January 2010

Well, maybe not.

The Scott Brown win in Massachusetts made him realize what the problem is. Yup, he gleaned from this jaw dropping win by a Republican in the bastion of ‘blueness’ that he wasn’t close enough to the people’s message…and that they crave even more change…and that they’re still reeling from the bad policies of the previous eight years. In remarks made to George Stephanopoulos during an interview for “ABC World News”,  Obama said:

“People are angry and they are frustrated. Not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years, but what’s happened over the last eight years.”

I’m not kidding you; Obama blames George W. Bush for REPUBLICAN Scott Brown’s stunning election. You simply can’t make this stuff up!

Obama better not toe the waters of tarot card or tea leaf reading once we ‘retire’ him in 2013. It’s readily apparent that he doesn’t have a grasp for even the most painfully obvious — that the election of Scott Brown was a direct repudiation of Obama’s policies and agenda. Sure, Obama enjoys a cachet and certain personal popularity, but the majority of Americans have no stomach for his progressive/socialist policies.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this incessant carping and grousing about the previous administration is beyond tiring. Insofar as I remember, Obama has been the chief executive for (now) more than a year. Sure, he did inherit a terrible financial situation (but he and the Democrats aren’t absolved as it was almost entirely of their own making), but he has spent trillions of our dollars to attempt to make things better, so his stamp and his mark are now on the economy.

And what he and the majority Democrats have done hasn’t help our country’s situation by any measurable economic metric. So, Obama has had one poorly performing year by any evaluation. Now, let’s look back at the eight year Bush administration…and with the exception of the second half of the last year when the financial institutions melted down, the remaining seven years were typified by low unemployment, an increasing stock market and stable home values and sales. I seem to remember a fairly prosperous stretch of years under George W. Bush.

But now we have a man in office who was smack-sure that he was the answer to our serious problems. He thought he could change our nation by sheer force of personality, and that his policies could bail out the foundering ship USS America. But we’ve lived through a year now of Obama’s vision of the new America, and it appears to frighten a vast number of Americans. His constantly evoking the  “previous failed administration” only serves to diminish his own. It might be red meat to the true believers and the Obama Kool Aid drinkers to cultivate this political fetish, but the rest of us desire a forward looking leader rather than a man staring fixated (with a whopper case of Bush Derangement Syndrome) in the rear view mirror.

It’s all about vision and nothing to do with hindsight. You threw your hat into the ring to lead, so do it!

President Obama, it’s time to fess up and take the hit on this. The Massachusetts senatorial election was a more-than-obvious repudiation of your policies. People are willing to give you, the man, a break and wish you success in future endeavors — as president, your success is OUR success. But in terms of your policies and your big government agenda, we’d rather a more reasonable approach. Like less spending, less restrictions and like being allowed to conduct our business unfettered by the intrusion of the federal government. Simply put, we like the Constitution and would like a government that is willing to obey and adhere to it’s precepts.

The sooner you’re willing to admit this fact to yourself and to the American people, the sooner you can get on the road to recovery and enlightenment.

But I for one won’t hold my breath until this happens…

Yes, this morning a new item that appeared on the White House bill of fare for Barack Obama after the remarkable win by Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

Humble pie.

That’s right, the formerly hubris-soaked POTUS will now have to ramp down his goals now that it’s not a sure bet that his agenda can’t be rammed down our throats any more like feed down the gullet of a pâté goose. If he’s a realist, he’s going to have to eat a heaping helping of humble pie and change his political tack from hard left to more centrist. He can make this adjustment kicking-and-screaming, or he can change for the benefit of the American people. And we all know that ‘change’ is an entrenched word in his lexicon.

If absolute power corrupts absolutely, then the legislative power that Obama let slip through his fingers by his politically-hyperactive agenda must have left him with a god-man syndrome not experienced since the Pharaohs. Oh what a power trip it must have been. But the operative word in that last sentence is ‘must’…because Obama is now assuredly (and essentially) a lame duck as a progressive and he will have to adapt to circumstances beyond his control in order to create or salvage a presidential legacy for himself.

Because it’s all gone for him. Over the span of a mere thirteen hours the voters in the bluest and ‘moonbattiest’ of the United States sent a rejection notice regarding Obama’s agenda, in particular regarding health care, to him and the remainder of the megalomaniac, Democrat-controlled Congress. Even to the most hardened Democrats in Mass., the stench of backroom deals, special interests cave ins and liberty infringements in Washington was just too much. At their core, even the most politically-marbled Democrats are still US citizens with an acute awareness of their Constitutional rights and liberties.

So, here we are at the 1st anniversary of his inauguration. What lesson will Mr. Obama take away from the amazing result of yesterday’s special senatorial election? Will the unexpected and improbable result be the cause of introspection and a re-evaluation of the unpopular policies of the current administration?

My first inclination is NOT LIKELY! The president and his advisers are motivated progressives, and they will be unwilling to let the gold ring of health care “reform” slip from their grasp from this setback, regardless of how the tea leaves read. Does anyone think that the results of a single election will chasten these hard line oligarchs and one-worlders?

However, and there always is a however, these are also craven politicians that we’re talking about. I believe that Obama and his minions enjoy their position and their power, and if they don’t do SOMETHING then they will enjoy a short tenure in their positions. Whether they admit their recognition of the plain and simple truth or not, they do I assure you. The present political zeitgeist is the oxygen in the atmosphere that they inhabit. Without their finger on the pulse of the public they cannot craft an adequate populist stance on issues.

So, if Obama and the Democrats don’t engage in the requisite introspection and contrition after Scott Brown’s victory, then it’s up to us to DEMAND IT. We need to make it abundantly clear that we first and foremost want public servants willing to do our bidding…and not craven politicians who feather their own nests using swag and support from special interests and party politicos. We expect them to learn their lessons from this watershed moment in Massachusetts, and we need to impress upon them that if they don’t, they will be gone on our terms, not theirs.

Because the premiere lesson to be learned from last night’s victory by Senator-elect Brown is that the political positions in the White House and in the Congress don’t belong to them, they belong to us.

And yesterday should have been a shining reminder of that one simple fact…

Okay, the campaign is just about over. Not many hours remain in this fight to be our next U.S. Senator, and the choice couldn’t be clearer.

On the one side, we have the Democrat Martha Coakley who represents the entrenched, corrupt majority party in Washington, DC (and in our home state of Massachusetts). Candidate Coakley has closely aligned herself with the contemptible and unpopular Obama legislative agenda, and she has indicated she will be a reliable 60th vote for all his cockamamie schemes. She is undoubtedly a cog in the powerful Democratic political machine.

On the other hand, we have Republican Scott Brown, an independent-minded statesman who has directly indicated that he will be the 41st vote for a successful Republican filibuster to derail the odious Obamacare legislation that is now being conferenced behind closed doors by the Democrat leaders.

Scott has run a magnificent, positive campaign that has focused on his citizen-centric political philosophy. He understands and has understood that the seat he is running for belongs to US, the people of Massachusetts. He has worked hard, criss-crossing the state –  shaking hands, meeting people and getting his message out there. He wants the job because he wants to REPRESENT us and be a voice for our concerns. And his observation during the last senatorial debate that it “isn’t the Kennedy seat, not the Democrat’s seat — it’s the people’s seat” galvanized even the most skeptical fence-sitting independents (and erstwhile Democrats) who sat on the fence until that time.

So, it’s now time to take action. It’s time to cast our precious votes. It’s time to take back our government and restore sanity and balance to the political circus in Washington. We in Massachusetts have the unique opportunity to loudly reject the far-left policies of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi troika, and to reset the thinking and the political landscape in the nation’s capital. Certainly we can accept and embrace the status quo in government and allow our Constitutional rights to be run over roughshod, or we can act as the first patriots did in our great state and chose the candidate who will act as a brake to the unpopular, socialist plans. And the candidate who will observe unwavering allegiance to the Constitution.

Please join me tomorrow as I cast my vote for Scott Brown for U.S. Senator. Scott has the demonstrated legislative record, temperament and background to be an outstanding United States senator. I believe that he will make us proud of our vote for him, and as a result we will finally get a long-overdue balance of political viewpoint in our senatorial delegation.

Get out tomorrow and vote for Scott.



A little late, but late is better than never!

The holidays took their toll on me this year…so much to do, so little time. But it’s now time to get back to commenting on a regular basis…with all the treachery and evil political chicanery going on in Washington and elsewhere…and try to make sense of the truly frightening things that are happening to and that are planned for our country.

Stop back because it looks like the “Liberty Clock” is overdue for an adjustment towards it’s inexorable swing towards midnight. I might be a tad delayed in my assessment of the liberty climate in the US, given all the backroom dealings and behind-closed-doors “deliberations” and deal making by our elected leaders. By all indications it appears that the average citizen is just a fifth wheel in the whole political process — we are useful idiots to be milked of our votes when the time is right and then we are faceless, angry miscreants when our ersatz representatives stab us in the front when they ignore our will and do what is perceived to be the best for their political party.

So, I’ll be back to my humble commentary for as long as the powers that be allow me to do so. Because I fear it’s come to that, and we are dangerously close to losing our God-given Constitutional rights in a torrent of “change.”

I hope I’m wrong as Americans are plucky, resilient people and they have a visceral sense of right and wrong, and many if not most cling to their rights because they realize how hard it is to retain them or get them back once they’ve been ceded to the government. The nascent Tea Party movement gives me hope that we still live among patriots, regardless of their treatment by the cruel and feckless mainstream media. (Perhaps 2010 is the perfect opportunity to relegate the ‘lamestream’ media to the ash heap of history. I intend to eschew the use of all mainstream media sources, with the shining exception of Fox News, this year. Frankly, I’m sick of being talked down at and lied to.)

Enough of my cheerfulness. It’s a new year and a new opportunity to put up the good fight. Because that is the ONLY way that we are going to retain our nation in a form that we can recognize from our past experiences.

With a good fight.

Happy New Year and God Bless America!