May 2010

Rumor has it that our Dear Leader is furious at BP’s failed attempted to cap the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. I’ll wager it’s not so much because of the continued leakage of the oil…it’s because he put his reputation on the line during his last press conference where he declared himself “in charge.”

I’m not furious about the leak not being plugged, I’m saddened that this whole chain of unfortunate events had to unfold. I’m furious that our energy policy has come to this petty silliness where petroleum exploration is forced into ridiculously deep water to placate vociferous “environmentalists.” And I’m furious that an entire segment of our free enterprise system is held hostage and used as a political football by craven, scheming politicians.

Hearings will be held, and feet will be held to fires. And more heads will roll at MMS and elsewhere. Fingers will be pointed, excuses will be made, charges will be leveled, politicians will grandstand for TV cameras…and human sacrifices will be made. Will we ever get to the bottom of the exact cause of the explosion that claimed the Deepwater Horizon oil rig? Probably not. Will we hear rumors and testimony from folks with ulterior motives, and with vested interests to see BP twist in the wind? Absolutely!

But the REAL reason that the oil leaks in a profligate manner from the ocean bottom in the Gulf will never be questioned. It will get lost in the glow of the Klieg lights and in the self-serving testimony of the hearings. The simple fact that 5000 feet of water is much too deep to expect that oil can be safely drilled will never be discussed. This is perhaps the greatest example where irrational fealty to political correctness has been shown incorrect and trumped by common sense and reality.

And the simple fact that the Obama administration was encouraging this activity with the its announcement of the limited drilling leases in the Gulf and in the Atlantic will be a radioactive topic as well.

We have a “leader” who claims to be “in charge,” but he doesn’t want to fess up to the wrongheadedness of a policy that forces legitimate businesses into a Hobson’s choice in order to turn a profit. But what kind of leader allows this to happen when he absolutely must know that the policy is wrong, and fatally flawed in favor of unresolvable disaster (like an ‘unpluggable’ leak.)

I wonder how much longer he can get away with this duplicitous charade? And I similarly wonder how much longer he can lay legitimate claim to the term “leader?”

The insinuation of Bill Clinton into the Sestak controversy is the lamest excuse in the history of excuse-making. And the chain of events, all of which were “perfectly legal”, that occurred apparently without the president’s knowledge makes the Kennedy assassination “Magic Bullet Theory” seem all the more plausible.

There are liars, damn liars and statisticians. And of course, politicians! But the present crew of mendicants in the White House make statisticians look like Mother Teresa in the veracity department.

I believe that Sestak was indeed offered a “job,” contrary to the official story coming from the administration. I also believe that everyone from BHO on down in the chain of command knew about this offer, and at least concurred with the sentiments (to expeditiously remove Sestak from the Democrat senatorial primary in Pennsylvania and allow Sen. Arlen Specter to emerge unscathed as the Democrat candidate.) After all, nothing that this administration, the most carefully orchestrated political machine in human history, does is done without full presidential approval.

Finally, I do believe that the offer of this “job” or position or whatever term is de rigeur in the MSM was a crime, and it should be exhaustively investigated by special counsel. Chief executives take oaths for a purpose, and we have laws for that purpose as well. And that purpose would be to assure the public’s trust that our government’s business is conducted in a ethical and honest manner with full transparency.

The Sestak controversy and the subsequent hokey excuses should raise enormous red flags with a vigilant and diligent media, and among serious journalists. We have a dearth of those lately, so this whole affair could die a quick death and be swept under the carpet if the MSM decides not to do its job, and do it as they would if this involved a Republican administration.

After all, its got nothing to do with personalities and politics and everything to do with the public’s trust.

Now don’t you feel reassured that our august President has things firmly under control after his long overdue press conference today? I mean, we know know where the buck stops, who wakes up and goes to sleep thinking about the Gulf oil leak and who takes full responsibility for the lack of resolution to this crisis.

I look at this presser event as either one of two things: Obama’s a betting man and he thinks that the so-called “top kill” technique being tried by BP to stem the flow of crude has a high probability of working, hence he gets the credit for the success if he’s “in charge” if the fix works; or he’s trying to get some bounce in the favorability ratings (which have tanked this week) by using his bully pulpit (and even bullier TOTUS!) to appear presidential.

I’m not sure how much credit he stands to glean from this situation because of the sheer amount of crude that has yet to wash up on the pristine wetlands and beaches of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Over the past 35 or so days since the oil rig disaster, he’s pretty much been the invisible man in the Gulf region…and there is a lot of pent up anger towards him and his administration for a palpable lack of leadership in cleaning up this mess.

Hopefully the ‘mud” that BP is pumping into the pernicious leak will staunch it once-and-for-all. And let’s hope that rather than credit, the people of the Gulf will cry for answers, then results, from the guy who’s “in charge.”

Words cannot express the sense of loss that I feel now, so I won’t try but to say that I lost my dear little friend of 16-1/2 years, Asta. To many people, he was just a dog. But to my wife and I he was so much more. So very much more.

A friend wrote this to me:

Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in heaven, where the love of our lost ones shines down to let us know that they are with us.”

Please join us in watching for Asta’s new shining star in the clear summer sky.

  • Mr. Popularity. It appears that the piper is playing for President Obama in regards to his out-of-the-mainstream programs and agenda. Today’s Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index puts Mr. Obama at -18 favorable to unfavorable and his overall approval rating at 44%. At these levels, he probably no longer has a mandate to lead. Rather than push for punitive “reforms” for Wall Street and the financial industry, he would be served best by heeding the cry of the electorate: “Jobs!” So far, his response to the average American has been akin to bidding them to eat cake. He’s put all his jobs and recovery eggs into the bloated, corrupt and contemptible Porkulis legislation. But other than care for his union buddies and close Democrat supporters, it has helped few others stay afloat. Mr. President, we don’t want extensions to unemployment, we  want JOBS. It’s not time to go back to the drawing board, eat a little humble pie and admit the obvious: That significant tax cuts for industry are the only stimulus that will jump start our economy. Period.
  • Leadership Without Leaders. The Gulf oil leak continues unabated. I’m of the mind that you can and can’t exclusively blame BP for this fiasco. They were driven into the deep waters of the Gulf by a government more intent on currying favor with vocal environmentalists and gleaning their votes. Imagine trying to button your shirt or tying your shoes if they were a mile away. Then imagine all this happening at crushing pressures under water. The routine task becomes extremely difficult and the unwieldy situation becomes the impossible endeavor. And capping a damaged well head becomes the drama we see unfolding day-by-day in the Gulf. It’s a damn shame that this administration and this Congress will use their considerable power to excoriate BP for something that they all share in the blame for. It’s also a damn shame that our purported Leader-In-Chief hasn’t exerted the leadership that is afforded by his position — by collecting the finest minds in the country to seek a swift solution to this vexing problem.
  • North Korea’s Power Spasm. It seems that the North Koreans, desperate for notice in a world preoccupied with other more important issues, is engaging in some insane saber rattling. In what seems to be a case of bellicose Tourette’s syndrome, the NK regime has allegedly drawn up war plans for imminent hostilities with its more pacific neighbor to the south. All these actions are in response to South Korea’s assertion that elements of the NK navy sank a SK naval vessel last month. The NK government vehemently denies the South’s allegations, despite all the evidence to the contrary supporting this claim. And thus we have the new escalation of the longstanding tensions between these two peninsular neighbors, and for now a war of words.  What worries me about this situation is the opportunity it presents for a convenient crisis for our desperate administration to become entangled with. I fear for the lives of the almost 30,000 troops stationed in SK and for the lives of the countless other troops who would be used as tools of warfare and cannon fodder to gain political points for a president whose popularity is sagging. Let’s hope this situation can be resolved with diplomacy, and without the needless insinuation of our troops, our blood and treasure, into this matter that neither benefits us nor involves us. This isn’t xenophobia or isolationism, it’s strictly common sense.
  • Hypocrisy 101. It occurred to me that the frilly cuff and starched collar crowd at Harvard University are engaging in hypocrisy of an intergalactic nature. The have their panties in a twist because an alleged hoaxster gained entry to the University under false pretenses, then engaged in further lying and embellishment to proceed with his ill-gotten academic career. Harvard recently discovered his duplicity, and he was summarily handed over to law enforcement for prosecution on a laundry list of charges. Hmmmm…am I the only one who sees a parallel here between Harvard’s indignation and the illegal immigration problem in the US? Let’s see, an undocumented interloper sneaks into the Harvard student body…he remains “in the shadows” doing academic work…until he is ultimately discovered…and he is expelled and prosecuted. The parallel is quite valid until the expelled and prosecuted part. Harvard, located in the center of PC lunacy, Cambridge, MA (BTW, also a sanctuary city) I’m quite sure has no problem with the virtual tidal wave of illegal human beings swamping the services and economy of our country. However, let a crafty student game them with a phony academic record, and then attend their august university under false pretenses, then unfortunately be caught doing this, and Harvard becomes a stickler for who is or isn’t “legal” on their campus. I say the hypocrisy exhibited by this liberal bastion of “higher learning” is stunning. Because regardless if it’s the youthful academic hoaxster at Harvard or the swarm of illegals surreptitiously entering our country, they have one thing in common. The all have cheated on their entrance exam!
  • Disrespect, Mexican-Style. The recent address to the joint session of Congress by Mexican President Felipe Calderon, and his very public berating of the actions of a sovereign state in another sovereign country is beyond the pale. There was quite a bit of hypocrisy in Calderon’s words given that he accused the new Arizona law of “racial profiling” and other such rights violations. This might be seriously considered if Mexico didn’t have in effect a Draconian immigration law that not only racially discriminates, but also criminalizes and drastically punishes illegal aliens in Mexico in a manner that simply wouldn’t be allowed by the Arizona law. Calderon, whose comments were greeted with a standing ovation by the Democrat members of the Congress (PLEASE remember this fact in November!), was seemingly emboldened by similar comments made by our own president during a White House press conference the previous day. President Obama repeated the fact that he found the Arizona law “troubling.” I’m sure that many ordinary Americans find the comments of both Obama and Calderon, and the actions of the Congress, troubling.
  • A Regular Over-Regulation. When will the so-called great minds in government finally come to the realization that actions by the government, except for lowering taxes, cannot create a single job. A free market, capitalist system works best on exploiting risk-reward opportunities. Over regulation, as is being forced upon businesses now, removes much of the risk and therefore the reward from the equation. The newly released unemployment number reinforce the fact that reality always trumps good intentions. And if the intentions associated with the over-regulation aren’t that good or noble, then the damage to our economy is only that much worse.
  • May Trouble Follows. This hasn’t been a good month for President Obama. Foreign affairs aren’t going that well given recalcitrant and impudent North Korea and Iran. The the drilling rig “Deep Water Voyager” takes an unexpected trip to the ocean floor in the Gulf of Mexico (God bless the 11 workers who lost their lives) followed by a world-class headache in the form of a never-ending oil leak, and his administration had a listless, flaccid response to this disaster at best. He and his administration are engaged in a blame game for political reasons rather than attacking the leak with the owner of the oil lease, BP, in a full frontal assault to spare the Gulf Coast the messy clean up of oil and tar balls. Next, the stock market decides to up-chuck over the unfolding financial and fiscal drama in Europe, and in particular Greece — AND the dismal unemployment numbers that were “unexpectedly” high. Finally, his handling of the Arizona immigration law controversy has been akin to a man juggling 10 running chain saws. He’s doing everything he can to avoid a political bloodletting by blaming Arizona for prospective racial profiling, and by constantly ducking HIS responsibility for taking control of the illegal immigration situation. Perhaps his approval rating would take a significant bump upwards if he exhibited true leadership and exerted his presidential powers to finally close the illegal human-hemorrhaging southern border once and for all. But that would take a trip to the real world, and I think he has no official travel itinerary there in anytime soon.
  • Foot-In-Mouth Disorder. Newly-minted Kentucky Republican senatorial candidate Dr. Rand Paul didn’t waste any time opening his mouth and then inserting his foot firmly into it. I’ve got some sage advice for Dr. Paul: Keep your damn pie hole shut. You can have deep-seeded, closely-held, pseudo-silly Libertarian views. But for God’s sake, keep them to yourself! It’s easier to clean up a mess if there isn’t one in the first place. So remember, speak when spoken to, then answer only what is necessary.
  • The Accidental Veteran. Connecticut Attorney General and senatorial candidate Richard Blumenthal has demonstrated that he is a LIAR (there are several instances of his LIE before audiences on videotape, so no ‘alleged’ modifier is necessary), and beneath the contempt of the voter who will decide who will fill the seat of the retiring Chris Dodd (D-CT.) It seems that hubris and political greed has gotten the best of General Blumenthal: He has lied many times by telling voters that he was a Vietnam veteran. The trouble is, he wasn’t — he was a Vietnam-era veteran. This LIE is an affront and a glaring case of disrespect to all those men and women who put their lives on the line and fought in-country in Vietnam as well as in the southeast Asian theater of operations. Blumenthal is now engaged in a full-court press to become a victim of this controversy, rather than exhibiting humility and contrition and admitting his LIE and taking the consequences. In fact, if he was the “honorable man” that he is put forward ass being by Democrat political operatives, he would immediately resign his post as Connecticut AG and withdraw from the senatorial contest. However, because there is universal Democrat support, up to and including the White House, for this LIAR, he has not reason to consider the honorable solution. Perhaps being a craven vote-whore is a stronger calling than being just an average “honorable man.”
  • Artificial Life? A team of researchers at the J Craig Venter Institute in California and Maryland has announced that they have created artificial life in the laboratory. This is a groundbreaking accomplishment and announcement. My first impression was a glass-half-empty gut response: That man is finally going to destroy himself once-and-for-all by uncorking the genie’s bottle that contains an indestructible, inexorable human predator. This creation of life situation just screams as an example of the potential for the Laws of Unintended Consequences to kick in and raise havoc. But after some additional thought on the subject, I came away with a more comforting glass half-full impression of this new life: Hell, the life we have as humans isn’t all that great given the foibles and proclivities of humankind. Perhaps this new life will fare better, evolution wise, and eventually yield a human animal more worthy of his place on Earth and in the cosmos. I guess only time will tell!

It’s becoming fashionable, perhaps even chic, to demand a boycott against a person/group/city/state/region/country for offending the “righteous” sensibilities of the offended party. We’ve seen this in the past with boycotts of France and the product canned tuna to correct a perceived wrong or change a bad practice or situation. As for France…well, it’s the land of the French for crying out loud, and they probably earn a good boycott every once in a while as a result of their petulant, snotty behavior! And the canned tuna boycott was created by indignant consumers who learned that Flipper was being killed as collateral damage so that we all could enjoy Charlie the Tuna on our menus. These seem like righteous applications of the boycott stick and the carrot — STOP what you’re doing, do as we want, or suffer the consequences.

Now let’s fast forward to today’s de rigeur PC boycott practice. Presently, the entire illegal alien community as well as their supporters are in high dudgeon regarding the new law in Arizona that gives police officers the authority to arrest individuals whom they suspect of being in the country illegally. Since due to sheer proximity with the US-Mexico border, the preponderance of illegals walking the streets of Arizona are Mexicans (and furthermore minority Hispanics), this law is seen to be an affront to all Americans of Spanish decent — illegal or not. Not that Arizona may not expect a crime problem from illegally-present Latvians or Swedes, it’s just that the present demographics in the state just don’t support such a conclusion. The fact of the matter is that the border between Arizona and Mexico is poorly enforced by the federal government. The federal government’s inaction to stem the cross-border human tide, either through omission or commission, has presented Arizona in particular with a whopper law-enforcement problem.

Violent crime has increased dramatically over the past decade in Arizona, as have other crimes as well. Most can be traced to either drug or illegal alien root causes. Gun violence, murders, kidnappings and home invasions are now epidemic in Arizona. Mexican drug cartels use Arizona as their gateway playground to access the remainder of the US. As an example of this, the greater Phoenix area has become the kidnapping capitol of the US because of the increased drug activity of illegals in the drug cartels. And the human trade of trafficking in illegals has become a lucrative big business. Home invasions, shootings and hostage-takings terrorize average Arizonans on a daily basis. The law enacted was the state’s sincere attempt to restore law and order to their increasingly lawless territory.

The Arizona legislature crafted the new law empowering the police in their state to specifically deal with suspected illegal aliens. The law is largely based on existing US law, and does not empower police to indiscriminately stop individuals without some predicate offense having been committed, and without reasonable suspicion that the offender may be in Arizona illegally. Only then can they arrest the individual for their immigration offense. This isn;t the “papers, please” situation (which evokes the memory of the terror of the Third Reich) that is being offed up by the skeptical mainstream media.

Well, this law just won’t cut it for the myopic crowd of illegal alien supporters in the remainder of the US. And it certainly is wholly unacceptable to a mainstream media that is hell-bent on granting amnesty to and slathering forgiveness upon every last aggrieved illegal present in the US. And let’s not be mistaken, in the eyes of their supporters and excuse-makers, each and every illegal who snuck across the border is an abused and aggrieved soul.

So, the ever since the moment Gov. Jean Brewer signed this new law into effect, the illegal alien community has taken every opportunity presented to them to represent this law as biased, discriminatory, laden with opportunity for racial profiling, and as a throwback to the strong arm tactics of Nazi Germany. To these folks, the actual predicate criminals in this matter, the immigration lawbreakers, are being abused by this new legislation…which as yet has failed to produce a single abuse case related to the law. Still, from President Obama (our supposed law-enforcer in-chief), to the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, to every group historically in the business of forgiving immigration crimes and advocating for the “rights” of the immigration criminals, the new law represents a nadir in American civil rights. Simply put, to them the law is an affront to our society.

As a result of all this hellfire and brimstone spewing over the new law, there have been demonstrations in the streets of cities throughout by illegals (who possess more cheek than sense), and a new hue-and-cry for comprehensive immigration reform. And, as if we didn’t see it coming a mile away, the calls for a boycott against the state of Arizona for their callous application of law. So, one by one the usual suspects in this arena of touchy-feely PC nonsense have stepped forward to ostracize and excoriate the state of Arizona including the ever nutty San Fransisco, CA. This week even the city council of  Boston, MA voted to boycott Arizona in all the city’s business matters. And now the NBA and major league baseball are jumping on the boycott bandwagon — in the case of the MLB they are trying to have the 2011 All Star game moved elsewhere (from the planned venue of Chase Field, Phoenix.)

But I don’t think that the creators and supporters of this boycott movement see tings clearly. By their actions they are giving tacit approval to lawlessness and law breaking. They are ignoring the fact that illegal trespassing, that is being present in the US without the proper documents or following the proper emigration procedures, is a federal FELONY CRIME. Each and every illegal alien now present in the US had the opportunity to respect OUR laws and enter the US using OUR system of emigration. Instead, they chose to ignore our procedures and mandates and enter the country on their terms. They entered the country illegally! And by offering boycotts to support these individuals, in spite of their heart-tugging and compelling personal stories, their supporters have come down squarely on the wrong side of long-standing US  (and now Arizona) law.

So I say BOYCOTT THE BOYCOTTERS!!! Let them eat cake…and let them suffer from the laws of unintended consequences. It’s high time that the remainder of us silent Americans (who believe in the rule of law) all stood up and demanded that our laws be followed and obeyed. It’s also high time that we all begin to rightly deem and perceive the act of illegally crossing the border as the crime which it is. It’s also time that we stood up for something right and correct, because we are unfortunately losing our collective soul as the great nation that we once were. If we choose to value lawlessness over the rule of law and reward the lawless with our support, then we are all but lost. Because without the rule of law, there is anarchy.

And the situation on the US-Mexico border, as well as the in-country illegal immigration situation as a whole, is as close to anarchy as a country dares get. So, PLEASE boycott the boycotters. If they support the illegals, then they support this anarchy!! So, let’s teach the ersatz, righteously indignant activists a lesson they’ll not soon forget. Let’s hit them in their wallets…and finally give them some pain proportional to their wrongheadedness. Remember, it’s our own inaction that has gotten us to this point of lawlessness, so let’s all take some productive action for once.

Please join me in boycotting the Arizona boycotters!

  • The EU is in serious fiscal and financial trouble, and we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to countries that are faltering or in grave economic danger. For about 60 years, since the US liberated Europe from Nazi oppression, many counties in the EU have been living the large life, and treating themselves rather nicely. It’s as though they’ve been living on financial room service and ignoring the check…or forwarding it to the good old USA. Well, the check has come due, and as the premiere example of the harm of this great excess, the Greeks will have to learn to live as mere mortals rather than as citizens of a socialist Utopia — a situation they’re finding particularly hard to accept. Unfortunately, there will be many more EU nations that will have to suffer swallowing this bitter pill, and begin to embrace reasonable “entitlements,” more modest social benefits and more Draconian fiscal expenditures. You know, social concepts like you’ve had to work and pay into the system before you can get benefit from it and, oh yeah, only to the level of your former contribution. In the end, this is a good thing that will help insure a stable future for these troubled countries. And perhaps our proto-Marxist/socialist administration and Congress will witness firsthand and learn something from the unraveling of practicing national systems based on theoretical egalitarian principles and socialist doctrine rather than on good old-fashioned hard work and frugal living.
  • The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is going to become the largest excuse for the government spanking the oil producing industry since the Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska. But, unfortunately, only half of the culpable parties involved will be punished or savaged. Unfortunately, the real villains in this most recent act in the Theater of the Unintended Consequence, the Congress, will get off scot-fee as always. To be sure, BP will be keel-hauled and excoriated for their role in this mess, and rightly so. They should have seen this disaster coming — what with drilling and recovering oil from over a mile beneath the ocean this situation couldn’t have been imagined by a simple risk assessment? But Congress shares the blame in this fiasco because their Draconian drilling regulations and leases forces oil exploration into deeper-and-deeper waters (ostensibly due to “environmental” concerns), and into the jaws of untenable situations like we presently have in the Gulf. If the laws regarding oil and gas exploration had been drafted with common sense in mind rather than for political gainsay and gotchas, then we might not be in the dire circumstance we are in right now. Because it seems clear to me that it is infinitely easier to cap a leaking oil well in several hundred feet of water than it is at bone-crushing depths where only submersibles can operate.
  • The “immigration” demonstrations yesterday (on May Day) didn’t have the turnout that were portended by the mainstream media. But that didn’t stop the media from hyping the number of mostly ILLEGAL ALIENS who took to OUR streets in opposition of a law that they never read the provisions of. Listen, we law abiding citizens can’t argue with the flawed logic being used by the illegals and their vociferous supporters. Regardless of what they call themselves, or what a sympathetic government administration and mainstream media choose to call them, in the end they are present on our soil ILLEGALLY. Meaning that they chose to break our laws — our social compact with each-other that assures each and every one of us that we will not fall into a state of anarchy from doing whatever each of us wants to do. We can only trust we can rely on the laws of our land to handle this completely out of control situation, but past practices and actions by the federal government have shown that we cannot. So the government of Arizona has acted out of self-preservation and self-interest to protect its citizens from the hordes of invaders and criminals that enter the state on a daily basis. They have taken the fist, faltering step in assuring us that the inmates do not run our national asylum — even though emboldened illegal trespassers at May Day rallies would have us think otherwise.
  • President Obama made an off-script comment at a recent political pep rally in Quincy, Illinois: “We’re not, we’re not trying to push financial reform because we begrudge success that’s fairly earned. I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money. But, you know, part of the American way is, you know, you can just keep on making it if you’re providing a good product or providing good service. We don’t want people to stop, ah, fulfilling the core responsibilities of the financial system to help grow our economy.” I added the emphasis because now our chief Marxist wants to become the Salary Coordinator-In-Chief. This coming from a man who “earned” more than $5 million last year! As US citizens, it’s none of our damn business how much our neighbor makes as a result of an honest, hard day’s work. Whether it’s fair to us or not, the achievements and rewards of our neighbors are theirs and theirs alone and not ours (even though the government has insinuated themselves in this process by redistributing the fruits of their labors to the rest of us via “progressive” taxes.) No matter how hard the gods and goddesses of the presidential teleprompter would have him stay strictly on script, his ad-libbed forays into streams of consciousness cause him to “step in it” on a consistent basis. The teleprompter text is just so much hot air and political psycho-babble…BUT those small “gaffes” are a peek inside a president’s true nature and feelings. He’s apparently a president who embraces an alternate view of the American dream than the vast majority of the citizens and common folk.
  • The eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano has showcased the recent, palpable lack of climate change and global warming talk on the worldwide political stage. The “Climategate” scandal and the subsequent revelation of “inaccuracies” in the most recent IPCC report on climate (Details? We don’t need no stinking details!) have made this topic a political hot potato.Then comes along Eyjafjallajokull which, aside from being the world’s most difficult word to pronounce, dumped more stuff into our atmosphere in a weeks time than man has for about a decade. It’s kind of humbling when God and Nature remind us of our true, insignificant place in the scope of things. Man may conjure up the hubris to declare that he may influence “big things,” such as the climate on our planet. God obviously has other ideas on that topic…