September 2008

The Republican nominee for vice president, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, is the real deal. I may only have two speeches-worth of evidence to back up my assertion, but I’m confident based on her remarkable performance last Friday and at her Wednesday night acceptance speech that she is a political phenomenon to be reckoned with.

In my lifetime I can’t remember another example of a politician thrust so suddenly into the political limelight and performing so stunningly. She handled the situation with composure, aplomb, confidence and assurance in a circumstance that had a withering level of pressure associated with it. Pressure like the entire world watching and evaluating her performance.

A measure of leadership is composure under pressure…and Gov. Palin sure passed this test with flying colors! She also delivered her acceptance speech like a seasoned veteran…yet her identity as a Washington outsider allowed her to make dramatic contrasts between herself, and Senators Obama and Biden.

Even the mainstream media doesn’t know what to make of her and her “genuine American” background, and her remarkable experiences. The media wheels are certainly turning fast, and grinding finely…but the most they’ve been able to do is disgrace themselves by focusing on the pregnancy of her 17 year old daughter. And not to be outdone, the broadcast media pundits have been shamelessly piling onto Gov. Palin in an effort to find some controversial or disqualifying element of her background or behavior.

So far she’s withstood the vigorous media assaults…and the first volleys from the Obama campaign. I think that rather than her having something to worry about, it is the Obama campaign and the media that may have something to fear from Sarah Palin. I’d like to term this the “Palin effect.” I think that the vice presidential candidacy of Sarah Palin will shock and surprise her opponents and critics, and the always-critical pundits. I think that, and this may sound corny, her genuine righteousness as well as her common sense spunk and confidence will put her in good stead in her debates and exchanges with both Joe Biden and Barak Obama.

I can hardly wait until the first vice presidential debate. I hope that Joe Biden brings his “A” game, because he’s going to need every bit of it. Because if he dismisses this newcomer or underestimates her composure and savvy demeanor, he will be in for the shock of his life. Mark my words, he will have to allow for the Palin effect. Because just like Kryptonite is dangerous to Superman, the Palin effect portends to be hazardous to overconfident, elitist opponents.

And maybe if we’re fortunate, we’ll get to see Joe Biden stunningly succumb to this effect!

I read and re-read all 4,651 words of Barak Obama’s acceptance speech last evening. It gets high grades on political theater and hyperbole, and I’m sure it was delivered with skilled, practiced oration, however it comes up quite short in the truth category. In essence, it is nothing but classic, Democratic flap doodle!

Populist Claptrap.
Deride the “failed” eight years of the Bush administration. Shamelessly kick the guy who has been diminished and whittled down in esteem, at ever turn possible, by craven Democrat politicians aided and abetted by an eager, complicit media. Woe begone us for this awful economy, where everybody is losing their house, their job and their mind. Poor us!! Truth be told that in all of the major categories by which an economy is measured (GDP, inflation, poverty level, etc.) except for one, the price of oil per barrel, the Bush administration has been better than the go-go Clinton administration (which liberals consider to be excellent financial times.) The chief reason the liberals deride (and despise) the Bush presidency is the Iraq war. Period.

“Santa Clausian and Robin Hoodian” Rhetoric.
All you poor bastard Americans who can’t make it on your own are going to get a tax break and tax rebate. And guess who will pay? Those evil corporations and rich people. So much for “change”. Obama isn’t “stoopid”, he see’s the utility in the wholesale redistribution of wealth as a tool to engender and maintain his popularity. Liberals and socialists don’t just want to have tax cuts, they want to make sure that “the rich” suffer as well. How dare the rich and successful be rich and successful? This is the new America — there’s no room for initiative and smarts. The government will take care of us. Obama’s “bootstrap” comment sums up what he’d like to do: America should be compassionate enough to give a man who wants to pull himself up by the bootstraps boots, socks, pants, a shirt, a house, a car and free healthcare. The “paying for” part of this story is far more trivial compared to the touchy-feely compassion part. See, we’ve got those bad old “rich” to do that!

Ill-Defined and Specious Aims and Goals. Change. Barak Obama represents changes! But what does change really mean to candidate Obama? Insofar as I can tell, the only changes that Obama stands for are the recall of our military troops from Iraq and a promised future reliance on diplomatic resolution of international conflicts. if you look closely at how Obama tried to insinuate his opinions into the recent Georgia-Russia conflict, you see a man in a similar position to an eight year old trying to change a flat tire on the family car. He sees the flat tire, knows it needs changing, but doesn’t quite know the method of fixing the problem.

Railing About the “Poor” Economy. It is easy to spout figures without facts and examples without context: Which is precisely what Obama did in his lofty speech. And telling people how badly their doing is constructive how? Well, except for the votes that will result from the pity party, not very constructive from the potential leader of our country. For example, Obama

Tone of Voice. According to the MSNBC pundits, Obama’s tone of voice when he gave his acceptance speech signaled a change in the man. Huh? The act of “sounding” tough and angry in his attacks on his opponent makes him presidential

Symbolism and the Greek Columns. To a style-but-no-substance guy like Obama, appearance is everything! It’s no wonder that he chose to create some ethereal vision of the White House on stage with him during his acceptance speech. The Greek columns and theatrical staging follow along with the style of Obama — an ostentatious big government will be there to take care of you. I guess to Obama, the suggested permanence of the stage set trumps the strength and meaning of plain and simple words, and the industriousness of the people of the USA.

So, there you have it again! Obama talks a good game, but when it comes righ down to it…he is heavy on promises and has light on a track record of being able to deliver. His notion of government is a place where “victims” who are “suffering” can go to get relief, with a big hug and kiss. Not once in his speech did I see him celebrate the industry, pluck and wisdom of the common man, but just examples of suffering and examples of people in trouble or experiencing some life tribulation. To Obama, we are all hapless, helpless lambs being led to slaughter or harm. We apparently need Obama and his big government to deliver us to prosperity…we just need to accept this inherent hopelessness and hope for the change that will come.