September 2007

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I saw a news report Sunday evening evening (9/30/07) where a gleeful reporter chirped that old Scratch himself…that’s right former President Bill Clinton, was in Massachusetts campaigning for Niki Tsongas. In his speech, this disgraceful man said it was time for a change in Washington back to what was best for the people. As if he knew! He implored the audience in that auditorium in Lowell, with almost the same finger wagging “I did not have sex…” look, that change was needed in Massachusetts and across the country.

Hmmm…Mr. former President, what change would that be?? Replacing a retired Democratic hack, who ascended to the pinnacle of “hackotopia” with a waiting “big kiss” pension, with another Democratic hack? If you saw any of the footage of this “rally”, you saw Ms. Tsongas surrounded by the crown royalty of Massachusetts hackery. And that interstellar hack Clinton has the audacity to say that her noble opponent, Jim Ogonowski, represents more of the same? Apparently the man has no shame.

Hopefully, the voters in the Massachusetts 5th Congressional district will have a similar feeling. Just because she’s the widow of Paul Tsongas doesn’t give her the birthright to that seat. By her own words and associations it’s obvious that she doesn’t represent change. Rather, I say it’s guilt by association! She has surrounded herself with the entrenched princes and princesses of Massachusetts hack politics. She has promised to hold the party line against “George Bush and the Republicans”. Whatever that means? She will apparently be the willing robot vote for the “policies” of the queen of Washington hackery herself, House speaker Nancy Pelosi. In other words, MORE OF THE SAME!

The only thing left for the Tsongas campaign to do is to roll out the tear-inducing “for the children” stories. Because when you’re a desperate Massachusetts Democrat, you are willing to say or do or, in the case of ex-President, use anyone’s endorsement to achieve your goal. And if that isn’t the textbook definition for the word sad, then I don’t know what is.

I couldn’t hold my food down and simultaneously watch the Democratic “debate” last night, so I chose to listen to the pundits dissect the gala today; and I also relied on news clips on the Internet to view the more interesting points. When the topic of torture came up, and the hypothetical situation was presented to each candidate, it was enlightening to watch them and their political contortionism regarding this topic. Tim Russert posed the situation in which the US captured the #3 leader of Al Qaeda, and learned there was going to be a bomb going off in three days, but our intelligence didn’t know where. Should he be tortured to learn the facts? Or should he be pardoned?

First let me say that I take the Alan Dershowitz approach to this situation — I would have him ripped limb-from-limb if it meant saving one American life (or preventing one American from getting heartburn!). But to hear these paragons of virtue avoid the actual question, or pander to the pacifists, was beyond the pale. In order to save AMERICANS, they won’t compromise their “values” or “America’s values”. They don’t think it would give results…torture just doesn’t work, but they will protect us…somehow. Huh? Edwards rambled into the stratosphere…he’s going to close G’Bay. And I believe someone suggested rather than torture this enemy of ours, they would pardon him!! How pathetic is that?

So, they won’t torture…but they would allow countless Americans to draw their last breath in an effort to appease some moral compass that they worship. Perhaps a couple of thousand human sacrifices might be acceptable. But what if that number were 10 million Americans? What is the feeling then? Candidates, the answer is a NO-BRAINER! You are seeking the job of Commander-In-Chief, and with that job comes some awesome responsibilities, and some corresponding tough decisions. Chief among those responsibilities is the safety and security of American citizens (you know, the same ones whose every vote you cherish at election time), and a tough decision would be to protect these Americans using all available methods. Imagine that you ask any or all of the souls of the departed, killed by the hypothetical bomb blast, if they condone their sacrifice just so you could maintain some false bragging rights to the moral high ground. I think each candidate knows what the answer is! And weaseling out of the decision by playing the moral relativism game (1000 is acceptable but 10 million might get me thinking) is a stunning dereliction of duty.

This is precisely why the far left moonbats hate George W. Bush so vehemently. They denigrate him, call him an idiot, vilify him and oppose his every move to secure and protect our country and its citizens. They demonize the Patriot Act for all the wrongs that it has allegedly done to American citizens (without a shred of substantiation), but fail to offer a viable alternative with the notable exception of “Give Peace A Chance!” In fact, all of the Democratic candidates have maintained a polar opposite philosophy from “W” in order to curry brownie points with the far left. They can’t stand the fact that “W” has taken a firm, hard-line approach in dealing with detainees and with enemy sources of valuable intelligence information. But Tony, we certainly sink to our enemy’s level if we “condone” torture, don’t we? I don’t think this is so! In fact, to sink to their level, we would have to mass-murder innocents and ambush/murder/mutilate each enemy combatant who we capture. However, if we can rough up or torture information out of a captured combatant that would save a single GI from being killed or maimed by an IED attack, then I am all for it.

The Democrats want the role of leader, but they don’t want the real-life, tough decisions that come with it. I honestly think that the act of protecting American lives, by whatever means possible, would make them uncomfortable to the point of decision making paralysis. My question to you is: Is this the type of leadership that you’re willing to stake our futures on? And if so, are you willing to be a sacrificial lamb in order to satisfy the cult of personality of the far left?

Right, I didn’t think so…

Welcome to the first in what will be a frequent listing of the stories in the news or the latest issues in politics or society that outrage me. Not that it takes much to outrage me lately, but I’d like to share the most egregious examples with you:

  • The DREAM amnesty attached as an amendment to a Defense Department authorization bill for the fiscal year 2008. After the hue and cry of the general public over the recently failed “comprehensive” amnesty in the Senate, the obviously aloof and tone-deaf Senate is at it again. This amnesty plan was a blatant attempt at slipping some sweeping immigration measure under the radar, and gives broad scope rights and entitlements to young illegal aliens and their families. It is not a dream; it is a nightmare, especially for legal immigrants and birthright citizen taxpayers.
  • “Enlightened folks” who proudly display the “IMPEACH — It’s Time For Accountability” bumper stickers on their automobiles. This is a direct manifestation of Dr. Charles Krauthammer’s “Bush Derangement Syndrome”. Yeah, yeah…I know — “Bush lied and people died.” But just consider for a moment that he might be right and you’ve wasted several years of your life despising the wrong world leader. Try focusing on Ahmadinejad or Chavez once in a while for crying out loud. By the way, a person I was following in traffic displayed the attitude befitting their “proud display” of the bumper sticker — he zipped haphazardly in and out of traffic and cut off several other cars. Perhaps the police could use these stickers to do some useful profiling in order to rid the highways of dangerous and aggressive drivers!!
  • The “Free the Jena 6 Protesters”. These misguided people have put all their eggs in the basket of six obvious thugs who beat another kid into unconsciousness. Yes, they did get a harsh charge and prospective sentences, but the DA stood before an assembly in the local high school and told the student body that he would drop the hammer on their behavior if it continued. Well, guess what? The beating was the first act after his warning…and he did the predictable thing. I agree with Margery Eagan in today’s (9/23/2007) Boston Herald — that the efforts and energies of these protesters would be better spent in Dorchester and Roxbury, Massachusetts in an effort to free law-abiding residents from the fear and angst of living in those places. Rampant gang and gun violence has made it near impossible to raise children in an atmosphere of innocence and safety. Rather than defend the actions and consequences of thugs, they should help the many people who want to live and let live.
  • The global warming crowd, who never seem to rest in their effort to blame any temperature rise on this planet on human activities. Anthropogenic global warming has been proposed and not very well understood for about 35 years, yet we have “leading scientists” who have retrenched themselves in their absolute surety that we humans are ruining the Earth’s atmosphere. Based mostly on eliciting fear of “consequences” and the intimidation and discrediting of those opposed to their theory, the global warmers want a reduction in the carbon dioxide byproducts of our energy generation and manufacturing.
  • The moron who beheaded a tame duck that lived in an artificial pool in the lobby of the Emabssy Suites Hotel in St. Paul, Minnesota. This allegedly drunken fool cornered the duck and tore its head off in front of several shocked onlookers. What kind of animal, drunk or not, does this to an innocent creature?
  • The fact that we Americans have let our political system get away from us. By get away from us I mean that we’ve made seats in national political offices attainable only by millionaires or the very rich. We’ve also made national political office, by and large, a lifelong incumbency for skilled politicians. We no long have citizen public servants, who are from the same stock as the folks whom they represent. Rather, we have vote whores who will do anything to get re-elected, and who believe that the best thing that government can do for its citizens is to give them cradle-to-grave entitlements and to virtually enslave them. We have lost our Constitutional way, and we need to regain it soon if there is any hope. Perhaps universal term limits is the way to end our obvious self-serving penchant for choosing greed over patriotism.
  • We have let China take manufacturing supremacy away from us for no better reason than greed! China is our adversary, plain and simple. We are equipping our adversary, who I assure you we will join in conflict within this century, with the tools and skills to stand as equals with us on the world political stage. I don’t need to remind you that they are Communists, and they do not share a common view of human rights with us. Just remember that you enable and enrich your children’s and grand children’s masters when you buy cheap Chinese crap, and it is made worse when you do it to save a nickel.

More to follow…keep stopping by and see if you share these outrages too!

I’ll huff…and I’ll puff…and I’ll…eat that cake!

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The story of the Buffalo Bills’ tight end Kevin Everett’s amazing recovery from a seemingly horrible injury is probably one of the best that has come down the road in a long time. Kevin was injured on September 9th, 2007 during a game against the Denver Broncos while attempting make a routine tackle. He had to be carried off the field, with no apparent feeling or motion in his extremities. Doctors later determined that his spinal cord was damaged in the area of his neck. And shortly after the game, based on their first examinations, the doctors were quite grim and downbeat about his chances to ever walk again. They were even fearful for his life, based on the gravity of the injury that he suffered. Based on the initial reports of his injury, I along with many others, I’m sure, prayed for him.

It is a mere three weeks since his injury, and a much more positive and hopeful prognosis awaits Kevin. Because of his doctor’s expertise in the area of spinal cord injuries (particularly of the type that Kevin suffered), he was given a new, non-traditional treatment in an all out effort to save his future mobility and quality of life. In a nutshell, he was subjected to a machine which lowers the body temperature in an effort to reduce or stop the damage that inevitably occurs to a person with a normal body temperature. Although experimental, and with few human studies to support its effectiveness, this cooling technique was applied to Kevin with his and his family’s assent. It may have been as much desperation and a willingness to try anything, but it was a thin ray of hope to Kevin in an otherwise grim situation, based on the success of the many animal trials using this technique to date.

In a story that I read today, the “confident” doctors expect Ken Everett to walk from the rehabilitation hospital/clinic where he was transferred today. This could happen “…in the next days or weeks, not months.”

What has happen to Kevin Everett since his catastrophic injury is so cool on so many levels. And miraculous! He has endured great personal pain and anguish, and he will never play football again, but the treatment afforded him will allow him to make so many more choices as to what he can do with the remainder of his life. It will be interesting to see how he progresses and what he eventually choses to do. Wanna bet that it’s connected with football in general and with the Buffalo Bills in particular?? I, for one, hope so!

Red Sox Panic Button!

OKAY. Uncle, uncle. It’s time to push the panic button!! Red Sox Nation must go to high alert after this week’s dreadful performance by the soon to be in 2nd place Boston Red Sox.

The hell you say, Tony? Second place?? You’re now thinking, with a puzzled look and furrowed brow “Certainly you’re a TRAITOR to RSN, and must be excoriated for your fickle attitude! You’re a fair weather fan!!” Well, the squad of nine are folding like a beach chair right before our eyes. Apparently a 10+ game lead wasn’t enough money in the bank for “Terry the Brain” and his faithful band of merry men. But just look at them, they’ve lost something since the first of September. It’s almost like they’ve forgotten that baseball is a participatory sport — they stand in the batters box, mesmerized by the ersatz Cy Youngs who face them on a nightly basis, and take strike-after-strike without so much as an effort-filled swing. It’s not only frustrating to watch, it’s sad.

Now, I don’t place the blame, if you can call what’s happened over the past month or so blame, on the individual players. Players will have slumps and peaks in their performance over time. But I do see a lack of management at the core of the problems encountered by the Sox. This isn’t a “this year’s” problem, either. It has happened consistently even through the World Series year of 2004. The management issue is the lack of attention to detail. The penchant to use the criteria of pitch count and day’s rest of pitchers as the be all-end all measurements of pitcher performance. Surely these are things to watch, but there has to be managerial judgment in the equation. When you pull a pitcher who has reached his performance groove in a particular game just for pitch count reasons, for a reliever with a known performance problem — it’s painfully obvious to the millions of viewers throughout New England that “Houston, we have a problem”. Sure, the managerial situation is far more complicated, but when I see the occasional dugout shots of Tito rocking back and forth like “Rain Man” while watching another game tank, it doesn’t fill me with much confidence that he can put the train back on the tracks.

The true test of management is not only what is done in the best of times, like when the team has a 10 game lead in the standings, but also in the worst of times — like after they’ve lost three games to the Blue Jays and two out of three to the Yankees. It will be interesting to see how Tito Francona handles this adversity. I don’t hold out much hope based on how he handled many “win-able” games earlier in the season. It appeared he just let them get away because they weren’t so important. Just how many games can you come back and win after being down 7-0 in the first inning? The answer is not many, yet that’s what happened probably 15 or 20 times over the course of the season. There are no throw-away games, Terry! And experimentation with ineffectual pitching staff just won’t cut it, either. Sorry Eric Gagne! And you can’t let personalities take precedence over winning — maybe a good shakeup will put some life back into the lineup. Sorry Manny!

Forty years ago we had the “Impossible Dream”. This year I fear we’re living through the “Most Probable Nightmare”. Hold onto your seats, it’s going to be a long, bumpy ride until the end. It will be interesting — and what’s frustrating is that it didn’t have to be this way. The way this Sox season has progressed reminds of an old Chinese curse: “May your life be filled with interesting times.” Sure, competition is part of life and you can’t control how well your competition performs. But you can control what you’re doing! And thereby make your situation less “interesting”.

So, for God’s sake Terry…enough of the rocking already! It’s time to take charge and lead the club, not watch in horror as things go to crap right before your eyes. It’s not too late, but at this point there is NO margin for error. I think I speak for all of RSN when I say that I enjoy a thriller and a nail biter, but only in a darkened theater, and certainly not every night. I’ll hope for the best, but I’ll keep my trusty Panic Button real close from now until season’s end.


It seems that political candidates will resort to just about any absurd claim or introduce any hair-brained social plan in order to get elected. Take for example John Edwards, who made his fortune ambulance chasing and suing large corporations over suspect product liability. It appears that Mr. Edwards sees average Americans as a know-nothing serfs in need of care, feeding and direction at the hand of the US government. A case in point of his attitude is his newest universal health care proposal, where all Americans would be required to go to the doctor for preventative care.

“It requires that everybody be covered. It requires that everybody get preventive care,” he told a crowd sitting in lawn chairs in front of the Cedar County Courthouse. “If you are going to be in the system, you can’t choose not to go to the doctor for 20 years. You have to go in and be checked and make sure that you are OK.”

John Edwards

Excuse me? Mandatory doctor visits? I have two words that comes to mind in regards to this plan; “Sieg Hiel”! I also have another two: “Bite Me”! This “plan” puts us all face-to-face with the socialist, and seemingly totalitarian, viewpoint of Mr. Edwards. And let’s not exclude the other Democratic candidates for that matter: Each having put forward a “nanny government” proposal to “help” us where we seem to not be able to help ourselves. Such a plan reeks of “Big Brother”, except in a more odious, super-sized incarnation.

Freedom and liberty indicate a lack of encumbrance or interference from others. I think that the US government qualifies as others! Perhaps we need to scream, en masse, to the candidates that we desire as the default condition to be left alone. And if for whatever reason that someone wants to become the ward of the government, then all they need to do is ask. Then the government is free to select and control the activities and the care/feeding of the WILLING participants.

Otherwise, leave the rest of us the hell alone!

You had better get used to hearing those replies in the future, as the proliferation of personal entertainment devices that use earplugs, ear buds and earphones will also introduce a large population of Americans to profound hear loss or deafness. Forward-thinking schools should get ahead of the curve and, I’m not kidding here, teach a useful second language to kids — American Sign Language (ASL). Because the way things are going, many are going to need it!

I have hearing damage/loss, and for me it happened the old fashioned way. With loud stereos in cars and at mega-decibel rock concerts during the 60′, 70′ and 80′s. I can remember walking out of several venues with temporary hearing loss combined tinnitus (ringing) and the feeling that I had dunked my head in water. In fact my ears felt like they were bleeding. Thinking back, I wonder what bravado or “one-upsmanship” with friends drove me to doing this to myself. But my hearing eventually returned to what seemed to be normal and all my fears of hearing loss disappeared (until the next concert!). Couple these hearing insults with the ubiquitous blaring of what is now “classic rock” from the likes of Led Zepplin, Deep Purple and Jimi Hendrix…and well, my hearing fate was sealed. I guess that I acted young and foolish when I was young and foolish!

But I now see an epidemic in hearing problems coming in the future. Adults AND kids partake in entertainment that puts them front-and-center at the mega-decibel rock concerts of my past, except that theirs occur daily and for hours at a time! How many of you have sat beside or walked past someone with an iPod or some other music player and have been able to enjoy the music along with the listener? If your experience is anything like mine, I’ll bet it happens often. Apparently, iPods work best at the highest volume levels!! The same goes with hands free cell phones. There have been many situations where I heard every inflection and nuance of the conversation of both parties. Along with being annoying and a disruption of my peace, it is quite hazardous to the hearing of the nearby conversant.

And the problem is worse with kids. Their hearing is being damaged at younger ages though the use of these personal entertainment devices. I believe that because they are prone to show even less self-control than adults (although there might be grounds for an argument here!), the depth of the damage that they self-inflict will be worse. And society will have to suffer a large population of folks that are “hard of hearing”, with sweeping cost, health care and quality of life implications.

So, you have two choices: Turn the damn iPod or cell phone volume down; or crank it up and suffer the consequences. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. And if you do choose the former, then I suggest taking some classes in ASL as soon as you can.

And parents, PLEASE make your kids aware of the damage that will happen to their hearing if they “over listen” to loud music. Your action now will save them from a lifetime of “Huh? What?”

There’s a new sheriff in town:

Asta the lawman!

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