by the MA Senate speaks volumes to the (not so) hidden contempt that they have for the Constitution or us citizens.

The link to the bill on the Mass legis system may be found HERE.

Now, I understand that this is 2009 and we’re almost to the point where we’re flying around in Jetson’s cars. Society is, after all, advancing. But the one thing that cannot change is the relationship of the average citizen to their constitutional rights, regardless of how much time has passed since our adoption (as a country) of this document.

Senate bill 2028, under the guise of an emergency, a pandemic, allows the government to intrude into our lives in ways that are in direct opposition to the constitutional rights of the individual. For example, in Section 2B (b), during a declared health emergency the Mass. Public Health Commissioner may authorize:

  1. to require the owner or occupier of premises to permit entry into and investigation of the premises;
  2. to close, direct, and compel the evacuation of, or to decontaminate or cause to be decontaminated any building or facility, and to allow the reopening of the building or facility when the danger has ended;
  3. to decontaminate or cause to be decontaminated, or to destroy any material;
  4. to restrict or prohibit assemblages of persons;
  5. to require a health care facility to provide services or the use of its facility, or to transfer the management and supervision of the health care facility to the department or to a local public health authority;
  6. to control ingress to and egress from any stricken or threatened public area, and the movement of persons and materials within the area;
  7. to adopt and enforce measures to provide for the safe disposal of infectious waste and human remains, provided that religious, cultural, family, and individual beliefs of the deceased person shall be followed to the extent possible when disposing of human remains, whenever that may be done without endangering the public health;
  8. to procure, take immediate possession from any source, store, or distribute any antitoxins, serums, vaccines, immunizing agents, antibiotics, and other pharmaceutical agents or medical supplies located within the commonwealth as may be necessary to respond to the emergency;
  9. to require instate health care providers to assist in the performance of vaccination, treatment, examination, or testing of any individual as a condition of licensure, authorization, or the ability to continue to function as a health care provider in the commonwealth;
  10. to waive the commonwealth’s licensing requirements for health care professionals with a valid license from another state in the United States or whose professional training would otherwise qualify them for an appropriate professional license in the commonwealth;
  11. to allow for the dispensing of controlled substances by 103 appropriate personnel consistent with federal statutes as necessary for the prevention or treatment of illness;
  12. to authorize the chief medical examiner to appoint and prescribe the duties of such emergency assistant medical examiners as may be required for the proper performance of the duties of the office;
  13. to collect specimens and perform tests on any animal, living or deceased;
  14. to exercise authority under sections 95 and 96 of chapter 111;
  15. to care for any emerging mental health or crisis counseling needs that individuals may exhibit, with the consent of the individuals.

Also found in Section 13 (95) (b):

  1. to vaccinate or provide precautionary prophylaxis to individuals as protection against communicable disease and to prevent the spread of communicable or possibly communicable disease, provided that any vaccine to be administered must not be such as is reasonably likely to lead to serious harm to the affected individual;

So, now we have a proposed law, written under the aegis of “public safety” that essentially declares martial law on its citizens during a time of health crisis…and it thwarts or abridges many of our constitutional rights and liberties like the right to privacy, the right to freely assemble, and the right to have control of our own bodies. Perhaps the Massachusetts Senate was taking advantage of presidential adviser Rahm Emmanuels’ theory that you should never let a crisis go to waste. So, why not use a pandemic or other health situation to unleash a major governmental power play?

The Constitution is set up as a framework that defines and then assures the protection of the personal rights and liberties enumerated within it. Furthermore, the government is society’s watchdog that our rights are vigorously protected. Senate bill 2028 replaces the precious rights of the individual and substitutes the needs of society at large in their place. This is not only wrong, it is madness. Each individual person is the custodian of their rights and liberties. If each of us allows our rights to be abridged or co-opted by legislators who claim to be looking out for our collective interests, then we can expect to have our individual rights either ignored or trampled by future  well-meaning legislation that can be dreamed up by our “protectors.”

Perhaps the members of the legislature need to be vigorously reminded that they represent us, not rule us! Because truth be told, the provisions of 2028 sound more like commands from an autocratic ruler rather than carefully crafted provisions that first and foremost protect the individual rights of the citizens they purport to protect.

Now, having said what I just said, I don’t want to see a pandemic kill thousands or hundreds of thousands of citizens. But I personally would rather take the chance of succumbing to the swine flu or some other pathogen with all of my Constitutional rights intact than surviving with rights provided to me (via 2028) as a cog in a larger machine.

When all is said and done, damn it, we are freeborn Americans with protected rights. These rights are too precious for me to allow them to be superseded FOR ANY REASON. Because once we start to slide down the slippery slope that is embodied by Senate bill 2028, we can expect to see our rights further eroded with future, well-meaning, legislation.

In these matters you can count me out!

Our new senior senator held his first (and probably only) town meeting on health care at the Somerville High School last evening. Newspaper accounts have described this as a meeting with more proponents than opponents of health care “reform.” I agree, particularly since this event was heavily advertised and organized by Barack Obama’s “Organizing for America” (OFA). In fact, Kerry’s event was termed by OFA as part of the Listening Tour. You can see a PDF of the event from their website HERE (interestingly, all references to this town meeting have been scrubbed from the OFA website — curious!).

From the news clips that I saw, Kerry did precious little listening, particularly to the opponents of Obamacare. In fact, Kerry came to Somerville not to listen, but to preach. He was trying to convince the hoi polloi that Obamacare is a good deal for them, even with all the evidence to the contrary.

What occurred in Somerville, though, was more of an echo chamber than a stop on a Listening Tour due to the craven Astroturfing of the event by OFA. The reason there were more “supporters” of Obamacare present because they were asked to go…organized by Obama and his crafty minions at the DNC.

At one point, when a woman in the audience questioned him regarding his fealty to the Constitution, he shot back “what kind of person are you…what kind of country should we be?”

I didn’t see the woman’s reply, but mine would have been that there isn’t a single word about compassion in the Constitution. The United States is a constitutional republic. And Senator Kerry, you took an oath to uphold the Constitution.

If you want to practice compassion, you have the personal resources to do so. You can start a trust or fund (with like-minded, compassionate, liberal socialists) some private health care organization to subsidize and provide “affordable” health care to those in need. NOTHING stops you as private citizen Kerry do either of these, or more…but that three centuries-old document written by divinely inspired patriots, does. The Congress has no Constitutional power to provide anything based on compassion…and the Congress has no power or authority to grant the citizens of our country “rights.” Rights like the right to health care, one that has never been mentioned in the Constitution. Rights come from God, not from men!

Beyond your flaccid and ineffectual remarks in Somerville, Senator, you should demonstrate that you practice rigid fealty to our Constitution, even if it puts your political ambitions and future in jeopardy. In Massachusetts all we can hope for is a well funded and organized challenge to you in 2014. The citizens of this great state deserve much better and less effete and detached representation from those we elect.

Senator McCain,

You may never personally read these words, but I hope that they may find their way to you as soon as possible as they are sincere and from the heart. I write them because with 20 days left in the campaign for the presidency, time is running short. If you are serious about winning this election, I offer you this advice and encouragement:

1.) Unconditional Support + Uncompromising Leadership = Victory! The moment that you accepted the party’s nomination as our presidential candidate, you became a political “vessel” for all of us in the party and for those who support you without party affiliation. I remind you that in many cases, we had to compromise our principles and deep-rooted beliefs in order to support you. Similarly, we expect you to do the same for us. Right now, there is no such thing as a principled stand on issues. Issues are either true or false…and you owe it to all your supporters to cry from the highest rooftops your support for or outrage at each issue. If that means calling out individuals and naming names, then so be it. To many of us, your silence indicates either complicity or stubbornness. We know that you’re not complicit — history is on your side. So, it is time to be less stubborn and more attendant to the needs and will of your supporters. We are in this every bit as much as you are!

2.) The Are No “Marquis of Queensbury” Rules In Politics. You opponent, Sen. Obama, understands this truism quite well. All the time that you have been standing on your “principles”, and not taking him to task in a vigorous manner in you past debates, he has capitalized on your silence and your apparent weakness. He has taken every opportunity to punch or kick you in your nether regions, politically-speaking, while understanding that the response will be less that proportional. You need to begin, immediately, questioning his less-than-complete personal history, his voting records at the state and Federal levels and, most importantly, his troubling connections with criminals and known domestic terrorists. If this means some good, old-fashioned mud slinging, then so be it. If is also means that you are attacked by an Obama-complicit media as a racist or worse, so be it. You have the bully pulpit, so use it for all our sakes! Right is right, and wrong is wrong — and you are in the best position to point this out.

3.) You Must Listen To Your Supporters. October 13, 2008 was an extraordinary day in your campaign. I heard you listen to the voices of supporters in Kenosha, Wisconsin…and for the first time you seemed energized by their unvarnished view of the state of your campaign and the state of the Union. It isn’t just Democrats who are angry! Republicans and like-minded Independents seethe no less vehemently regarding the current state of affairs in Washington D.C. We, however, direct our anger at the wrongheaded political focus of the Democratic Party, their leadership and the rank-and-file Democratic legislators. This includes, to a very large extent, your opponent, Sen. Obama. In your extraordinary words in Kenosha, you finally assigned blame to the present economic meltdown that grips our country. You spoke the names of Frank, Dodd and others. You need to go further, and educate the average American citizen who may not be so enlightened with Washington “inside baseball” and make them understand the ideological roots of, and the players in the Democratic party who contributed to, this crisis that threatens to undermine the world’s economy. These people must be held accountable, they must be contrite…and they must be asked to resign. The American people are owed no less.

4.) Losing Means That You Become One Voice — Victory Means You Become OUR Voice. Speak for us! Speak to the issues that really matter to us. Speak vigorously and unfailingly…and do not be inhibited in your rhetoric. This means that you must come out swinging in your last debate with Sen. Obama. Don’t let the Obama campaign get away with blaming all the economic ills we face — the mortgage banking crisis, high oil/gas prices, increasing unemployment — on “the failed policies of the Bush Administration.” This is a lie, and there is anecdotal evidence that isn’t widely known or disseminated that failed DEMOCRATIC policies are to blame for our present financial woes. And for God’s sake please don’t let your opponent paint you as a third Bush administration. Insofar as I know, your name is McCain, John!

Furthermore, as our voice, you need to to engage in the tried-and-true method of the Democratic party to get a point across. That would be repetition. As our voice, you must repeat your message, our message, as many times as it takes the ears listening to finally get the message! You may think it is unnecessary redundancy of words, but I assure you that this technique is working quite well for you opponent. Remember, if you don’t go all out in these remaining days, you will lose. You will become a single voice in the Congress, and a voice that will be rendered ineffectual due to the composition of the Washington political hierarchy. None of us, you supporters, want this to occur! No one will benefit from you loss.

5.) The Election Isn’t Decided Until The Last Vote Is Cast and The Last Elector Assigned. Even with three weeks remaining there is still enough time. I see you as the underdog only because of the confluence of domestic events beyond your control. And add to that a mainstream media who sees you as a pesky impediment to the eventual coronation of Sen. Obama, and you’ve certainly had, and still have, an uphill battle. But with a single debate remaining and three weeks of vigorous campaigning (particularly with Gov. Palin, the person who has injected true excitement into this campaign,) you have every reason to expect that you can and will win the election. it will not be easy, it will not be pretty…but if you take my advice it will lead to victory.

Please do not forget that when you speak to the vast majority of American people, you are among friends! So, please, for the sake of your supporters, become that uninhibited and unbridled “Maverick” that we know you to be. You promised to fight for us at the RNC Convention just weeks ago, you must now follow through with this pledge and fight the good fight. Fight the vigorous fight. Fight for the truth. Fight for us. Fight for victory.

Let the chips fall where they may, and may God bless you and Gov. Palin in your most worthy campaign!!

The answer is when they are women being ordained as priests, like the three women who were “ordained” in Boston this past weekend. The local print and TV media were all in a tizzy about this event, which they promoted as ‘women being ordained in the Roman Catholic Church.’ There were numerous interviews with the women during the past week regarding their upcoming rites. However, the media were less than forthright or clear about the simple fact that this was NOT a Catholic ordination ceremony.

There was no Catholic bishop officiating the ordinations for these women (2 were ordained priest and one a deacon). The event wasn’t even held in a Catholic church — rather the event was held in a multi-denominational Protestant church, with the holy orders being conferred by an outlaw member of the ersatz Catholic clergy. And the icing on the cake was the fact that once they had been “ordained”, these women were subject to instant excommunication from the Church.

Some ordination, huh?

Listen, I wish I were many things that I’m not nor that I could ever be due to circumstances beyond my control. In fact, realistically, I can’t be more things than I can be! However, for those associations, professions and convictions which are controlled by another entity, I would not presume that I can elbow my way into the fold by simply stating that “I am a…” or by participating in a faux rite of initiation. I’m fine with that fact, and there are plenty of other things that I can do with my life from which I can derive joy and meaning.

This is what those three women did on a recent hot, humid Sunday in Boston. They said “I am…a Catholic priest”…yet they defied almost 2,000 years of rules, traditions and service by having taken matters into their own hands. it was less an attempt at joining the genuine clergy than it was a very public swipe at a Church rule with which they disagree.

Well, my 12 years of Catholic schooling and lifetime of Catholic belief makes me beg to differ with these women. They are NOT priests; at least under the definition of genuine, established Catholicism. They might be perfectly fine and suited as Protestant clergy, but they just aren’t nor can they ever be Roman Catholic priests. The rules don’t let them — plain and simple. perhaps some day in the future the Church will reconsider this policy and allow women priests to be ordained. Who knows? Unfortunately for these three women, such a rule doesn’t exist today. As a result, they are outlaws and outcasts of the Church they so badly wish to serve.

It is time for a reality check for these women: A time for them to face up to the facts. It is also a time when they stop insulting and denigrating the beliefs of the faithful in and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church.

And, oh yeah, it’s time that the news media got their story straight. It might have been a controversial, hot button topic with which to tease the potential news viewers. But it was not true, and served to reveal the local Boston media as viewer-grubbing whores who care less about veracity than they do about “pseudo-accurate” sensationalism. I got the definite impression that the media was trying to shame the Church hierarchy to reconsider the tradition of male-only ordination by publicizing this story in the manner which they chose. The news stories were heavy on sympathy for the women and enthusiasm for their coming ordinations. But the stories were light on the facts about what constitutes a valid ordination in the Church or some on-camera or quoted commentary from someone in the hierarchy of the Diocese of Boston.

The media didn’t distinguish itself with its reporting of this story. Their reportage reeked of feelings and political correctness rather than facts and reality, and put MY Church in a bad light as a result.

And to their eternal discredit, shame on them…

Madam Speaker

Ah, the euphemisms just pile up when I think about this week’s comments made by Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi regarding President Bush:

“The Pot Calling The Kettle Black”

“Consider The Source”

“Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones, But Names Will Never Hurt Me”

“To Be Insulted By You Is To Be Garlanded With Lilies”


Just to refresh our memories, Madam Speaker distinguished herself by ripping into President Bush during an interview with Wolf Blitzer aired Thursday, July 17th on CNN:

“You know, God bless him, bless his heart, president of the United States, a total failure, losing all credibility with the American people on the economy, on the war, on energy, you name the subject,” Pelosi replied. She then tsk-tsked Bush for “challenging Congress when we are trying to sweep up after his mess over and over and over again.”

Well, this invective is coming from the mouth of the woman whose crowning jewel in her legislative agenda as House Speaker has been to outlaw the 100 Watt incandescent light bulb.

Good for you, Nancy!

Really…the Democrats have raised Bill Clinton’s “politics of personal destruction” to a new, almost intergalactic, level. Speaker Pelosi has the gall to say that everything that the president has done is a failure, yet her legislative success rate is poor and her legislative efficiency is glacial at best. I guess given the nature of this person, what were we to expect. Does this comment signal the the gloves are off and that she (and the Democratic party) have abandoned the Marquis of Queensbury rules when it comes to presidential politics.

See, the Democrats are going to great lengths to associate John McCain with a president whom they have vilified and demeaned for the past eight years. It isn’t an accident that the President’s approval ratings are as low as they are given the treatment he’s been given in perfect unison by the Democrats and the mainstream media. They want us to believe that a John McCain presidency would be in essence a third Bush term. This is the red meat diet that they’ve been feeding the true believers and lefty moonbats at the Daily Kos and at the Huffington Post blog sites. And this is the subliminal message being broadcast to the general populace.

If Madam “I Can’t Get a Meaningful Appropriations Bill Passed Under My Leadership” can’t help Obama win by hook, she’s going to do it by crook! And if by crook means shedding the decorum and dignity of past Speakers by going full-bore ad hominem against the president, then I guess so be it. What has she got to lose?

I’ll tell you what’s at stake for her — her credibility (whatever that is!) and the Congress’ remaining approval rating are at stake. She should be extremely cautious with her vitriol because although the President has an approval rating somewhere below sea level (approximately 28%), the approval rating of the Congress is near the center of the Earth, at 16%. I believe the military strategist Sun Tzu advocated attacking from a position of known power and strength. It seems though that Ms. Pelosi is either not a Tzu adherent or a very poor strategist. Because if she were, she would have kept her trap shut in regards to this latest attack on the President.

I’m a firm believer in “what comes around, goes around” and “you reap what you sew.” I think Ms. Pelosi will have some ‘splaining to do regarding her dismal legislative leadership record in the not-too-distant future. Present day voters and future historians won’t be as kind as the bum-kissing mainstream media and party big-wig types are to her now. And I think that her association and support will hurt and not help the presidential aspirations of Barak Obama. And frankly, in my opinion, that can’t be a bad thing.

The American people deserve better than this insipid repartee from their Congressional leaders (I include the always tactful Harry Reid, President of the Senate in this as well) when there are so many important topics requiring urgent legislative attention. We tend to get the best representation that we deserve.

Given the likes of Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid in their present positions it begs the question: What the hell did we do to deserve these two?

Massachusetts State Seal


When it wants to get things done, the Massachusetts legislature has shown that it can move proverbial mountains! Consider the passage of today’s new $1.00 per pack tax increase on cigarettes. The bill for that legislation was concocted yesterday, and acted upon by the Mass. House and Senate…ultimately being sent to the governor’s desk for signing into law today. All Bay State citizens know that when it comes to revenue enhancement,  Massachusetts lawmakers can compete with any elected body in the world — so nothing surprises me about such legislation moving so fast through the process.

So, now that we know what they’re truly capable of, let’s not take any more lip service when it comes to inaction on legislation that is important to the average citizen. When there is foot dragging and endless debate on proposed legislation…it’s not because they can’t take decisive action. It’s because the cancerous special interests have metastasized themselves into the very fabric of our legislature, and have gummed up the works with self-serving demands and wallet-filling amendments.

Let us citizens of Massachusetts take note of and never forget the watershed day of July 1st, 2008. We have truly witnessed the stuff of miracles!

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