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Today marked the end of the papacy of a good, if not great, and humble man trying to provide moral and religious leadership on an increasingly evil planet. Pope Benedict XVI, now Pope emeritus, served his flock well through (to say the least) challenging and difficult times for the Catholic Church worldwide.

Throughout everything that happened during his papacy, including the sex abuse scandals that have dogged the clergy, he has been a rock solid proponent of rationalism and conservative Catholic doctrine. In 2005 many “cafeteria Catholics” were looking to Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, as the newly minted Pope Benedict XVI, to make wholesale changes in the Church hierarchy and to embrace what may be kindly termed “progressive” changes in Church doctrine and practice. To his credit, Benedict did not budge to the whims of the populists and the progressives…and his teachings were what might be thought of as a back-to-basics in the individual-Church-faith relationship. He espoused and frequently preached “Friendship with Jesus”, where he saw the love of God as a means and a bridge to loving others who loved God as well. He saw this as an important tool in replacing the rampant secularism and consumerism that has gripped developed societies. He also sought to bring the Catholic faith closer to other worldwide religions by reaching out to other prelates and faiths. But he also had the strength of his convictions to speak out regarding evil when he saw it, and this forthrightness created friction with Islam and many of its teachings.

So as the helicopter that carried him away to the papal retreat, Castle Gandolfo, we should offer our thanks to a man who was unselfish and worthy of his station. A man who put the needs of his God and his Church before his needs. He was a worthy successor to the beloved John Paul II, and he sets a high bar for future Popes to aspire to. We can only hope and pray that the upcoming conclave puts aside political correctness and chooses Benedict’s successor based on his loyalty to God and to the Church, and his fidelity to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

God bless you and thank you, Pope Benedict. May God always shine his grace down upon you.

There was a truly shocking multiple murder in Itamar in West Bbank of Israel [] this week. The US mainstream media gave this crime little play, so most folks may have missed this sad news all together. Most of the Fogel family, a family of Jewish settlers in the West bank, were slaughtered in their sleep by as-yet unidentified assailants. The victims Udi and Ruth Fogel, and three of their six children — aged 11, 4 and three months — were all stabbed to death as they slept in what has been described as a grisly crime scene in their home. Three of the children, aged 12, 8 and 2 survived and are in the custody of their grandparents.

Although no one has been identified as the attacker or attackers, there are rumblings of responsibility from the usual Palestinian circles. This act was yet another “reprisal” against Israel and her citizens for their courage to erect settlements on their own sovereign territory.

But underneath this veneer of legitimate protestation is the tacit barbarism of Islam. These murders are just another manifestation of the “Religion of Peace” as emboldened by the concept of democracy. Democracy is not the substitute for a for a humanistic, Judeo-Christian Constitution where all men and women are created equal with certain inalienable rights and liberties. No siree. Because the cloak of democracy allows the dirty little (once) secrets of the Maghreb to exist and flourish. The mobs of a democracy can become the murderers of a thugocracy if they use the precepts and biases of the like of Sharia Law. This is what happens in Muslim countries where fealty to theology is prized over fealty to human rights and liberties. In any modern, enlightened and humanistic society, these two concepts — Sharia and democracy are akin to a match and gasoline. One is the enabler of the other, and they live in a hateful symbiosis. Just ask the Jews in any Arab/Sharia country.

The slaughter of the Fogel family should not be seen as a random and heinous religious crime. It is the persistent reminder that in the eyes of Muslims, the Jews are the lowest of the low infidels. As such, a crime like this in Itamar represents the barbarism of the ‘democrats’ in (albeit disputed) Muslim territory. God help us all if we don’t learn from the sacrifice of the Fogel’s and open our eyes wide to the theocratic barbarity among us. Regardless of what exists in other regions around the world, we must be ever vigilant and quick to stamp out any foothold of this on our soil. We are America. We are not a democracy. We stand for something — the US Constitution. And it is tragic that we need the murder of innocents elsewhere to drive this point home.

German Chancellor Angel Merkel has started down a road to close ALL nuclear power plants presently operating in Germany based on the recent tsunami-based crisis in Japan. Merkel has begun the process to close the oldest plants as soon as possible.

This decision is a prime example of the sad fact that politicians can take actions out of fear and/or ignorance that have wide ranging unintended national and economic consequences. Germany’s present nuclear power generation capacity is 20,339 megawatts, or 26.1% of the total national capacity. What will happen to Germany when this 26% capacity disappears from their power grid? What form of energy will be utilized by Germany to take up the slack left by the absence of nuclear power? Does Merkel think that magical windmills and space-hogging solar facilities will replace the significant power capacity as provided today by nuclear energy? These are all questions with no substantive answers for the German people.

All the panic and rash political decisions as a result of the Fukushima nuclear plant issues after the tsunami are simply Theater of the Absurd…and Theater of Political Desperation. The best thing we can do as the collective human race, regardless of national status, is learn from the Fukushima crisis. We need to learn what are the costs to human safety, what are the costs of decontamination and, finally, what are the costs to the nation from the loss of this power generating plant — with no viable backup for many years? The answers to these questions can then be used to then implement government regulations affecting new nuclear power plant construction that will prevent another Fukushima crisis. This would be a very prudent use of government energies, actions and plans.

Humans learn from our mistakes. If we fail to learn lessons from what happened at Fukushima, then we have truly let a crisis go to waste. Irrational actions by the likes of Angela Merkel in Germany might appeal to greenies and Luddites, but they cheat average German citizens from a safe, viable, clean and effective source of power generation for a long, long time. There can be no (NO) long-term national energy policy that may exist without the inclusion of nuclear power. For any leader or any government to claim otherwise is a lie and a sham.

Angel Merkel’s actions have shown that decisions for politically-correct motivations may appear at face value to be in the best interests of a nation or a people. But upon closer inspection, Ms. Merkel has ultimately returned Germany to a reliance on technologies, wind and solar, that are firmly rooted in the 15th century and that cannot provide sufficient power for Germany to remain a play on the worked economic stage. Because of a single crisis, surrounded by extreme fear-mongering by the international media, she is turning her back on an energy source that will provide all humans with cheap, safe and effective energy for centuries to come.

If that was Ms. Merkel’s intention, then MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. If it wasn’t…then don’t bet on Germany any time soon. They will be going nowhere.

Labor of Love: The economic and employment situation must be dire indeed when the financial markets embrace, then rise on, an ADP report stating that 217,000 jobs were added in February over the 180,000 that were predicted. My math informs me that this represents an annual increment of 444,000 jobs. That works out to less than one-half of one percent of the total working population. If this news is somehow titillating to investors…and cause for an 8.78 point rise in the Dow, then things have become so irrational that my mattress or a hole in the woods is looking better and better as a place to park my 401k balance.

Belaboring Their Position: The protesters in Madison, WI have definitely wrung out their 15 minutes of fame. If I may speak for the average citizen (in whose class I am firmly entrenched), you have made your point, spoken your piece and worn out your welcome. The carnival that now exists in Madison, under the guise of decrying Draconian union “rights” truncation, has now become a forum for socialists and insurrectionists. Perhaps the teachers and union supporters are unwitting “useful idiots,” or perhaps they just don’t care. But I think there is some kind of mutually-beneficial arrangement between the unions and the socialists — their mission statements are essentially the same and their main aims (collectivization) are complementary.

Eric Holder — Attorney General for Blacks?: A recent comment by US Attorney General Eric Holder makes me wonder if he is really the legal defender of all Americans. In response to congressional questioning regarding the Department of Justice’s decision not to prosecute the Black panther’s case in Philadelphia, Holder replied:

“Think about that,” Holder said. “When you compare what people endured in the South in the 60s to try to get the right to vote for African Americans, and to compare what people were subjected to there to what happened in Philadelphia—which was inappropriate, certainly that…to describe it in those terms I think does a great disservice to people who put their lives on the line, who risked all, for my people,” said Holder, who is black.[emphasis added]

I don’t think that I have to remind Mr. Holder that his people are the American people. In his position, there cannot be any divisions based on race, class, ethnicity or sexual orientation. He is (supposed) to be the bulwark of the Constitution…and if we cannot trust his impartiality or neutral application of the law, then who can we trust. I cannot help but think if those same comments were made yesterday by a white Attorney General, that he/she would be a former Attorney General today.

Crisis, Crisis and Gas Prices: Where is the outrage regarding the ever escalating gasoline prices at the pump? Oil futures are now trading at over $100 per barrel and pump prices are now exceeding $3.30 nationwide. In our present weak economy, these increases, like those seen in the spring and summer of 2008, can be a deal breaker for our fragile recovery. Certainly the reasons for the price increases can be found in the recent insurrections and instabilities in the Middle East. But there is also the 900 lb. gorilla in the room when it comes to the gasoline prices that Americans pay now and will pay in the future. This is the reluctance of the Obama administration to endorse and allow oil exploration and drilling on American soil or in American waters. It appears that Obama has been successfully indoctrinated by the greenies and global warmists…and it also appears that there will be no new meaningful oil exploration until the next GOP president takes control of the White House. Until that time (hopefully in 2012) we will be at the mercy and caprice of Middle eastern potentates and strongmen…and subjected to the vagaries of a quickly changing world political arena. As such, expect that gasoline prices might top out at $5.00 a gallon, and that your plans to lead a “normal” life might be placed on hold, accordingly.

Cowards at Home and Abroad: The fourteen still-AWOL Wisconsin senators should be dealt with harshly by the government of Wisconsin. As of today, the remaining GOP legislators have passed a resolution that fines these cowards $100 per day, after a two day continuance absence from the senate, that is set to start on Friday. This weak punitive measure follows the withholding of their pay and certain senatorial benefits like photocopying privileges. But these “punishments” to date have done nothing to loosen the intractability of the absent legislators. Something powerful and financially painful needs to be done to let these cowards know that they were elected to do all the people’s business, and not that of their favored unions special interests. Unfortunately, there are criminal cowards abroad who have murdered two US servicemen on board an airport bus in Germany. The gunman was reported to have cried “Allahu Akbar” or “Jihad, jihad” when he opened fire on the bus marked “US Air Force.” The gunman, identified as an ethnic Albanian, was subdued after his gun jammed. I guess cowards come in all forms, their cowardice manifests itself in all forms, and they exist in great abundance both here and abroad.

The Obama administration is looking for a do over for the Lockerbie bomber.

You have got to be kidding me!!

Almost nary a tough word was spoken when this vicious killer was released for “humanitarian” reasons by Scotland almost one year ago to the day. But now, learning that Abdel Al-Megrahi is essentially fit as a fiddle and the Libyans are thumbing their noses at us, the Obamites want to push the giant diplomatic reset button (think the Staples’ “EASY Button” and you’ll get the picture) and put Al-Megrahi back into Scottish prison to serve out his sentence. I’ve got two words for ya Barack and Hillary:


Al-Megrahi is now legend in Libya. And the insane, preening Muammar Gaddafi isn’t going to let his trick pony go that easily. This whole release brouhaha was, from the Libya’s point of view, a masterstroke of deception and one uppsmanship. They’ve been the low guy on the world’s totem pole for a long time, and have received their rightful fair share of discipline and criticism from the rest of the world. But now Al-Megrahi gives them a symbol of ersatz superiority over the US and its allies. Al-Megrahi stuck his finger in the eye of the Great Satan and lived to tell the story — and made it back home to a hero’s welcome to boot. It didn’t matter that through his actions that 270 people died over and in the quiet hamlet of Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21, 1988. They were just collateral damage in a much larger, irrational jihad against the Western world.

So now, in order to stem the impending November election blowback, our newly diligent administration wants to raise their objections a little more strenuously than they did last August. US citizens, many may voters, are FURIOUS that Al-Megrahi was released and this situation portends to be yet another reason to “inoculate” the US from Obama’s failed policies. The Obama brain trust knows this…and there’s little they can do except negotiate with Libya. But these negotiations are from a position of weakness (after all, Al-Megrahi is home now) and the Libyan government can drag its feet for a good long time.

If I were in Obama’s shoes, I’d consider sending special-ops Ninjas into Libya and put Al-Megrahi out of his misery. Perhaps they could explain his untimely demise as a bad case of the “Tripoli flu.”

But in the mean time, we’re going to be stuck on wimpy…negotiating with craven murderers who would just as soon provide our citizens with a Lockerbie a day if they had the resources to do so. Now is not the time for theoretical and the measured diplomacy, it’s time for bare knuckles and blunt trauma.

It’s time for action. It’s time for justice.

It’s official! Our Dear Leader and his cast of congressional Democrat minions are certifiably crazy. With the full court press conducted yesterday with the release of the “favorable” analysis of the Kerry (D-MA) and Lieberman (I-CT) cap-and-tax legislation…followed by the 17 minute droning by our Dear Leader (of course punctuated by the grand push for cap-and-tax legislation), one can only come to that inescapable conclusion.

Obama’s speech, although it contained words, phrases and sentences that addressed BP and the Gulf oil leak situation, was NOT about the Gulf oil leak. Not by a country mile! The leak and spill were merely tools of political rhetoric — devices he tried to use to drill home (pun intended!!) his Quixote-esque quest for the next jewel in the crown of statist societal control, a universal energy tax. But I think even the most marbled-in-the-lean liberals, like Matthews and Olbermann at MSDNC, oops, MSNBC weren’t suitably impressed with the leadership acumen or vision put on display last night by the Dear One. No, last night’s lecture was just the opening round in Obama’s full court press on cap-and-tax –  a desperation move by a desperate man way over his political head. Rather than take a temperate approach to this crisis and work just on solving the leak and the effects of the spill on the Gulf Coast, he chose to go “all in” politically. And he’s going to do it while blowing the political equivalent of a vuvuzela all the while.

Listen, Obama might think that he is the Entrepreneur-In-Chief, but I assure you that he doesn’t have a single capitalistic idea floating around in his socialist/statist skull. Perhaps with the exception of buying lunch on his various forays among the suffering hoi polloi at the oil-stained Gulf Coast. His insistence that viable alternatives to fossil fuels are just around the corner if we burn enough time/effort/wishes looking for them is, well, crazy talk. Real crazy talk. In order for there to be an alternatives, there have to be an underlying theories or materials that prove themselves viable (given the proper money/time/effort/wishes): there could have been no Manhattan Project if the theories undergirding nuclear fission and fusion were not established to some confidence level. No amount of research would have resulted in a man-made nuclear fireball without the solid background theory in place.

No such situation exists for replacing fossil fuels. Sure, we have “alternative” and “green” solutions to supplying some of our energy needs. But these are transient, secondary sources of power that are incapable of replacing the steady primary power sources (that is they’re always ON even at night or when the wind doesn’t blow!) provided by fossil fuels. Of course, then there is nuclear power. This is a viable alternative as a primary power source for our electricity needs, but the science-illiterate American public fears nuclear power for its destructive power (Three Mile Island and Chernobyl had a lot to do with this) than it appreciates this power source for its usefulness. Unfortunately, NIMBY rules the day when it comes to siting anything nuclear, so there is a lot of public push back when this discussion arises.

And, beyond petroleum for transportation and electricity generation, we have the myriad uses of petrochemicals in our daily lives. How can we replace the chemicals and compounds that we depend upon on a daily basis (think plastics, medicines, detergents, etc.) that are extracted from oil along with gasoline and heating oil? Simply put we cannot or, I propose, it would have been done already!

Poor misguided President Obama and his power cronies in the Congress need to step back and away from their single-minded quest to make fossil fuels so expensive as to change the fabric of our society, for the worse, forever. If they wish to cheer lead for their schemes, and try to influence American citizens to adopt alternative energy usage voluntarily, then I suggest that they go for it. But to try to jam another complicated and unintended consequence-filled piece of legislation down our throats by partisan fiat at a time when the US economy is both stagnant and fragile is foolhardy and CRAZY.

But we all know now that the die is cast…that there is going to be the incessant push for this cap-and-tax legislation because it’s “good for us.” The same way that all other socialist schemes, like Obamacare, are “good for us.” Until they aren’t. Obama has let the proverbial cat out of the bag starting last evening — he’s now put his dog in the fight and he has too much to lose politically if he caves in on this. I suspect, though, that Obama may have to go this alone or with token support as there are many shell-shocked Dems who will be facing the equivalent of locked cage death matches come November for re-election. They simply don’t have the stomach to follow their Anointed One off the cliff in the same manner that they did with Obamacare. Most are still wiping the political blow-back off them from that fiasco! They might be ideological fellow travelers with Obama, but they’re also craven vote whores first and foremost, so in that light,  they’re not crazy enough to touch this political third-rail just yet. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I don’t think so!

Obama on the other hand has nothing to lose…his foray into insanity last night only costs him political capital (just wander over to Rasmussen if you need to be convinced). He’s got two and a half years to possibly regain his footing, so what the heck. See, for a true believer like Obama, the totems of his ideology (like spreadin’ the wealth, etc.) are more valuable than reality or moderation or compromise. He sees himself as righteous — exploiting this oil leak/spill crisis — by proposing his means to an end. Unfortunately it means the end of prosperity and American exceptionalism. Still, Obama sees himself the Changer-In-Chief iconoclast: particularly when it comes to capitalism. He thinks himself the knight in shining armor saving us from greedy oil companies and greedy, hostile Middle Eastern emirs and potentates.

Unfortunately for him, the rest of us see him as just plain CRAZY…

Paleo-journalist Helen Thomas of the Third Reich News Network has put on display a breathtaking antisemitism in recent comments made on May 27, 2010. Apparently Jews, the original inhabitants of the Palestine, should simply “Go Home” according to Thomas. This YouTube video documents this outburst by the apparently deranged Ms. Thomas:

Helen Thomas tells Jews to go back to Germany

I might add that this is the same Helen Thomas who is treated as the press’ reporter-emeritus at White House press conferences and events. So far, and I might have missed it, there has been no comment by President Obama or his press secretary Gibbs on this egregiously offensive statement.

Given the recent shoddy treatment of Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by the Obama administration, I won’t hold my breath.

UPDATE 6/7/2010: Helen Thomas did the right thing and resigned with the appropriate contrition. However, her reprehensible behavior still lacks a certain rebuke from the man who had been photographed with his arm around her — our Dear Leader. And the response from Obama’s official mouth piece, Robert Gibbs, was tepid at best.

Not surprisingly, there was a certain lack of indignation from her fellow WH press corpsmen and women. All they could muster was to photograph her empty chair today and lament about the end of a era.

Bye bye, Helen. You’ve been a stooge and useful idiot for the left for far too long. It’s perhaps surprising that it took so long for you to play out enough rope to hang yourself, given your crazy, outspoken history. Enjoy your obscurity and your infamy. You richly deserve it.

It’s becoming fashionable, perhaps even chic, to demand a boycott against a person/group/city/state/region/country for offending the “righteous” sensibilities of the offended party. We’ve seen this in the past with boycotts of France and the product canned tuna to correct a perceived wrong or change a bad practice or situation. As for France…well, it’s the land of the French for crying out loud, and they probably earn a good boycott every once in a while as a result of their petulant, snotty behavior! And the canned tuna boycott was created by indignant consumers who learned that Flipper was being killed as collateral damage so that we all could enjoy Charlie the Tuna on our menus. These seem like righteous applications of the boycott stick and the carrot — STOP what you’re doing, do as we want, or suffer the consequences.

Now let’s fast forward to today’s de rigeur PC boycott practice. Presently, the entire illegal alien community as well as their supporters are in high dudgeon regarding the new law in Arizona that gives police officers the authority to arrest individuals whom they suspect of being in the country illegally. Since due to sheer proximity with the US-Mexico border, the preponderance of illegals walking the streets of Arizona are Mexicans (and furthermore minority Hispanics), this law is seen to be an affront to all Americans of Spanish decent — illegal or not. Not that Arizona may not expect a crime problem from illegally-present Latvians or Swedes, it’s just that the present demographics in the state just don’t support such a conclusion. The fact of the matter is that the border between Arizona and Mexico is poorly enforced by the federal government. The federal government’s inaction to stem the cross-border human tide, either through omission or commission, has presented Arizona in particular with a whopper law-enforcement problem.

Violent crime has increased dramatically over the past decade in Arizona, as have other crimes as well. Most can be traced to either drug or illegal alien root causes. Gun violence, murders, kidnappings and home invasions are now epidemic in Arizona. Mexican drug cartels use Arizona as their gateway playground to access the remainder of the US. As an example of this, the greater Phoenix area has become the kidnapping capitol of the US because of the increased drug activity of illegals in the drug cartels. And the human trade of trafficking in illegals has become a lucrative big business. Home invasions, shootings and hostage-takings terrorize average Arizonans on a daily basis. The law enacted was the state’s sincere attempt to restore law and order to their increasingly lawless territory.

The Arizona legislature crafted the new law empowering the police in their state to specifically deal with suspected illegal aliens. The law is largely based on existing US law, and does not empower police to indiscriminately stop individuals without some predicate offense having been committed, and without reasonable suspicion that the offender may be in Arizona illegally. Only then can they arrest the individual for their immigration offense. This isn;t the “papers, please” situation (which evokes the memory of the terror of the Third Reich) that is being offed up by the skeptical mainstream media.

Well, this law just won’t cut it for the myopic crowd of illegal alien supporters in the remainder of the US. And it certainly is wholly unacceptable to a mainstream media that is hell-bent on granting amnesty to and slathering forgiveness upon every last aggrieved illegal present in the US. And let’s not be mistaken, in the eyes of their supporters and excuse-makers, each and every illegal who snuck across the border is an abused and aggrieved soul.

So, the ever since the moment Gov. Jean Brewer signed this new law into effect, the illegal alien community has taken every opportunity presented to them to represent this law as biased, discriminatory, laden with opportunity for racial profiling, and as a throwback to the strong arm tactics of Nazi Germany. To these folks, the actual predicate criminals in this matter, the immigration lawbreakers, are being abused by this new legislation…which as yet has failed to produce a single abuse case related to the law. Still, from President Obama (our supposed law-enforcer in-chief), to the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, to every group historically in the business of forgiving immigration crimes and advocating for the “rights” of the immigration criminals, the new law represents a nadir in American civil rights. Simply put, to them the law is an affront to our society.

As a result of all this hellfire and brimstone spewing over the new law, there have been demonstrations in the streets of cities throughout by illegals (who possess more cheek than sense), and a new hue-and-cry for comprehensive immigration reform. And, as if we didn’t see it coming a mile away, the calls for a boycott against the state of Arizona for their callous application of law. So, one by one the usual suspects in this arena of touchy-feely PC nonsense have stepped forward to ostracize and excoriate the state of Arizona including the ever nutty San Fransisco, CA. This week even the city council of  Boston, MA voted to boycott Arizona in all the city’s business matters. And now the NBA and major league baseball are jumping on the boycott bandwagon — in the case of the MLB they are trying to have the 2011 All Star game moved elsewhere (from the planned venue of Chase Field, Phoenix.)

But I don’t think that the creators and supporters of this boycott movement see tings clearly. By their actions they are giving tacit approval to lawlessness and law breaking. They are ignoring the fact that illegal trespassing, that is being present in the US without the proper documents or following the proper emigration procedures, is a federal FELONY CRIME. Each and every illegal alien now present in the US had the opportunity to respect OUR laws and enter the US using OUR system of emigration. Instead, they chose to ignore our procedures and mandates and enter the country on their terms. They entered the country illegally! And by offering boycotts to support these individuals, in spite of their heart-tugging and compelling personal stories, their supporters have come down squarely on the wrong side of long-standing US  (and now Arizona) law.

So I say BOYCOTT THE BOYCOTTERS!!! Let them eat cake…and let them suffer from the laws of unintended consequences. It’s high time that the remainder of us silent Americans (who believe in the rule of law) all stood up and demanded that our laws be followed and obeyed. It’s also high time that we all begin to rightly deem and perceive the act of illegally crossing the border as the crime which it is. It’s also time that we stood up for something right and correct, because we are unfortunately losing our collective soul as the great nation that we once were. If we choose to value lawlessness over the rule of law and reward the lawless with our support, then we are all but lost. Because without the rule of law, there is anarchy.

And the situation on the US-Mexico border, as well as the in-country illegal immigration situation as a whole, is as close to anarchy as a country dares get. So, PLEASE boycott the boycotters. If they support the illegals, then they support this anarchy!! So, let’s teach the ersatz, righteously indignant activists a lesson they’ll not soon forget. Let’s hit them in their wallets…and finally give them some pain proportional to their wrongheadedness. Remember, it’s our own inaction that has gotten us to this point of lawlessness, so let’s all take some productive action for once.

Please join me in boycotting the Arizona boycotters!

  • The EU is in serious fiscal and financial trouble, and we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to countries that are faltering or in grave economic danger. For about 60 years, since the US liberated Europe from Nazi oppression, many counties in the EU have been living the large life, and treating themselves rather nicely. It’s as though they’ve been living on financial room service and ignoring the check…or forwarding it to the good old USA. Well, the check has come due, and as the premiere example of the harm of this great excess, the Greeks will have to learn to live as mere mortals rather than as citizens of a socialist Utopia — a situation they’re finding particularly hard to accept. Unfortunately, there will be many more EU nations that will have to suffer swallowing this bitter pill, and begin to embrace reasonable “entitlements,” more modest social benefits and more Draconian fiscal expenditures. You know, social concepts like you’ve had to work and pay into the system before you can get benefit from it and, oh yeah, only to the level of your former contribution. In the end, this is a good thing that will help insure a stable future for these troubled countries. And perhaps our proto-Marxist/socialist administration and Congress will witness firsthand and learn something from the unraveling of practicing national systems based on theoretical egalitarian principles and socialist doctrine rather than on good old-fashioned hard work and frugal living.
  • The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is going to become the largest excuse for the government spanking the oil producing industry since the Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska. But, unfortunately, only half of the culpable parties involved will be punished or savaged. Unfortunately, the real villains in this most recent act in the Theater of the Unintended Consequence, the Congress, will get off scot-fee as always. To be sure, BP will be keel-hauled and excoriated for their role in this mess, and rightly so. They should have seen this disaster coming — what with drilling and recovering oil from over a mile beneath the ocean this situation couldn’t have been imagined by a simple risk assessment? But Congress shares the blame in this fiasco because their Draconian drilling regulations and leases forces oil exploration into deeper-and-deeper waters (ostensibly due to “environmental” concerns), and into the jaws of untenable situations like we presently have in the Gulf. If the laws regarding oil and gas exploration had been drafted with common sense in mind rather than for political gainsay and gotchas, then we might not be in the dire circumstance we are in right now. Because it seems clear to me that it is infinitely easier to cap a leaking oil well in several hundred feet of water than it is at bone-crushing depths where only submersibles can operate.
  • The “immigration” demonstrations yesterday (on May Day) didn’t have the turnout that were portended by the mainstream media. But that didn’t stop the media from hyping the number of mostly ILLEGAL ALIENS who took to OUR streets in opposition of a law that they never read the provisions of. Listen, we law abiding citizens can’t argue with the flawed logic being used by the illegals and their vociferous supporters. Regardless of what they call themselves, or what a sympathetic government administration and mainstream media choose to call them, in the end they are present on our soil ILLEGALLY. Meaning that they chose to break our laws — our social compact with each-other that assures each and every one of us that we will not fall into a state of anarchy from doing whatever each of us wants to do. We can only trust we can rely on the laws of our land to handle this completely out of control situation, but past practices and actions by the federal government have shown that we cannot. So the government of Arizona has acted out of self-preservation and self-interest to protect its citizens from the hordes of invaders and criminals that enter the state on a daily basis. They have taken the fist, faltering step in assuring us that the inmates do not run our national asylum — even though emboldened illegal trespassers at May Day rallies would have us think otherwise.
  • President Obama made an off-script comment at a recent political pep rally in Quincy, Illinois: “We’re not, we’re not trying to push financial reform because we begrudge success that’s fairly earned. I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money. But, you know, part of the American way is, you know, you can just keep on making it if you’re providing a good product or providing good service. We don’t want people to stop, ah, fulfilling the core responsibilities of the financial system to help grow our economy.” I added the emphasis because now our chief Marxist wants to become the Salary Coordinator-In-Chief. This coming from a man who “earned” more than $5 million last year! As US citizens, it’s none of our damn business how much our neighbor makes as a result of an honest, hard day’s work. Whether it’s fair to us or not, the achievements and rewards of our neighbors are theirs and theirs alone and not ours (even though the government has insinuated themselves in this process by redistributing the fruits of their labors to the rest of us via “progressive” taxes.) No matter how hard the gods and goddesses of the presidential teleprompter would have him stay strictly on script, his ad-libbed forays into streams of consciousness cause him to “step in it” on a consistent basis. The teleprompter text is just so much hot air and political psycho-babble…BUT those small “gaffes” are a peek inside a president’s true nature and feelings. He’s apparently a president who embraces an alternate view of the American dream than the vast majority of the citizens and common folk.
  • The eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano has showcased the recent, palpable lack of climate change and global warming talk on the worldwide political stage. The “Climategate” scandal and the subsequent revelation of “inaccuracies” in the most recent IPCC report on climate (Details? We don’t need no stinking details!) have made this topic a political hot potato.Then comes along Eyjafjallajokull which, aside from being the world’s most difficult word to pronounce, dumped more stuff into our atmosphere in a weeks time than man has for about a decade. It’s kind of humbling when God and Nature remind us of our true, insignificant place in the scope of things. Man may conjure up the hubris to declare that he may influence “big things,” such as the climate on our planet. God obviously has other ideas on that topic…

The Congress is now, in my learned opinion, exerting fraudulent legislative power over the American people because of generous interpretations of their powers as set forth in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution and a complicit, non-confrontational Supreme Court.

I’ve railed in the past about the generous interpretations of the words “welfare” and “commerce” and the assumed powers that these interpretations give to Congress. These “lawyerly,” scholarly interpretations are an affront to the average citizen’s rights given the (actual, put on paper) very limited set of duties and powers assigned to the Congress by the Founders. Over the past decades in the modern era (post-1900), Congresses have been on a political power grab to achieve legislative primacy over the American people, and the American people have been numbed by the residue of the cumulative legislation and “grateful” for the goodies that have been unleashed by these laws as well. We have been incrementally transformed from a nation of natural freedoms, rights and liberties to a nation where freedoms, rights and liberties are granted by our generous government. This transformation is a perversion of the intent of the Founders, and it sets us on a path of ultimate national failure due to our governmental excesses.

If we review Section 8 in a literal sense, our Congress has few real legislative powers. They don’t have the assigned power to, say, mandate our purchase of health care or manipulate our energy policy. They do however, have a fraudulent, assumptive power that WE have allowed them to assume. Congress’ powers have been assumed and accumulated over time due to the laziness and lack of oversight of the American citizen/voter. We have been lax in our oversight of our elected representatives, and we have with time replaced vigilance with dependence. Our representatives are expected to bring home the bacon rather than be vanguards of our collective Constitutional rights.

Simply put, the federal Congress should have little influence over our daily lives. The Constitution allows that the state that we live in is responsible for enacting legislation that affects our lives. Not the federal government. Any laws enacted should be done as close to the influence of the individual as possible…not at the stratospheric federal level by a detached legislature.

What better explains the reason why many Congressmen/women state that they don’t care about the Constitution? If the Constitution and it’s relationship to the average citizen doesn’t matter to them…or a piece of legislation is more important than the Constitution that it is supposed to be subordinate to, then we have definitely chosen our representatives unwisely, and they definitely have powers to legislate that are wrongly assigned or fraudulent in nature.

It has taken a long time for this situation to come into existence, so it will take a long time for us to reverse this legislative mindset. But this will only occur if we act soon. There has been much talk of tipping points in regards to establishing a permanent citizen-government political co-dependency in our nation. Trust me folks, we are almost there now!

But it is not too late yet. We need to change our expectations of what our federal government is or isn’t. We need to educate our children in the lost art of personal Constitutional vigilance. How can we expect to be vigilant over our rights and liberties if we are ignorant of the particulars of the Constitution?. We shouldn’t be dependent upon legislators, judges and lawyers to be the stewards of our rights and liberties. They are NOT the vanguards of our rights, etc., that we expect them to be as they are creatures of the SYSTEM. The desperately flawed and manipulated system. The system crafted in part by the fraudulent powers assumed by our Congress! This means that individually we need to become more active in the process of governance, regardless of how much time it takes from our private lives or our leisure. If we aren’t watchful, or don’t place a high value on our legislative governance process, then we can expect to be fleeced of our rights and liberties in order to satisfy those special interests who are.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…the choice is yours and yours alone. I can’t make you become engaged and vigilant, nor can anyone else. But mark my words — if you abdicate your Constitutional responsibilities to an elected politician, then be prepared to accept the results. And since you only exercise your responsibilities on Tuesdays in November, then you heartily deserve to be used and abused.

Your inaction and passivity is your own reward.

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