April 2009

Hot Earth

A headline today blared “Obama looking at cooling air to fight warming.” In the story, a “scientist” claims that the warming situation of our planet is dire, and that something must be done, and soon, to rescue our overheating world climate. That something is to use an untried technology called geoengineering to shoot pollution particles into the upper reaches of the atmosphere to reflect sunlight and (hopefully) cool the planet.

My observation is that these folks are CRAZY! And they exhibit a superhuman amount of hubris. Formulating plans to correct a problem that is being challenged as time goes on, and for which consensus is waning, is what amounts to a fool’s errand.

This is just another example of our government (and those elsewhere in the world) intruding into our lives in a way that portends to change the way we live and the amount of taxes we pay. By discouraging the use of fossil fuels and by placing Draconian cap-and-trade limits on carbon emissions, the government will put us at a competitive disadvantage in relation to the rest of the world. These “green” policies will invoke the Laws of Unintended Consequences quicker than you can say “emissions.”

The same can be said for the chowderheaded scheme proposed to try to cool a planet that is now, by all accounts, cooling.

Can anyone say “Apocalypse?”

Freezing Earth

A new European cheerleader emerged in today’s two separate meetings in France and Germany between President Obama and French President Sarkozy and German Chancellor Merkel. No, this cheerleader wasn’t either of the two Euro-leaders…it was Obama. And in many respects, it was shameful and reflected badly upon the US and its citizens.

In two speeches, Obama went out of his way to apologize to his European audiences for past US arrogance and for the US being dismissive and derisive. He also said that the US had “failed to appreciate Europe’s leading role in  the world”.

If you took the names away from the speeches and the quotes, you’d probably be shocked to learn that our President, our executive representative to the world, feels that the US doesn’t have the leading role in the world. Instead of cheerleading for the US…”USA, USA, USA…” like at an Olympic event, he seemed to be most content cheering “One of twenty, one of twenty…”.

Most Americans, including some who voted for Obama don’t feel as though the US is ready to take a back seat to a European Union in a position of world primacy. We don’t want the rest of the world, and particularly world opinion, driving decisions here at home which affect our own national security and prosperity. And we certainly want the Europeans to do and pay their fair share in the war on terror (certainly a concept that was quickly retired by the Obama administration.)

But that’s not what we’re getting. We’re getting a conciliatory Obama…an apologist Obama. An Obama who is content to go along to get along. What the heck, he is enjoying rock star status among the admiring throngs in Europe, so why upset the geo-political apple cart with petty talk of US nationalism? In fact, Obama and his trusty teleprompter could spew a 45 minute long, Tourette’s-like tirade filled with jabberwocky gibberish and he would still get standing ovations. See, the Europeans are fascinated with his boutique stature and status…and the fact that he’s “elegant” and “multi-racial.” But they apparently don’t put much stock in competence and capability, or apparently that matters less to them than a person’s style.

In any event, I think it’s incumbent upon our president and our leaders to be for the USA first…and the rest of the world after that. They shouldn’t go to a foreign locale with hat in hand, or with an apology on their lips. They should go there from a position of strength, yet compromise when absolutely necessary. Our leaders should do everything possible to achieve agreements and treaties with our (the citizens of the US) best interests in mind.

And they should be incessant cheerleaders for OUR interests. US citizens are the most productive, generous and hard-working people in the history of the world. It’s high time that our leaders woke up to this fact and acted accordingly.