December 2008

USA Suicide

The past few months were a frustrating mix of disappointments and setbacks. The political campaign was too much to handle…my candidate didn’t win, even though my (real) candidate wasn’t even in the race. The Obama presidential win was just too much to take: I think I’ve seen the country that I love take the political equivalent of a cyanide pill and then smile serenely after doing so.

As a result, I needed to take a little time off…for a cleansing mental sorbet as it were…to recharge my batteries and get myself ready for the political and ideological fight of a lifetime over the next four years. I need to be ready to oppose the guy who is not my president over these coming 1460 days, much as the folks who succumbed to “Bush Derangement Syndrome” made George W. Bush’s life a living hell for the past seven or so years.

But rather than being deranged about a single issue, like the war in Iraq in the case of the crazed Bush Democrat opponents, I’m opposing a dangerous political ideologue who shares nary a single political viewpoint with me. If he is allowed to succeed with his stated plans, my USA will be changed forever…into a place that the Founders would not recognize and a place that wouldn’t be worth living in.

I like living here — I love the freedom and the liberty, so I’m prepared to speak out frequently and forcefully in favor of the policies and viewpoints that I feel are right for this country.

I’m not willing to let the results of a single election make me give up so easy. I hope those of you who consider yourself conservative and traditionalist join me in the opposition. Like me, I hope that you see a vigorous defense of ideals like merit, hard work, religion, free speech, liberty, free choice and many others as your patriotic duty.

The only things at stake are the future viability of our country, the well being of our children and future generations, and military and economic security of our country.

That’s all!


It frightens me when anyone in government says they’re going to “fix” something. But my level of fright turns to full-tilt terror when I hear officials from the upcoming Obama administration talk about fixing the US healthcare system. I’m terrified because I know that anything the government, and Democrat politicians in particular, attempts to “fix” will require massive amounts of taxpayer money, will involve complicated rules and regulations and will be greared to the lowest common denominator (namely those who cannot afford healthcare in the first place.) Remember, a paramount goal of president-elect Obama and socialist Democrats like Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) is to reform and “universalize” our present healthcare delivery system. And mark my words, when they use the word universal, they really mean providing free or low-cost healthcare to all Americans as a birthright, regardless of their ability to pay for it.

What changes will Obama and the Democrats try to legislate this time around? How far away from a free-market healthcare system will we be forced by this government intervention?

We don’t know the details right now. And as we all know, the devil is in the details. But if actions up to now are any indication, Obama’s administration is going to put on a full-court press both legislatively and publicly in order to get whatever is proposed done quickly. Enter the point man in the administration for this action, former Senator and majority leader Tom Daschle. You can bet your life (and with this coming “reform” you probably will be!) that as a condition of Daschle’s appointment to Obama’s proto-cabinet as Health and Human Services director was that he not fail in this quest for healthcare reform, and that it would be his job-one.

Well, based on recent newswire stories, it will be a full-court press. It will be a more “open” process compared to the utter secrecy that the Clinton administration employed over 15 years ago in their quest for socialized medicine. And, unfortunately, it will become a pity party of epic dimensions. Recenetly, Daschle has requested that average Americans share their healthcare stories with the incoming administration, where I’m sure the worst and most gut-wrenching will be posted for all to see at Obama’s political marketing website, See, part of the plan to foist a massive and unknowingly expensive healthcare reform on the citizens of the US is to make sure that we see that some Americans are suffering under the present system. It doesn’t matter how many people, or their circumstances, it just matters that there was (or is) a terrible experience and human suffering.

So, you will see stories of folks who were denied treatment(s) by cruel and uncaring insurance companies and those who suffered because the present healthcare system, for whatever reason, let them down. We will see sick children: Lots of sick children with heart-wrenching and compelling stories that will make our hearts cry and our resolve to “fix” the system even greater. And, certainly, we will be exposed to every perceived “failure” of the system and the inadequacies of the paid-provider healthcare system in the Democrat’s efforts to provide an egalitarian, cradle-to-grave healthcare entitlement system.

So, part of the game plan is to politicize the need for “change” in the present healthcare system in order to end this human suffering. We must make these changes, after all, “for the children!” But I hope that those individuals who will in some part pay for this healthcare entitlement will look closely at the process and, more importantly, at the cost of this proposal. And that they use emotion as only part of their criteria for determining the need for changes.

So, what is the cost of the proposed universal healthcare? Nobody knows for sure, because obviously that depends upon the coverage required by law…but estimates by the CBO and non-government think tanks place the cost in the trillions of dollars each year. Costs for this system will be borne by increased taxes on “the wealthy” and by forcing businesses to put aside part of their payroll to cover healthcare costs for their employees, or to pay into a pool to assist in employee healthcare coverage.

According to Daschle “Health care is going to destroy many of our manufacturing industries unless we fix the system.”

And we mustn’t forget that beyond workers, the Democrats want to provide expansive and comprehensive healthcare to those who presently cannot pay for it. And along with this coverage, they want mandatory coverage for all children below the age of 18.

We also mustn’t forget that the government, and Democrats in particular, have a horrendus track record of legislating programs mandating socialized services. One just needs to look at the collosal failure that was “The Great Society” as a prime example of good intentions going so, so wrong. And we also have albatrosses like Social Security hanging around our necks — a program that has become a Gordian knot of costs and problems that no sensible politician will consider “fixing” or truncating. One can only imagine the spectacular shortcomings, as we know there will be, of this universal healthcare proposal. But those potential shortcomings won’t be publicized or vigorously discussed and debated. No, be prepared for a marketing onslaught emphasizing the shortcomings of the present system and the “human suffering” that is endured by a certain percentage of those seeking medical care.

We will be regaled with examples meant to soften our hearts and our opposition to universal, socialized, medicine. We will be bombarded by the most compelling excpetions to the rule in a flawed, but for the greater part, world-leading healthcare system. Yes, there are currently problems that need to be fixed, but I believe most of the problems are of the government’s own making (much like what happened in the home mortgage finance industry). But rather than starting small and actually helping the present system, the incoming administration and Democrat majority see this as an opportunity to get the whole enchilada — the holy grail of socialized medicine. [And let's show our cards here, they also want the quid pro quo from the grateful free healthcare recipients in the form of levers pull and boxes checked on election day!]

Trust me when I say this, a costly and spectacularly complicated enchilada it will be. And please, for God’s sake, stay healthy if you can…you won’t want to personally experience the nightmare that the “new and improved” healthcare system will treat you to.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow and is something that will REALLY make you sick!