January 2011

In the run up to the State of the Union (SOTU) address, and the kickoff to his 2012 re-election bid, President Obama is going to hit the ground running as the Optimist-In-Chief. Everything he purports to have accomplished, or didn’t, is going to be touted by the POTUS as the best thing to happen to America since sliced bread. Hopefully, this week kicks off the last half of his term as president. (We can hope for change, can’t we?!?!) But how well Obama is able to frame the benefits of his agenda so far versus the extreme damage that they’ve done to our nation is going to set the stage for his re-election chances. He is going to have to put the most positive spins on the Stimulus (aka Porkulis), Obamacare, the financial sector bailouts and the takeover of GM and present them in the best possible light. In conjunction with his adoring MSM, Obama must accentuate the positive in any way he can. This is already happening as Obama has clearly pivoted (as opposed to the triangulation of Bill Clinton) from the fundamental change president to the jobs president. He is moving towards the center; a move that may be more uncomfortable for his radid progressive supporters than it is for him. And there are already paeans and love odes about his first half-term that are appearing in the MSM to aid in his movement.

Obama clearly has no deeply held feelings about capitalism. In fact, by all indications he’s a progressive socialist. So rather than an ideological epiphany, his centrist move is less about substance and more about re-election calculus. So, as he tacks towards the political center, one has to wonder how many of his Progressive ideological soul mates he will drag with him. Were the passage of Obamacare, his restricting homeland oil exploration and the onerous regulatory actions actions of his czars (so far) enough to mollify the crazies on the extreme left? Time will tell, but it’s hard to get into the skulls of the true believers. Reading the tea leaves of the Cloward-Piven crowd is tough, particularly since they measure their progress towards achieving their agenda in inches and not miles. The moonbat lefto’s may lionize Obama for his passage of Obamacare…which sets up a controlling structure for the government forevermore. Who knows?

But I think we can count on this. Obama is all about Obama. He will throw his fellow “Democrats” and Progressives under the political bus if it means political longevity for himself. Be prepared for the man to say anything in order to couch what has occurred in the first half of his term in a positive light. This SOTU will be Obama in full rose-colored glasses mode. He is going to re-iterate his “inheritance” of two wars and a “lousy” economy…and try to convince us that he is an extraordinary turn-around artist.

But with inflation just beginning to rear its ugly head, gasoline and heating oil prices increasing on a daily basis and unemployment still in the vicinity of 10%, he has a tough row to hoe. Perhaps his supporters will give him a break and give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, he and the TOTUS are tremendous “speechifiers.” But I think as time goes by more and more Americans are recognizing his agenda for what it it…the greatest governmental spending spree in the history of the world and the greatest assault on individual American’s rights and liberties since the Roosevelt administration.

In his SOTU address, Obama will begin his precipitous move towards the political center. If you’ve been a keen observer of his past politics, he and the political center are strange bedfellows indeed! But move towards the center (and presumed moderation) he must. However every American should be wary of his words and mindful of his actions, both past and future. He might get the privilege of speaking out of both sides of his mouth during the SOTU address, but it will be the Obama who speaks from his one mouth after his national self-adulation during the SOTU that we must have great concern about.

Obama cannot change his stripes, nor can he gain new ones. He is who he is, and we are going to have to understand this fact and deal with its consequences. Over the next 23 months we are going to witness an Obama as POTUS who is going to do everything humanly possible to derail the plans of the Republican majority in the House while portraying himself as “Mr. Goody Two-Shoes” and a moderate’s moderate. He will preach “bipartisanship” and civility, but employ his usual cut-throat Chicago-style political tactics and antics. Americans, don’t be so dumb, gullible or ignorant to buy the “stuff” that he is selling. America has a long way to go to pull ourselves out of the social, economic and governmental mess that was foist upon us in the first Obama half-term. We are going to need a strong leader who recommends strong medicine to get us out of our morass. This will include major cuts to social entitlements and a reduction of the size of government — something we are never, ever going to see from an Obama administration.

By his actions and his words in his completed half-term…when the REAL Barack Hussein Obama held sway…Obama is not nearly half the man to guide us towards a better future. If we’re completely honest with ourselves, the majority knows that this is true. So PLEASE, don’t be fooled by the repackaged, new-and-improved Obama and the utter propaganda and sloganeering that you will hear from him from now on.

A few days have passed since a madman opened fire on Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and the crowd of people in attendance while she was holding a parking lot meet-the-constituency event. The result was six people killed and 14 injured, including the gravely wounded congresswoman. There is no doubt that this shooting is a tragedy, and that it threatens the underpinnings of our political system whereby ordinary citizens have the right of petition to their elective representatives. In essence, the murderous act of an armed lunatic loner, Jared Loughner,  has fractured the safety, security and the trust that elective representatives have felt and experienced in the past. Ms. Giffords paid a severe price for simply doing her job.

But beyond the physical and emotional damage done by the killer Loughner, there has been a gaping ideological fissure that has been opened up in American politics because of the comments of elected officials seeking to assign blame or a reason for the shooter’s actions. Initially, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik of Pima County as well as a great swath of the MSM decided that “the incendiary rhetoric” of the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and right-wing talk radio unduly influenced Loughner and triggered his murderous rampage.

The problem is that as facts have unfolded that there has been no evidence– not a single scrap — that indicates Mr. Loughner is even aware of those who were this supposed bad influence, let alone having listened to them. From all indications, Loughner was brought to his murderous undertaking by just about any other reason but vitriolic political discourse.

But this hasn’t stopped left-wing MSM commentators from continuing the claims and the cries to reduce the “hateful and violent vitriol.” Joining the MSM as if reading from the same play book are several members of the Democrat caucus who plan on introducing legislation to restrict political free speech (Rep. Robert Brady, D-NY) and to further restrict gun ownership (Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-NY and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-NY.) It seems that the actions of a single madman indicate that the behaviors and freedoms of the remaining 300+ million Americans must be restricted and/or modified. And making things worse, Rep. James Clyburn, D-SC has taken the opportunity of using the aftermath of the tragedy to begin talking up the so-called Fairness Doctrine as a means of reducing combative political rhetoric.

This evening, the president will trot out the TOTUS and attempt to read a speech that will “unify” the nation and begin some healing process. I think Mr. Obama will be wrong to drag politics into what will ostensibly be a local community show of support for those killed and wounded. Certainly there is reason to be concerned about the violence loosed on that innocent gathering of people last Saturday because the reported target was the congresswoman, Ms. Giffords. But she is alive, as are fourteen other souls: We simply cannot forget that there are six dead, including a 9 year old girl. For the president to in any way politicize his speech will disrespect the memories of the dead.

I’m presently penning this essay prior to the POTUS/TOTUS main event at the memorial ceremony in Tucson. I’m of the mind that he just won’t be able to help or control himself, and that somehow, some way, Obama will slip in some denigrating or condescending comment that will either zing conservatives and the right, or he will just outright choose the nuclear option and join the chorus of left-wing blame-gamers outright.

I hope not for the future of our nation. Not only will he surely appear “un-presidential”, he will guarantee that the unsupported and uncalled for blame game will continue for the foreseeable future. Americans need jobs, and they need a government restored to constitutional principles. They don’t need partisan rancor and bickering. Obama can go along way this evening to tamping down the rhetoric and focusing the entire nation on mourning and on praying for the recovery of the wounded. This may be wishful thinking, but we’ll see.

Add Renee Loth of the Boston Globe to the Idiot’s Opera in regards to voicing skewed constitutional interpretation. From today’s Boston Globe: We all ‘own’ the Constitution. Read Ms. Loth’s interpretations carefully to understand the breathtaking ignorance of the left and their acolytes. Ms. Loth has apparently used the Cliff Notes version of the document when she claims:

Opponents of the law say it is unconstitutional because it requires individuals to buy insurance coverage. But the broad mandate for government action to “promote the public welfare’’ is right there in the preamble.

Uh, no Ms. Loth. The preamble of the Constitution does not contain the phrase “promote the public welfare” but rather it accurately says “promote the general Welfare.” If you had a sliver of initiative Ms. Loth, you would have referred to the Federalist Papers to understand that the “general Welfare” described in the Preamble refers to the welfare of the Union of the several states, not of individual citizens. But what is such a trifle of interpretation regarding the Preamble when such plums like Article 1, Section 8 await.

Ms. Loth, your ignorance is challenged only by your stupidity.

It was all at once amusing and infuriating to watch my congressman, Jim McGovern (D-Havana), bloviating on the House floor or in conference over the past few days. Yesterday, Mr. McGovern raised hypocrisy to a sacrament when he was challenging the new House rules for considering the GOP-proposed Obamacare repeal bill. McGovern was challenging the claims of transparency by the House GOP regarding their rules.

Well, if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black! If we put on our time travel suits and turn the clock back to last year just before Christmas, we will find that Obamacare passed because of the twisting, no shredding, of the House rules by then House Rules Chair Jim McGovern. Imagine that. The same guy who engineered the Christmas eve vote using “special” rules and the same man who invoked the “nuclear option” and twisted reconciliation more than once now is crying foul now that he is on the outside and warming the back bench.

Today, the shameless McGovern took to the House well to decry the GOP’s one page Obamacare repeal bill, which he called “the most expensive piece of one page legislation in history.”


So, a two-thousand plus page piece of legislation that violates our constitutional rights, assumes control over 1/6th of our economy and spends enough money to cover 30+ million new insured isn’t expensive? Not according to the CBO, crows Pelosi, McGovern and the Dem choir. But if one scratches the surface of the very flawed CBO estimates on the “savings” that are claimed for Obamacare, one will see the vast deceit and obfuscation that was used to seed the CBO’s initial assumptions (by the House Dems.) The Dems claim that over the next 10 years that Obamacare will save over $800 billion. But a more accurate (and honest) analysis by House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan (R-WI) reveals that Obamacare will actually cost $701 billion. [Breaking news: A new, honest and accurate estimate from the CBO just released finds that the repeal of Obamacare will actually save $540 billion and eliminate $770 billion in new taxes!] Double counting savings and omitting costs allowed the Dems to fabricate their favorable savings figure — which provided them the ammunition that they required to bolster support for its passage.

But average Americans still reject Obamacare; according to Rasmussen 60% of those polled favor repeal. So Jim McGovern, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their capo de tutti capi Obama can crow about the benefits of Obamacare, and decry the GOP for their repeal efforts. But they are on the wrong side of both public opinion and economics. Sorry Jim…hypocrisy may be a powerful political tool for you, but in this instance it is a loser!

The Democrats, Obama and their ilk go off the tracks when it comes to dealing with commerce. The Constitution (you know that tired old document that’s at least 100 years old and quite difficult to read — at least according to Ezra Klein of the Washington Post) gives the Congress power to regulate commerce between the various *states*.

But is does not give the Congress the power to regulate individuals, industries or businesses. When Congress assumed this power, and the Supreme Court codified this with past landmark decisions in favor of this congressional assumption, they did so in direct conflict with and violation of the Constitution. Since that time in the 1930′s, there has been little push back by the states, businesses or citizens to limit this congressional power and authority.

However, by regulating and legislating to such a granularity, rather than at the interstate level as the Founders intended, Congress (and the enabled government) actually dictates, limits and restricts commerce and not encourages it. We are not truly free when our government takes control of and then dictates our behaviors — because commerce is the means by which we (are supposed to) freely make our livings and seek our fortunes.

The power that the Founders provided the Congress was to level the commercial playing field between states in the Union, such that one state could not gain onerous competitive advantage over another through anti-competitive laws, levies and regulations.

The powers the Congress has assumed have not only changed the rules of the commerce game, it has shrunk the playing field, has hamstrung the players and has limited the number of players in the game. Instead of a fair play game, we now live under a system where the game is dominated by the referees…and the scores are rigged by their calls. Hell, the government is even fielding teams for itself (GMC, for example.)

It’s well beyond high time that we put the Congress and the government back in their place with regards to their role in the process of commerce. Then we citizens can play the game of commerce unimpeded as the Constitution allows, and be able to seek our fortunes and prosper limited only by our individual drive and initiative.

And so it has come to pass that liberals and progressives live each day like it was the encapsulation of all time distilled down to this one day. There is no past…or future…only today. That’s why we have the looming fiscal problem that we do. Take for example the bogus stream of cost projections that we get from the CBO — like the one’s regarding Obamacare. Given time, these initial projections used to “sell” then pass this onerous plan were proven wrong — by much more than a country mile. But that didn’t matter then to the Democrats…and it still doesn’t. The projections could/would be massaged to reveal the “correct” numbers desired. Why? Because regardless of the cost, the Dems feel that they can tax/spend their way out of ANY fiscal crisis and that cries of impending doom will always be for impending doom. In their minds, impending means the future…and of course they perpetually live in the present.

And, unfortunately, that’s the way each social entitlement program is treated. The Democrats live for today — for the supposed help that these entitlements give to their recipients and for the political capital that crafty politicians can derive from their support of such programs. There is absolutely no looking backwards to see what can be changed to improve the programs…or lower their costs to taxpayers. Nor is there looking forward to try to pro-actively determine any damaging fiscal implications of these programs. Their only concern begins and ends with today, and the possible “harm” done to recipients if anything is done to curtail or eliminate the entitlement.

See, to make their ideology viable, their sociopolitical system simply cannot fail despite the numerous examples of failed socialist systems elsewhere worldwide. The liberals merely substitute an alternative cheery reality for the actual dire happenings in the world. (They are masters of turning a frown upside down!) And so, we have blokes like Barack Obama who are not one bit concerned about the looming fiscal crisis (tera dollar-level debts and deficits) because in his own mind he can “executive order” his way out of the problem…or so those with such absolute political power think. Similar thinking goes on in the Congress as well. Remember, absolute power corrupts absolutely, but it also creates delusions of Utopian grandeur.

Democrats, continually living in the present, don’t see a glass half empty or half full. Rather they see their ability to create infinite glasses and fill them as they please. To do this they just have to shake the magical taxation money tree and furthermore sock it to the “rich” among us for all the revenues they need to implement their well-meaning (and self-serving) plans. It is this foolish and persistent detachment from reality and the laws of nature and physics that make Democrats so very dangerous. Rather than being misguided optimists and the protectors of the poor and disadvantaged, they really are practitioners of insanity (you know, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results) — all in the name of a discredited ideology.

And they are no longer “American” in any historical sense of the word.

[The following is a reply to an essay on the psychological analysis of Barack H. Obama, at the American Thinker.]

There’s no need for scholarly dissertations and formalized testing to know the man behind the curtain. Obama and his minions have gone to great effort and expense to keep his background hidden, but we can see the man for what he really is — absent the edifying mythology that was manufactured during the 2008 presidential campaign. Obama is a slacker; A man who capitalizes on his heredity/racial composition; Lucky beyond the average human being; Of average intelligence and information processing capabilities; A willing tool of his ideology; A grifter; Lacking accomplishments but possessing disproportionate rewards; A megalomaniac; An outsized, super-sized egoist; In over his head; Unable to orate without assistive technology (TOTUS); Detached; A true political elite like Napoleon, Caesar or any tsar.

In Obama’s reality, the universe revolves around him. He does not hold office to help others, regardless of his stated objectives. He is president for the power and glory associated with the office. His actions indicate that he is driven by an almost religious zeal for his political ideology. Obama’s quest for notoriety and adulation sucks the air out of the room for those unfortunate others in his presence. It’s all him, all the time. Just ask the Democrats who sacrificed their political careers in support of his agenda. But it’s apparent that Obama’s quest for a position WAY above his former pay grades has taken its toll on him. He is physically aging right before our eyes, he is notably sharper with critics or those who deign to question his actions, and he increasingly wants to get away from his responsibilities with frequent “vacations.” And when he speaks, even when bolstered by TOTUS, he says little.

Obama is the textbook case of a lazy electorate not doing their job, nor demanding that the media do its job. We bought the Madison Avenue-packaged Obama — much slicker than Slick Willy ever hoped to be. We bought the prepackaged, campaign version of Obama. We bought the sizzle and not the steak. We got PC and BS, and no substance. We chose, as the Grail Knight observed, “poorly.”