October 2009

The Obama administration and the present Democrat-controlled Congress are presently at war with the free enterprise system. How long has it been that we’ve heard government officials, including the president and leaders in the Congress, decry profits made by companies in the private business sector. They have ramped up their use of class division to excoriate successful companies that, in another time and collective social ethos, would have been lauded by the government officials and used as exemplars of “the American way.”

The latest shot in this war is the punitive effort to remove antitrust exemptions from the medical insurance industry for their perceived opposition to Obamacare. This news story released today by the Associated Press exemplifies the lengths to which this treacherous administration and their complicit Congressional henchmen will go to either get their way or punish those who stand in it:

Health insurers may lose antitrust exemption

Now, with the progressives and communists/socialists firmly in charge, the American way seems to be a self-centered, crybaby attitude that if someone or something else is successful, it is only because they’ve dragged me (or someone else) down. This is the feeling that the Obama administration is employing and embracing — the notion of modern-day robber-barons fleecing the American citizenry to their exclusive benefit.

This might work with the sleep in late, Oprah and re-run watching crowd of ne’er-do-well’s who use the government as their sole source of subsistence. But there are many, many of us who see through this ruse. And we’re sick-and-tired of the my-way-or-the-highway attitude in Washington. It might work in the underworld, or on the mean streets of Chicago, but in a constitutional republic like the US, it has no place in our governance.

I hope that the American public is watching this nonsense closely…and that starting in 2010 they employ their vote to send home the anti-Constitutional, anti-American politicians who infest our government. This will send a message to these thugs once and for all…that there’s a new boss in town, it is the American citizen!

My suspicions about the complicity or gullibility of the mainstream media in regards to their treatment of Barack Obama was confirmed by a statement made by interim White House Communications Director Anita Dunn. Yes indeedie, the media are not professional journalists any more, rather they are partisan hacks with a political agenda that they seek to forward by any means. And if that means ignoring the truth or outright lying, then so be it. Worse, if it means abandoning their jobs altogether and participating in a shameful idol worship in support of their pet ideology, then this behavior is not beneath their dignity as well.

But if their hackery isn’t beneficial to the plucky, controlling political candidate, then they are simply useful idiots. In Anita Dunn’s own words, the Obama candidacy simply “went around the filter” of the mainstream media (MSM) to get out THEIR message. A MSM, with few exceptions, that was in the tank for Obama with admitted “thrills running up their legs.”

Watch this video to see how Obama and his ministry of campaign propaganda got away with this truly Machievellian feat of mass marketing:

Anita Dunn Boasting on Obama’s Campaign Communications Strategy

I don’t have a problem with Obama’s campaign doing what they did. Politics is a take no prisoners game. They did what they did for political advantage and to win the contest…which they did. It was a masterful strategy.

The only problem is that it was an incomplete message. It was the message that THEY wanted US to hear. The message only contained part of the story, and perhaps little truth. The truth is that the MSM dropped the ball on Obama. We got a white washed, disinfected message about Obama during the campaign. A message that apparently he controlled completely. The media did the public a great disservice by accepting Obama and his message on HIS terms, and not on THEIRS. The MSM did little to scratch below the surface of Obama the man and give a thorough examination of his past and his suitability to be president. They eschewed the truth and their jobs to abet history in promoting a would-be first for America — it’s first black president. So, the media chose to buy the mass marketing provided by the Obama campaign hook, line and sinker. We all witnessed the fawning, positive coverage by the MSM…and now we are witnessing the residue of their feckless complicity and the poor job that they had done in vetting Obama the man.

The media has a journalistic duty to provide the truth to the American people. They are not supposed to be regurgitators of faux facts provided to them by a candidate that they obviously (and personally) favor. When this occurs, they are not acting as journalists…they are serving as advocates. And useful idiots!

If there are true journalists out their in the MSM, then they should be horrified and embarrassed by the Anita Dunn comments. In essence she is admitting, unashamedly and in the open, the fact that the Obama campaign snookered the MSM and used them as useful idiots. They controlled the message…they evaded “the filter”, as Dunn termed the MSM.

But they also did one last thing…they laughed in the face of the freedom of the press and they evaded the right of the people to know exactly who they were potentially voting for. And for this reason alone the media should hang their collective heads in disgrace.

Because they truly are useful idiots! And useless journalists…

I’ve had some time to digest the despicable happenings in the Senate Finance Committee this week and I am steeled in the belief that every single incumbent presently holding office has got to go!

Why you might ask?

Because inside baseball and special interests rule the day in Washington, DC. The unprecedented vote by this Senate committee to vote on a bill that does not even exist on paper should enrage every single American citizen. To do this, the Senate has broken with the tradition that at the very least a written copy of legislation under consideration for a vote is provided to members for their review. This did not happen with the so-called “Baucus Bill” that was accepted by this committee along party lines (if one excludes the single feckless RINO Olympia Snowe of Maine). No hard copy exists, although Chairman Baucus would not admit this fact he did confirm this with his poor choice of words when questioned if a copy would be available 72 hours before the vote for citizens to review. It wasn’t!

My question is how could these self-proclaimed agents for the average American vote for a bill that was nothing more than a concept — a group of handwritten notes and some heavily revised, typewritten pages that were “massaged” by Senate staffers? How could any senator know what was in the bill in toto and furthermore, how did they know that there weren’t provisions included in the language that were objectionable or that ran afoul of our Constitutional rights? How were they acting in the best interests of their constituents?

Naturally these are rhetorical questions: I think we all know the answers. There is no way that these self-serving politicians knew exactly what was in this bill. The Democrats were voting purely for political expediency, as they see the Holy Grail of the progressive movement within their grasp. That being the control of the American health care system. Because progressives have known for generations that whomever controls the health care of the citizens, controls the citizens. It’s as simple as that. No fancy math or budget foofarall. It is a craven power grab in the purest sense. And we the people are the pawns in their political power game!

If I had a single scintilla of respect for the Senate up till now, then I have lost it given the shameful deportment of the majority Democrats in their quest to ram heath care “reform” down our collective throats. Despite their seemingly righteous indignation about the costs projected or the problems that will be encountered with their schemes, and more importantly the public outcry against these plans (and the associated polls indicating a majority of Americans don’t want changes to their health care), Harry Reid et. al. are going to push this legislation along, warts and all, as fast as they can.

I just hope that there are a few principled Blue Dog Democrats and unanimous Republicans that will stick to their guns when it is time to stand up and be counted. I hope that this abomination whose aegis isn’t helping the average citizen but gaining political advantage for the Democratic party in all future elections does not pass the Congress.

Finally, I hope that people won’t forget what has gone on for these past eight weeks (like the lack of hard copy legislation, the midnight, secret sessions, etc.), and regardless of the outcome of this vote, will opt to remove these political parasites and corrupt ideological pawns from the positions of power that they presently hold. And I hope that 2010 is another watershed year — not for a political party, but for the people of the United States and for all those purists who wish that their representatives swear allegiance to the Constitution first, and to everything else second.

Do you really want a government full of intellectual and moral corruption and anti-Constitutional activity?

Do you REALLY want a Congress full of political gainsayers who eschew the fundamental principals of the Constitution in favor of their own political ambitions?

Do you want laws being enacted, often in the dead of night under the cover of darkness, whose content has not even been written down for the legislators, let alone the general public, to review?

Do you want legion czars and unconfirmed bureaucrats deciding the future for you and your children with policies that not only rub the wrong way against the Constitution, but fundamentally ignore it?

Do you want to hear the phrase “when history calls, history calls” from any legislator in their defense of a vote on a controversial piece of legislation?

Do you like being treated like sheep and/or imbeciles by the people who we put in office to lead us according to our own best interests…with full deference to the Constitution?

Do you like an economy and a federal budget that are tottering on the verge of collapse (and I don’t care how high the DJIA closes!)?

Do you as a citizen like taking second place to the whims and demands of small yet vocal special interests?

I thought you didn’t!

Next time around, vote with your BRAIN and not with your ego or your vengeance. Because the brain has a better track record of choosing things wisely whereas vengeance usually yields a result that the avenger will regret for a long, long time.