November 2009

I read this brief, but to-the-point, essay on the whole Climategate matter by Australian scientist and businessman Ian Pilmer, who is also an outspoken critic of global warming and climate change science. It appeared on the Pajamas Media web site.

Unfortunately, it is a view that I doubt will ever see the light of day in the US mainstream media:

Climategate: Alarmism Is Underpinned by Fraud (PJM Exclusive)

I cannot understand why major US media outlets (besides FOX News) don’t see this revelation as a major scientific scandal and a major news story. Sadly, they are content in perpetuating a lie that fits their ideological world-view. And they are willing to compromise their “integrity” (if the US MSM can be attributed to having any integrity left after the sloppy political media coverage of the past year and a half) to prop up their sagging ideological totems.

My advice to the average citizen…turn off their channels and eschew buying their newspapers and magazines. If they’re going to lie to us and support politicians who would do us all damage with their decisions based on faulty conclusions, then we need to punish them in the manner they most assuredly deserve!

These bastards understand money, and so we must remove the nutrients (think of it as withholding water and oxygen from a stubborn weed!) that help them to flourish even thought they stubbornly seem to be comfortable with either altering or simply ignoring the truth and reality.

If they are comfortable in abandoning their constitutional advocacy of the people, then we must take up the cause ourselves and get the word out in spite of their recalcitrance.

Pig-headed world leaders are set to make our existence much harder and much different with their upcoming agreements and treaties in Copenhagen — all of which is based on data that has been rigged — gleefully mutated by craven, venal pseudo-scientists in the UK and the USA.

Now is not the time to bury our heads in the sand and retreat from this issue because we don’t have any expertise skin in the game. We all have common sense and can make decisions based on available data (if that data is correct and honest) and we all have a vested interest in the remedies that are planned and implemented.

So, PLEASE, use you wallets and voices to make sure that the media, and more importantly, your elected representatives hear and understand your concerns regarding this scandal. And make them understand that given the recent scandal, and its potential implications, that making climatological deals in Copenhagen in two weeks is simply the wrong thing to do.

With the recent vote to begin debate on the Senate’s health reform plan, I decided that it was necessary to adjust the Liberty Clock.

So, to indicate the potent threat to our liberties and freedoms that is Obamacare, I’ve decided to set the Clock to two minutes to midnight.

Recent polls by numerous organizations have shown that health care “reform” is losing popularity with Americans. In most polls, support is at 40% or below, and shrinking daily. people have had a chance to read the bill or summaries of it, and they’re catching on. And they’ve also had a chance to analyze the tricks that are being played with the costs of this legislation. Perhaps some of the recalcitrant Senators will get it through their thick skulls that no matter how they paint this scheme, the American citizens, voters and taxpayers alike, don’t want any part of it.

We’re not Canada…we’re not the UK…and we’re certainly not France or Germany. No, we are the United States of America and proud to be different! We don’t need socialized medicine and “universal” health care. This is America and we are Americans — we’re better than that.

However, the time that I’ve set on the Clock stands.

Suicide pacts among politicians are odd in the fact that they will do something under the aegis of being “good for you” when what they’ve really done or are doing is for purely selfish interests and for purely partisan political gainsay. The Democratic majority wants the Holy Grail of government-run health care so very badly, that they don’t care if they pass it and trigger an addition-by-subtraction response from their constituents — some vulnerable senators will pay the price and will be “unelected” because of their vote.

So, the further trampling of our rights is almost certainly assured if we don’t have some patriotic Democrat senators stand up and oppose their leadership and join the Republicans. And we have to count on Olympia Snowe from Maine to hold the line as well, no matter how seductive the offers are from Reid and company. If it were me, i wouldn;t want my name associated with this legislative monstrosity.

So, doesn’t that give you a warm and cozy feeling? Your rights and liberties hanging by the thread of a senator or two’s integrity,  courage or temerity.

However, I wouldn’t bet the farm that any of them do the right thing in the end.

Tick tock, tick tock…

Carbon Footprint

In the statement released today that President Obama will be traveling to Copenhagen to negotiate America’s portion of greenhouse gas emissions reductions, he is obviously and most probably intentionally ignoring the obvious 900 pound gorilla in the room. And that 900 pound is the increasing-in-momentum unraveling of the climate change/global warming data, and the discrediting of the scientific underpinnings of global warming theory.

In light of the recent and developing news that much of the climate change data has been manipulated and fraudulent, our Commander-In-Chief still plans to attend the Copenhagen summit to make what would seem to be idiotic concessions to solve non-existent issues — resulting in actions and restrictions that will negatively affect the well-being of all Americans. And for what? Well, nothing it seems.

I would think that rather than increasing his already inter-galactic-sized carbon footprint by going to Copenhagen he would, rather, angrily demand an investigation into what now appears to be the biggest political-scientific conspiracy and scandal in the history of the world. A real leader would want to get to the bottom of this and pronto!!

However, Obama’s intended actions don’t seem like sound leadership to me. They seem like the pursuit of a conclusion to a preconceived notion regarding the perceived harm being done by anthropogenic global warming…a notion that will not be changed even if the theory is completely and utterly debunked.

It makes me think that the whole to-do surrounding global warming/climate change was never ever about reducing temperatures or saving polar bears…it was ALWAYS about increasing control on the average citizen by an ever-enlarging central government. It was and is about adding to the ever-increasing list of do’s and don’ts that our government-masters dream up for us unwitting citizens for our own good.

If it were otherwise, and if all the proposed and looming legislation and treaties were in our best interests, then we should expect Obama to act accordingly and put the brakes on any negotiations until the latest scandal is settled.

To do anything else ignores the obvious…

It’s probably not the first time and probably won’t be the last time that we’ve heard that the government, namely the president and the Congress, is lying to us.

But this time we’ve got irrefutable proof staring us in the face. And this isn’t proof like the ginned-up climate data that is being used to relegate Thomas Edison’s light bulb to a distant memory. No, this proof is the craven manipulation of the cost of health care costs by the Senate in order to make these costs appear in a favorable light and to gain acceptance of this plan by the American people.

But, as my dad used to say on many occasions (and I apologize for the profanity):

You can’t shine shit.”

Dad was an armchair pragmatist and although he wasn’t a particularly worldly man, he was able to in his words “see through” the obfuscations and lies from others, particularly politicians. So, if he were still with us, Dad would have seen clear through the pile of nonsense being dumped upon us by Harry Reid and his cohort Democrats and media minions.

Back to the proof of a lie for a moment. Jeffrey H. Anderson, a Senior Fellow at the Pacific Research Institute came up with a handy-dandy chart of the CBO’s projections of the cost of the Senate’s version of the health care bill. You can view it HERE. And you can view his op-ed piece on this issue in the New York Post HERE. I suggest that you print out the chart for future reference as it is a staggeringly reprehensible example of just how far the Democrats will go in order to achieve their Holy Grail of social engineering, universal health care for Americans. it seems that no lie is big enough so long as the ends justify the means.

Back to the chart for a moment. Please notice that in the first four years of the “reform”, from 2010 to 2013, that there is little outlay (according to the chart, less than 1%) in funds. However, in the fifth year, 2014, and beyond, the real costs start to kick in and grow ever-increasing thereafter. See, the big lie here is the “cost” that Sen. Reid (et al) is proffering off to us as the real cost of this plan: We will begin being taxed from year one, but we will receive no benefit from this “reform” until that fifth year, 2014. So, for four years, there will be that measly 1% revenue outlay that skews the final ten-year average that is being bandied about by Reid. The cost number Reid is trumpeting is $898 billion dollars — a number he claimed was deficit neutral. But he knows this is a lie! He knows that the real cost is northward of $1.75 trillion, and it will add to the deficit as surely as I’m typing these words.

But the $898 billion is a phantom cost — as evidenced by the four years with little or no bars on the bar chart during the CBO’s cost analysis. The real cost, as rightly claimed by Mr. Anderson, occurs using data from 2014 and beyond. This brings the cost of this “reform” to over $1.8 trillion and, more importantly, adds to our astronomical deficit.

Now, I disagree with Mr. Anderson as to when the true cost of this “reform” should be calculated. If you look at the costs of years 2014 and 2015, you will see that they are ramping up, and by the year 2016 and thereafter the per-year cost is at its final value. So, I propose that the 10-year cost average be used on the years from 2016-2025. This result is even more disastrous for the Democrats in their quest for control over our lives — as this number comes to over $2.25 trillion dollars. But at this point, this is mere quibbling because by then we will be in so  much trouble debt-wise, that the difference in the two averages will be virtually meaningless.

So, how does if feel to be lied to and manipulated by those who are otherwise supposed to be our representatives and advocates in Washington?

The phony cost number that Reid is using and the manner in which it was determined assures me that our elected officials see us as a vestigial nuisance in the political process. And they view us with utter contempt. Our votes are coveted, but our concerns and questions matter less to them than their partisan political plans and ideologies.

When all is said and done, this is our health care and well being that they’re playing with here — and it’s our money that they’re using to bankroll their schemes. Being lied to about the cost as though we’re uneducated, ignorant naifs is galling and ire-producing, at least for me. If Harry Reid were honest and above-board and if he truly cared about the American people and, furthermore, wanted an informed electorate, he would have produced the chart that Mr. Anderson did. And let the political chips fall where they may.

But he didn’t do any of those things, and for reasons that are blatantly obvious when you view the cost chart. His actions (to obfuscate and distort the real cost) were both a kick in the teeth assault on the American citizens and an insult to our collective intelligence.

And, yes, a bald faced lie.

Get ready world!! the Spin-O-Meter is ready to go to work!

We are going to see MAJOR LEAGUE spin and BIG TIME damage control of the “science” of global warming and of certain scientific reputations in the wake of the revelations of data rigging and scientific shenanigans that the recently-pilfered e-mails and files from the CRU in the UK have provided. Remember, there’s a lot at stake…trillions of potential dollars and Euros, so the global warming proponents aren’t going to go down without a fight…and a lot of help, sympathy and support from the like-minded mainstream media.

Also remember that a discredited global warming theory makes a LOT of “eminent” scientists and politicians look like morons! Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the culpability of the mainstream media, who bought this whole load of pseudo-scientific tripe hook, line and sinker without so much as a file folder’s-worth of skepticism and investigation.

Just check out this “story” from the AP that interviews a “key” scientist who cranks the scientific and political spin-o-meter to almost full scale:

Key scientist says politics behind stolen e-mails

Now, if I were born yesterday, I would normally assume that the title of this article referred to the duplicity and scheming of the climate “scientists” as revealed in the pilfered e-mails from the CRU. But, alas, the AP is not your typical “news” organization any more. This once fine news reporting agency is now a collection of “opinionizers,” and collectively they have revealed themselves over the past 5 or so years as ideologically corrupt an outfit as you will find in the media. So, the AP’s story doesn’t focus on the incendiary nature of the CRU e-mails and the worldwide political implications…no, no, no…they focus on the outrage of this “key” climate scientist, Kevin Trenberth, who by the way was one of the authors/respondents of the e-mails in question.

By his own words in those e-mails, Trenberth is shown to be less than reliable as a “key” and more importantly unbiased climate resource…and anything that the man now says should be regarded with skepticism until he and his cohorts at the CRU are investigated and either cleared or jailed.

So, good work AP! Fine investigative reporting. You’re certainly getting to the bottom of this scandal!

I say, let the games begin! Let’s see if (now what appear to be) corrupt “scientists” and politicians can explain and legally defend their way out of this mess to our collective satisfaction as taxpayers who have funded much of this foofarall. Let’s also see massive government investigations begin worldwide into these e-mails, and the allegations of collusion and data fixing that they seem to support. Let’s investigate all those involved, scientists and politicians alike…and let’s take a closer look at the AP for good measure!

I’ll tell you something, if I were in the shoes of a lot of prominent scientists and politicians right now, I’d be pushing the panic button!

The Panic Button!

Seriously, though, as a result of this brewing scandal, I think that President Obama should not even consider attending the now-tainted, upcoming global climate change summit in Denmark. If he negotiates anything that could or would throttle our economy down due to emission strictures now that the foundations of the global warming theory have been called into question, then he would do the citizens of the United States a great and damaging disservice. He would be negotiating treaties and promising actions be taken on a (what seems to now be) flawed set of assumptions.

But isn’t that what the present moral bankruptcy and political corruption in Washington DC are all about, anyways?

Liberty Clock: 11:50pm

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists at the University of Chicago is famous (or infamous) for the concept of the Doomsday Clock. Since 1947, this organization has set the odds for atomic holocaust and the catastrophic destruction of the human species. Their representation of this cataclysm is a clock face with the hour hand set to midnight (representing the moment of doom) and the minute hand set at a variable position just before midnight. The present position of the minute hand is at 55 minutes (11:55).

I propose that we Americans need to employ a “Liberty Clock” as an indicator of the fragility of our Constitutional freedoms and liberty according to the original wishes of the Founders. Midnight on the Liberty Clock represents bondage with a veritable dictatorship as our federal government. Based on the legislative and governmental actions over the past 15 months, I propose that we set the minute hand on our new clock to 50 minutes, or a set time of 11:50pm.

We have lost so many liberties, piecemeal, over the past 75 years. It is the aggregate “forced-beholding” of the individual to the government that has urged me to place the minute hand at the 50 minute setting. If the Congress passes the health care “reform” legislation, then I will move the minute hand accordingly at that time. Similarly, if they pass cap-and-trade legislation and new, expansive spending measures (even if they increase the Federal debt limit) I will adjust the time in relation to “Liberty Doomsday” as well.

Freedom certainly isn’t free and we don’t have much time left as free-born citizens with unfettered Constitutional rights, like the good old days of even 50 years ago. For me it’s high time that we start to keep track of the peril(s) that we face from the anti-Constitutional actions of our own elected representatives.

So, watch for the Liberty Clock in the future. Time’s running out on our personal liberties and I hope I can be of service to let you know when to push the panic button…

I don’t think the Founders could have dreamed for one moment the systemic abuses that have been perpetrated on our nation by self-centered and greedy politicians. With their what now would be considered quaint 18th century values, the men who wrote and codified the Constitution may have thought they put sufficient safeguards into the document to protect our country from an ever-increasing in size government — and the associated drip-by-drip pilfering of the rights and liberties of the average citizen.

But how could these pioneers in freedom have presaged the modern-day penumbras, interpretations and outright ignoring of their divinely-inspired document by a self-serving government? And how could they have imagined the wholesale bastardization of their Constitution by politicians with greater allegiance to a political party than to the citizens they purport to represent?

So, were the Founders fools?

Were they world-class misjudges of character? Didn’t they understand that with freedom comes responsibility: In particular a responsibility to govern prudently and sparingly with a deference and fealty to the original intent and the spirit of the Constitution? Didn’t they realize that the Constitution calls on the better angels of our nature to shine through, but that as humans we are, when provided with nearly unlimited political and social power, vile creatures who are prone to falling prey to the seven deadly sins?

Did the Founders ever imagine that there would (or could) be legislation in the future, over 2000 pages in length, that would require citizens to purchase a product or service (like health care) as a condition of their citizenship and existence? Would the Founders have approved the confiscatory practice of ‘payroll taxation’ that provides constant nourishment for the beast and behemoth that we call government, an institution they tried very hard to minimize and limit with their initial language in the Constitution?

I know, lots of questions and very few answers.

Perhaps these inspired men grossly underestimated the corrupt guile and greed that has manifest itself in our governance over time since the Congress discovered that it could use the Constitution as carte blanche means of imposing taxes and strictures on the American citizens at large, while engaging in a largess-siphoning spending spree that will ultimately leave our nation bankrupt and our heirs to sort out the mess. Perhaps they didn’t understand the real nature of man, and the greed that accompanies politics in a nation based on liberties.

I don’t think that the Founders could have recognized the future abuses of their divinely-inspired document, The Constitution of the United States of America. I don’t think they could have seen the greed and abuses of excess by our elected representatives that might have (and indeed has) occurred.

But the Founders aren’t to blame for all this by assigning them blame with revisionist analysis. These fine men left us a roadmap to perpetual freedom and liberty, and prosperity, for all citizens. The Constitution, if adhered to in the manner and spirit of the Founders would provide each citizen the opportunity to achieve all the success and wealth that they could dream of if they were willing to work hard and persist in their efforts. But how could the Founders have dreamed that modern-day politicians would successfully substitute anti-Constitutional entitlements for plain, old-fashioned hard work?

I think that we (the collective citizenry — past, present and future) are to blame for the distortions and corruptions of the original intent of the Founders. And we are all culpable for the fiscal mess that the government has gotten itself into, because we are responsible for sending feckless and irresponsible elected representatives to Washington, DC to participate in the further denigration to the foundational precepts  of the Constitution. I believe that we all share the blame because of our collective greed and avarice…and the craven coveting of our neighbor’s possessions. We have tacitly allowed the Constitution to become corrupted so that we all may sin by proxy, ending up with self-satisfied, guilt-free smiles on our faces.

I’ll bet that if any “modern” citizen of our nation, in particular an elected politician, were to come face-to-face with one of the Founders by some act of science or magic, the Founder would come away from the encounter with one impression and one word to describe their nation-heir.