Barack Obama’s recent assault on the Catholic Church and the 1st Amendment proves that the man has no consideration for the deepest held religious beliefs of American citizens and that he couldn’t care less about the US Constitution. With the exception of the outrage displayed by Catholic bishops regarding this religious and constitutional affront, it was difficult to tell if any rank-and-file Catholics, particularly Democrat Catholics, share a similar outrage and anger.

All we need to do is listen to the “explanation” put forth that self-declared Catholic Nancy Pelosi offered:

“And so this is an issue, 98 percent of Catholics, they tell us, use contraception, overwhelming numbers of people in our country support the president’s decision, including, they tell us, at least you all tell us, a majority of Catholics,” said Pelosi.  “So I support it.  If it comes to the floor we’ll use this as a welcome debate to talk about the importance of women’s health.”

“And it’s not just about the women,” Pelosi said.  “It’s about their children and the health of their families as they make serious decisions and use contraception to determine, as I said, the size and timing of their families.  That will be a debate that we welcome.”

“It’s a sad one,” she concluded.  “We shouldn’t have to be to a place where people are saying—when the overwhelming practice is going in favor of women’s health—‘we want to pull that back.’  And use the excuse of religious freedom, which, of course, this is not.”

The problem with Ms. Pelosi’s analysis is that the opinions of individual American Catholics do not constitute Church doctrine. She knows that…but she is willing to place her fealty to her ideology before her faith. From the lead up to Obamacare, when Ms. Pelosi was House Majority Leader, we understand that this woman is an unprincipled liar and propagandist. And she will indeed unhesitatingly place her party before the United States, the Constitution and the American people she purports to “care” about.

After the bishops’ outcry, we see that Obama and Pelosi are satisfied with turning the debate away from a blatant government intrusion on religious freedom to the red herring of “women’s health.” And American Catholics may be just brainwashed enough to buy this hokum wholesale. Even Obama’s recent so-called “compromise” with the Catholic bishops to force the cost of contraceptives and abortions onto insurance companies was seen as acceptable by many American Catholics ostensibly concerned over women’s health.

This raises the question about the true faith of American Catholics and, again, Democrat Catholics. These folks seem comfortable with the likes of Nancy Pelosi speaking on their behalf from a position of political power. Yet she (in what must be a conscious decision) spits in the face of the Catholic Church with her words. As such, do American Catholics think that the Church is a democracy…whose deepest held doctrines and precepts may be changed according to the vagaries of public opinion (as Ms. Pelosi apparently believes?) If this is so, the Church in America and any hope of a return to constitutionalism are doomed because of the passive acceptance of such anti-Catholic viewpoints like Ms. Pelosi’s and government programs like Obamacare.

It used to be that Catholics worried about the fate of their immortal souls once they shed their mortal coils. That concept, it seems, is passé now. Because for over a century the government has enabled a free-for-all in terms of self-indulgence and self-gratification…all at no cost to the recipient. A free-for-all provided or aided and abetted by the likes of Ms. Pelosi. The following question begs asking: If one doesn’t have to worry about their next meal, shelter, cell phone, etc. because of a beneficent, generous government, why is there the need to thank a generous God for those necessities of life? After all, what did God have to do any of this? Better still, what did the Church and an individual’s faith have to do with the government’s largess?

In a statist, non-secular society God and souls don’t matter as much as voting for the “right” candidate. The condition and fate of an eternal soul pales in comparison to the instant, worldly gratification of “benefits.” So why worry? Why not live it up and exploit the ‘quiddiest’ of quid pro quos?

I betcha a lot of “good” practicing Catholics have more than a spark of doubt in the existence of an afterlife…so why not hedge those bets and make the most out of things while one can? This probably explains why Catholics have replaced God-fearing behavior with the craven idol worship of Obama and the federal government. Unfortunately they are Burger King Catholics…they want their faith and their religion their way. They also want  their “stuff” from the government, no strings attached.

Entitlements über allis…at least until God has his say…

President Barack Obama stands astride the American economy like a modern Colossus. Except instead of a beneficent and understanding giant holding a lantern and guiding ships into safe harbor, he is akin to a modern paperweight…pressing down upon business and prospective prosperity, atop a mountain of regulations and restrictions.

As this election year progresses look closely at Mr. Obama trying to cast himself as being a Colossus…looking out for the “interests” of the average American with his guiding light. You know, the “working” stiff with no other advocacy. Also look for the incredible yet predictable support of the Colossus persona by Obama’s lapdog MSM. They are poised to pull out all the stops in their support and image honing of this immensely flawed man.  The subtle and overt propaganda will be nauseating to the trained and careful observer.

Obama and Progressive minions…and the MSM may have their opinion of our struggling POTUS, and his accomplishments and capabilities.

The rest of us who have to live under the weight of his rules, regulations and restrictions will unfortunately see and feel a man more equivalent to a massive boat anchor than as an effective leader.

I read a news story today that the US budget deficit had “dipped” to 1.1 trillion dollars. Exceuse me if I don’t break out into my version of the “Happy Dance” but I can’t seem to get to thrilled with such ominous news. A deficit of that magnitude threatens our stability as a nation and our viability as a people. But the most frightening bit of analysis came later in the story when the author wrote:

The Congressional Budget Office report also says that annual deficits will remain in the $1 trillion range for the next several years if Bush-era tax cuts slated to expire in December are extended, as commonly assumed.

That statement represents the stilted thinking of a government-favoring progressive who sees tax cuts as harmful expenses that must be eliminated rather than as desirable and beneficial to citizens. The reason this thinking exists is because liberals/Progressives/Democrats think that government is immune to the vagaries of reality. In fallow times, when the rest of us tighten our belts and cut our budgets, government cannot be expected to do the same. It is impossible for us to imagine or, more boldly, demand that government downsize for any reason.

We now have government for government’s sake. Government has become a powerful god…a false idol that must be worshiped and accorded all power and glory. After all, if one treats government good, good things come from government. This is a particularly beneficial truism for those who have traded their vote for generous goodies…and their life’s sustenance. It is the ultimate symbiotic quid pro quo, and an unfortunate individual-government co-dependence. And it is the nourishing substrate upon which many political parasites feast. Self-serving pols who seek power, riches and glory insinuate themselves into this co-dependency, promising and then delivering more, and then reaping the rewards. Chief among these rewards is political longevity. After all, who is going to be foolish enough to bite the hands that feed them?

So, accordingly, politicians have rigged our system. They have configured social programs and “entitlements” as mandatory, untouchable spending. This is important because even considering changing these taboo expenditures is akin to sticking ones wet finger into a power outlet. It is tantamount to political suicide!! Just look at what has historically happened to courageous politicians who have suggested tweaks or, ohmigod, the complete elimination of these socio-political sacred cows. They are fist ridiculed by the Progressives…and then run out of town on a rail by “angry” (read: greedy) voters. Those lucky enough to survive the maelstrom never, ever broach that subject again.

What happens? We all suffer because government is treated as sacrosanct. It must never be changed or reduced, else all manner of evil will befall us. The implication is that there is a fair percentage of us who simply can’t take care of themselves without the doting of a nanny government. If we were to prohibit government’s role in social programs like Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid then the sky would literally fall. Because we all know that government is the fairest arbiter of services and has the purest of intentions. Right?

So rather than eschew the yoke of control placed on us by government or reject the liberty-stealing government dictates and regulations, we have become inured to being killed with kindness. But the only fatality is our free, independent spirit. Unfortunately, we’ve traded traded this spirit for a 1.1 trillion dollar deficit. It is the ultimate self-serving dirty deal that we’ve done. Why? Because we can never hope to pay off this intergalactic-sized burden, so by default that responsibility is deferred to our children and grandchildren (and perhaps great-grandchildren.)

Until we can change our thinking to cherish liberty in all its forms and reject statism in all its forms, then we are, I’m afraid, doomed. How unfortunate and perverse that there are a fairly large portion of our society that believes that a lowering of taxes is a bad thing, and a “cost” to our government. This is truly a form of mental illness…or the ultimate manifestation of greed, envy and covetousness. Because many of the folks who feel this way pay little or no taxes, and yet receive their livelihood from the government. They’re willing to do anything to keep this situation the same — so long as anything is defined as voting for vote-whoring pols who promise the recipients of government-confiscated largess that the gravy train will go on forever.

There are two ways that this sinful thinking will change: We can “educate” the freeloaders and over time hope that they see the error in their ways and in their thinking, or we can just wait until the defective system implodes and fails. If I were a betting man, I’d bet my money on the latter. But since I’m a realist…I’m putting my money into precious metals, supplies and water. Because old, ingrained habits die hard and an all-powerful government operates under the delusion that it can control everything, including the laws of nature and the realities of fate.

Unfortunately, the lesser angels of man’s existence tend to rule the day. Sin is always easier than virtue. And government is like a storage battery for the zeitgeist energy of the contemporary society. Right now our government is being charged by sin. It’s not a good situation of the upright and virtuous. Or for those who value the Constitution.

For your own sakes, keep your eyes open and your morals strong. It is going to be a bumpy, tumultuous ride to where we’re going.

Apparently our, ahem, Commander-In-Chief doesn’t take his responsibilities quite so seriously. Otherwise, why would he be pushing for such dramatic budget cuts and downsizing of forces in his plan to save money? Could it be that cutting the military is the political equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel? I mean, making hard decisions regarding cutting back social “benefits” and “entitlements” would only serve to inflame the passions, and not in a good way, of his core constituency — the layabouts and goody-grabbers. And in an election year, that’s like taking a big simultaneous gulp of NyQuil, Tylenol and Quaaludes. It just won’t end pretty.

So, our White House-bound Captain Courageous isn’t likely to suggest any cuts in social programs. None at all! It doesn’t fit with his “fundamental transformation” of America from a meritocracy to a cesspool of government-individual co-dependency, so why risk re-election chasing rainbows while all hopped up on phony virtue? But cutting the force size of the military and curtailing military spending — that’s a casual swipe at the ‘Easy Button’ of politics. But it seems that our misguided POTUS, and the Congress if it lets him do this, are shirking the only actual, authentic constitutional prerogatives that they have: The defense of our nation.

Now, Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution states: “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States…,” and nothing more regarding his powers is mentioned. There is no ability to cut the size of the force, nor alter the budget of the armed services. Only the Congress may do these things. In fact the majority of the actual, authentic duties and powers of the Congress relate to the military. Article I, Section 8 details these powers: “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States…To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water…To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years…To provide and maintain a Navy…To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces…To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions…To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress…To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.”

These very limited powers of the presidency and expansive powers of the Congress in regards to the military begs the question: Is Obama overstepping his constitutional authority when he ostensibly makes “cuts” to the military? We don’t need Supreme Court justices to come up with corrupt and contemptible “rulings” based on some specious and politically self-serving interpretation of the Constitution when we can trust our lying eyes having read the passages in question ourselves. We need our elected and appointed representatives to step up to the plate and act in strict accordance with the Constitution as well as in our very best interests.

I propose that gutting our military in favor of preserving the welfare state is not in our best interests. This action will serve to put us in double jeopardy: It will serve to bankrupt us in the long run by preserving programs and benefits that do not contribute to the financial viability of our nation and it causes us to be vulnerable and open to threats from foes worldwide. These two situation do not indicate to me that our president, Mr. Obama, takes his oath of office very seriously: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

If anyone can claim Obama’s faithful execution while holding a straight face, they are quite an actor or actress. I hope and pray that even the most ardent Obama supporters see this folly for what it is — the weakening of the United States and the commencement of our downward slide towards third-world mediocrity. My only hope is that we leave our children something that they can rescue and call a nation themselves, although each passing day I doubt this more and more.

God bless America. God bless our brave and courageous military. God help us all…

Well, another year has flown by at nearly supersonic speed. Bye, bye 2011…we hardly knew ye. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

Welcome, 2012! Lots of unrealized expectations, dreams, resolutions and goals to be had. Perhaps 2012 will be a bust out year for the US; a year when we as a nation finally wake up and realize that we cannot spend our way to prosperity and that virtue is demonstrated, not conferred. Hopefully by the time November rolls around we will send a plurality of serious adults to the polls and set things straight, once and for bloody all. We need to admit our grand mistake that we made in 2008 and put the past behind us. We need to embrace principles long ago abandoned, and hope that there is enough time left to rescue a future for our children and heirs. It will be tough work, but like they say — anything worth doing is always tough.

Cheers, 2012! May we enjoy a healthy, safe, profitable and rational time together. We can only hope.

And here’s to spending a LOT more time typing opinions and venting my aching spleen! You WILL see more of me here in 2012, I promise.

I was subjected to severe bullying when I was a child in the early and mid 1960′s. I went to Catholic parochial school, so you would have thought that the students there would have had more scruples or have been more humanistic because of their religious education. But let’s be realistic, kids will be kids. And vicious kids will be vicious.

My problem was that I was born with prominent, “Dumbo” ears. From the age of six I was subjected to humiliation and calls of “Ears!” by the older kids. This was usually followed by other insults and flicks of my ears. There was absolutely nothing I could do about this bullying and taunting…my ears were my ears. And once the bullying and name calling started, it didn’t take long for all the kids, of all ages, to chime in. So, I tried as best I could to accept the catcalls and the torture. My parents were as understanding as they could be…but I guess their options were limited in that situation. I also didn’t see much comfort and succor from the nuns at school. They would stop it when they could, but they never laid down any ground rules, etc.

Being kids, the taunting kids were crafty about their humiliation of me…and if one were caught and punished, I bore the wrath. Sure, I had close friends…BUT, even they would occasionally sneak in the “E” bomb to pick at me, for whatever reason. They were after all dopey kids.

When I reached nine years old, my parents and I couldn’t take any more…so they arranged for me to have surgery that would essentially pin my ears back in a more “normal” position. This would make me less of a target of opportunity for the idiots who, unfortunately, were my peers. I underwent my first surgery by a local ENT at a local hospital. The operative word is “first.” The first surgery didn’t go to plan — I ended up with infections of both ears and hearing damage from the infections. I had to wear bandages that looked like giant white earmuffs…and even though the surgery was done in the summer, I still was a kid and insisted to go outside and play. Bad choice! More humiliation due to the complications.

It took MONTHS to heal properly, and after the ear muffs came off the results were hideous. My ears were disfigured…and they were grossly asymmetrical. Good God, the worst case scenario had landed upon me! Add to this the incredible pain, the constant putrid discharge and my inability to sleep much, it was a mind bending experience for a young child. And guess what? The taunting and catcalls increased exponentially. After what seemed an infinite wait, we saw another doctor in Boston (this was a hardship for my parents because we lived 45 miles from the city and they were lower middle class folks, but at this point they would have done ANYTHING for me), another surgery was scheduled with this doctor to repair the damage done in surgery #1. The second surgery was performed at Children’s Hospital. Notice I said “second.” Once started, the doctor decided the damage was so great and the scar tissue so thick that he could only do one ear at a time. This surgery ended with no complications, and after four weeks, I had the other ear done. Again, no complications.

This time the doctor in Boston used new-fangled metal staples behind my ears so I wouldn’t have to suffer the indignity of the earmuffs again. But the disadvantage of these staples was the PAIN that they caused. It was like having hot pokers driven into the sides of my head and into my ears. But thankfully I only needed the staples for 3 weeks or so…and the ears healed just fine.

But the results were less than spectacular. The Boston doctor only had so much he could work with given the damage done by that first local doctor. Although he was able to make my ears bend closer to my head, the accumulated surgeries left them noticeably asymmetrical.

However, after the healing, POOF, the taunting and bullying ebbed and eventually stopped. Occasionally I would get a spurious call of “Ears”, but I would rejoin with a similar physiological insult…and thus I achieved a Mexican standoff with my taunters.

But this whole ordeal really worked on my mind. I would exhibit tics and other habits — like incessantly licking my lips or blinking my eyes. The bullying and taunting left me a train wreck mentally as it really tamped down my self-confidence. But I had a strong will and a loving family, and I was able to rationalize my way through this difficult time in my life. However, I’m left with both emotional and physical scars from my bullying experience. And this bullying has definitely made me a different person than I would have been if it had not happened. No one can be absolutely sure of anything, but I’m quite sure of this.

To this day I’m still hyper-sensitive about the appearance of my ears. I don’t like my picture taken. I wear a baseball cap to deflect attention away from my ears. The “ears” ordeal has left me non-assertive and I tend to shy away from confrontation. And it has left me with an inferiority complex that I constantly work on to overcome. But I am bolstered by the fact that I was able to work my way through the bullying with my head held high. I ended up being the physically biggest kid in my class for a time, so that one simple fact of nature guaranteed that I didn’t have to suffer any longer after seventh grade. But six years can take its toll.

Bullying is not a victim-less endeavor, unworthy of notice by adults. It isn’t just kids play, but it can be a cruel, life-altering ordeal for the recipient. I think it might be hard for someone who hadn’t been bullied to understand what the bullied individual went through. But I assure you that there are many damaged folks out there, and many diverse stories of how they’ve dealt with the consequences.

This was just mine…

My hope is that we never, ever forget what happened on what started out as a crystal-clear, azure-blue-sky day we who were alive experienced as September 11, 2001. And let’s not varnish over who committed this unspeakable act of murderous barbarism, and why, in the name of political correctness.

Let us not forget the 2,977 innocents who were slaughtered by Islamist extremists, nor forget their families who have had to endure for these past ten years the horror, grief and sadness of their loss. We must teach our children this fact and the magnitude of this loss so that it will never, ever happen again in our nation.

There are no amount of remembrances, tributes and memorials that will bring back a single person loss to the attack. There is no amount of revisionist history or second-guessing that will have saved a single soul. The loss of these unsuspecting victims — working men and women, the heroic police and fire personnel who charged into burning buildings to save them, and those truly heroic passengers on United flight 93 who fought back against those who were bent on sacrificing them should be a tragic lesson to us all to remain vigilant and to realize that there are those in the world who hate us beyond description. And those individuals and groups do not care if they kill innocent civilians in the pursuit of their goals.

I am sure that the victims of this despicable terrorist act, a modern day, barbaric, Kamikaze sneak attack, rest with God and that they look from the great beyond approvingly at their flesh-and-blood loved ones who have tried the best to continue on with their lives. God bless each and every one of them.

May God give eternal rest and peace to the souls of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, husbands, wives, friends, neighbors and loved ones who perished on that fateful day in 2001. They did not deserve such a fate.

May we American NEVER forget.

God Bless America!

The present social morass that we labor within is just an extension of the wages of sin. Our culture has become so self-possessed and self-obsessed, seemingly without linkage or fear of an Almighty law giver, that it is beyond troubling. In our society, God has been shown the door without remorse.

Our American “culture” makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like Sesame Street. It’s all about *ME*, right here, right now — 24/7. Instant gratification and self-aggrandizement are the not-so-hidden agenda watchwords in our ever-decaying society.

Women have become hyper-sexualized “ho’s”…with little girls, for God’s sake, being made into proto-bimboes with the provocative clothing and adult-like behaviors that their imbecilic mommies make them don or ape. Little boys are castrated by the over-feminization of our society…them being reduced to ADHD alphabet-soup zombies by the adult pity partiers. Kids spend further zombie time on cell phones texting “friends” while wholesale ignoring those physically elbow-to-elbow with them. Instead of just being kids, they fear the world and are ignorant of it because they don’t properly experience it as curious beings. Helicopter parents have turned ostensibly normal kids into hyper-’schedulized’ mini-CEO’s. Play dates and dance classes have replaced mud pie making and puddle jumping. Kids are being forced to mature at an accelerated rate so mommy and/or daddy can live vicariously through them.

Call in the councilors!

But if we must criticize this new-age aberrant behavior, we mustn’t muss up a single feeling, except(of course)  for those of the folks who decry the debauchery and the decrepitude. The critical folks are mercilessly ostracized and (almost) subject to hate crimes prosecution for their moribund clinging to traditional values…whatever *they* are any more.

But history teaches us that we are not a good indicator of our own failings. Future generations of Earth-dwellers (I’m not so sure there will be Americans in the not-too-distant future) will look upon our contemporary generations and question our sanity and our souls. They will look at us like the fools greedily embracing the bread and circuses provided to them during another fall of a once great past empire.

These historians and scholars will clearly see what we simply cannot: That we’ve embraced covetousness, greed, sloth, avarice, hubris, sloth, lust, vainglory, gluttony and several other sins that don’t have a precise name or definition. Take a particular fiscal, social or government issue and tease it to it’s root cause and you will find an unnatural embrace of sin at it’s rotting core. But we’ve cloaked this sinful behavior in a good intentions wrapper. So, when a politician espouses soaking the rich, they’re not guilty of covetousness. Nope. They’re fighting for the poor or the middle class.

Poppycock! Let’s call a spade a spade.

This example of class warfare incitement is simply a pol using man’s lesser angels (covetousness) to feather their political nest at the expense of others. See for yourself how many other social and political issues have a similar foundation. It is truly shocking. And I am convinced that when we play along, we anger God in ways that we never dreamed.

The wholesale “separation of Church and State” and the eschewing of traditional moral values and virtues in our modern society has worked out swimmingly for us, eh?

Despite the outward appearances to the contrary, the Democrats, Progressives and Liberals (DPLs) are gripped with fear. A glance at the state of our country, society and economy will give you a pretty good impression why.

The big government, nanny state vision of America as espoused by DPLs is imploding right before our eyes. Imploding big time! The mountainous deficits, the ever-increasing joblessness and small societal things like the increasing-in-number violent flash mobs are all the direct result of DPL ideology and government programs. Profligate social spending (regardless of the cries that we spend too much on defense), suffocating government regulations and a pervasive entitlement attitude are at the core of those economic, business and criminal problems.

The DPL folks in Congress know this…they can read the writing, or should I say graffiti, on the wall. Many of the hard-core DPL ideologues are twisting and contorting themselves into logical pretzels in order to explain away or ignore the obvious — that big government, wealth redistribution, welfare state policy and programs have failed spectacularly.

If creating a per-person debt that cannot be paid-off in one’s lifetime was the goal of the New Deal and Great Society…as well as all the other government goody give-away programs, then the DPLs can claim success and plant the flag of victory on Mount Debt. But I think most folks who are concerned, patriotic Americans (at least those concerned about their children’s futures) see things differently. They see racking up more and more and more debt as a crippling legacy that our generation will pass on to the next and the next and the next. Trillions and trillions of dollars spent to, for the most part, insure that scheming, craven politicians enjoyed a life-long lock on their political position. And to provide an elite few with power, both economic and political, that was never intended by the Framers.

But what was done was done without our (the citizen’s) permission and with generous interpretations of the Constitution in favor of almost unlimited congressional power. And although it has been one heck of a ride so far for the DPL folks, and has spawned numerous long-lived political careers (Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd immediately come to mind), it seems that lately the excess and profligacy of the DPL are catching up to them. Our economy and the nation’s fiscal situation are unraveling right before our eyes…debt is mounting and individuals are finally recognizing the trouble that has been caused by those who purportedly preached good times for oh so long.

The Tea Party and many conservative Republicans, Paul Ryan and Michelle Bachmann to name but two, are now leading the charge to reduce government spending as well as to reduce the size of government. We have come to the point where our government taxation and spending simply cannot be supported by our tenuous GDP. So, we can either cut those programs that are supposed to benefit us all, like the military, or we can cut the military in favor of preserving vote-grabbing social benefits and programs. Doing the latter is so short-sighted as to be ridiculous — and really not a viable option at all in a world where jihadists run free and the Chinese are hurriedly modernizing their military. Therefore, we must reduce social programs and either eliminate them immediately or reform them and then phase them out gradually. Many people recognize this need, and they are increasingly clamoring for such actions to occur.

Which brings us to prominent DPLer’s…up to and including President Barack Obama, and the likes of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. In recent weeks, both these Democrats have made excoriating statements regarding the Tea Party and those in the political opposition who would reduce the size of government.

You can almost smell the fear! As his favorability ratings are shrinking virtually every day, Mr. Obama is desperately searching for some way of reversing that trend. If you don’t believe me, just visit Rasmussen Reports for the bad news delivered on a daily basis. Despite his trying REAL hard, his economic agenda…punctuated by oppressive regulations and a “tax the rich” divisive mantra, is not currying favor with voters who see through this attempt at class warfare. So we have attacks on conservatives and the Tea Party by Obama and his DPL surrogates, like Ms. Jackson Lee.

So, be on the lookout for more of the same. Watch for the gratuitous attacks on “tea baggers” and on GOP presidential candidates — particularly those who deign to speak out about the Ponzi schemes that are Social Security and Medicare. It’s sort of gratifying to watch…the squirming, the fear mongering, the insults and, there’s no other way to put it, the lies.

Honestly, you can almost smell the fear…



It’s time that the Congress authorizes the purchase of millions of shovels in order to put the legion idle goody-getters to work. If someone is going to receive an “entitlement” from the US government, then they must be expected to expend some energy for the privilege. Shovels, and the hard work that they would assist doing, would be the national tonic that we would need to break so many citizens from their no-fault government-individual co-dependency. Our nation cannot remain a viable international entity for much longer by the continued fostering idleness and the cultivation of class warfare, sloth, envy and greed without a shred of return for our collective investment. When our purported “representatives” in Washington begin to consider deep cuts in the defense budget (which by the way is a constitutional mandate) over making common-sense and fair changes to the welfare state that our nation has become, then there is something totally wrong with the ethos and moral fiber of our country. It is prime evidence that we have completely abandoned the Founder’s vision and the Constitution.

I was always told from an early age that there are no free lunches. Well, forgive me from Heaven mom and dad…but YES there are! Tens of millions upon tens of millions of checks come from the US treasury on a monthly basis to fund such free lunches. Generations of folks have earned their sole livelihoods from the public dole. And they have given NOTHING back in return, except more and more and more consumption — either by remaining on the system for their entire lives, or perpetuating the practice by having more children, than they could afford if they were indeed working, on our dime and creating further inter-generational dependence.

It’s high time that our representatives started to trade in the currency of common sense and hard work. Those of us with jobs are yoked in the system…we pay our taxes and we live our lives under a certain level of government tyranny. But we’re too busy working for a living to complain much. But I assure each and every one of the five hundred thirty-something elected morons in Washington that we are not amused any more. When trillions are being thrown around like millions, our ire is rightfully stirred.

Just like us, the Congress and this profligate president need to rein in the spending…lessen the debt and live with our means as a nation. They need to start to “encourage” hard work, personal responsibility and self-sufficiency for ALL Americans…not just from taxpayers. They need to create MORE taxpayers…by drastically cutting back the mandated charity that disguises itself as Welfare, WIC and other social entitlements.  They need to emphasize that there are no more free lunches.

Only until they cherish and respect the sheer amount of hard work and blood, sweat and tears that the tax revenues that are spent on a daily basis represents can we working American expect a fair shake. Perhaps then these political cowards might summons up the courage to make significant and permanent changes to the modus operandi of our government.

For me, it all begins with a humble shovel…

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