February 2011

Because of their fierce loyalty and stubborn fealty to their union masters, the AWOL Wisconsin senate Democrats have introduced a new term into the political lexicon. The good people of Wisconsin now have to suffer with Conditional-Representative Union-Deferential Democracy (CRUDD.) Now that this CRUDD has been allowed to exist in our state legislatures, once in the past in Texas and now in Wisconsin and Indiana (and all by Democrats), I assure you that we’re going to be full of CRUDD in the future.

Unfortunately, CRUDD is going to hamper and hamstring state legislatures who have been charged by their citizens with cleaning up fiscal/financial messes left by years of progressive social experimentation. Based on the examples in Wisconsin and Indiana, Democrats in state legislatures nationwide will be heading for the hills every time an issue comes up that rankles their fragile sensibilities…and they aren’t in a position to block such legislation other than by taking a proverbial powder. We may, as a nation, need to wander in the political desert for a while while petulant children posing as grown-up legislators in the Democrat political minorities kick and wail because they can’t have their way any more.

Never mind that when THEY held majorities, there was nothing in heaven or Earth that could stop THEM from implementing THEIR political agenda(s.) But that was different — their motivations were pure as the driven snow (probably “for working families” or “for the children”,) and/or the legislation was likely crafted by union operatives or ACORN and were thus fit for their support and eventual enactment.

But the people will catch on quickly once the CRUDD becomes an impediment to getting the job done and taking care of their state’s business: They can simply vote the CRUDD(Y) out of office or recall their obstructive posteriors.

Got CRUDD? You don’t need Lysol and a sponge…and you don’t need to scrub.

All you need is some outrage and your vote!!

The Democrat delegation of the Wisconsin senate are cowards. There is no other way to frame these bad actors. The fact that they have abandoned their state and their responsibilities to camp out somewhere in Illinois is childish and duplicitous. And it shows a brazen disregard for the business of the people of Wisconsin.

I guess we know in no uncertain terms where their loyalties lie. They are craven stooges for the public sector unions in Wisconsin. They have no honor. This bolting the state as a result of legislation that they oppose is not an acceptable action from elected representatives. They were elected to roll up their sleeves and do the peoples work in the Wisconsin senate. They aren’t expected to go on hiatus because they expect to have legislation passed that is contrary to their ideology or their special interests. They are expected to voice their opposition strenuously, and then take the consequences of the vote. That is what makes our representative democracy so great.

So, look closely Americans! View the ideological treachery that is the Democrat party. Cowardice in the face of defeat; deal-making in the dead of night, behind closed doors; bending and breaking of rules to get their way; and the wholesale abandonment of the will of the people they are purported to serve. And, oh yeah, taking sides with those who favor thuggish and selfish behavior.,

Wisconsin is a highly visible microcosm of the cowardice and treachery that exists in other states and in Washington DC, all brought to us by the Democrat party. But I predict that this won’t turn out well for the coward senators in WI, nor will it turn out well for the greedy union payroll patriots who are infesting the Wisconsin capitol in Madison — with their markedly “uncivil” signage and slogans. The preponderance of hard-working taxpayers are sick, or are growing sick, of their antics. Their state is broke, and something’s gotta give. Unfortuantely for the unions, they are living quite large on the public’s dime.

And the public is out of even dimes for some time to come.

In retrospect, I’m glad that Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election. There are actually two reasons for my gladness: the first is that we got our once-whispered orgy of socialism/Progressivism out in the open, and this led directly to the 2010 conservative gains in the House. The second is the fact that we didn’t have to suffer through the tenure of President John McCain. Yes, McCain did have Sarah Palin as his running mate, and she was the ONLY reason that I supported his candidacy. But McCain has shown himself to be a tiresome RINO…a liberal/Progressive who uses conservatism to suit his political ambitions when it is convenient. In this vein, McCain used Ms. Palin as his conservative “beard,” and it was a desperate Hail Mary attempt by his campaign to rescue it from obscurity. History shows us that even former Governor Palin and the tremendous interest she created in the conservative community was too little, too late for his ineffectual campaign. I thank him for introducing Ms. Palin to the wider political audience, but I have come to mistrust and oppose John McCain for his continued political duplicity.

This news story probably illustrates why I distrust and reject John McCain’s avowed “conservative” credentials:

McCain says a ‘much more centrist’ Obama ‘much’ easier to work with

Even as a newly-repackaged “centrist” POTUS, there are still enough ideological differences between Obama and any so-called conservative Republican (ostensibly Mr. McCain) to raise the hackles of said Republican. Not so with McCain. Ever the infuriating ‘maverick” legislator, McCain is constantly finding ways of helping the Democrats to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat to the GOP. This includes his failed presidential attempt in 2008. Now it appears that McCain is hell-bent for leather to give Obama credibility in his now-magical transformation from a new age Karl Marx to ersatz Ronald Reagan. Apparently McCain now sees Obama as much easier to work with now that he’s conveniently tacked his image to the center. Really? Was Obama the paragon of compromise and ease to work with when he had political majorities in the Congress John? Was the passage of Obamacare in such a humiliating manner to the GOP, with the tacit approval and imprimatur of Obama, an example of this co-operation?

Goody-two-shoes McCain is trying to make himself relevant in a news cycle that has pretty much relegated him to history. He’s trying to put himself back in the spotlights by engaging in this crazy high wire act with Obama. Except it’s not so much high as live wire…and the results are indeed truly shocking for those of us who are fed up with just a half-term’s worth of the Obama agenda…and see McCain as a vehicle for Obama’s successful re-election. Unfrortunately for McCain, the up and coming Republicans (and those who are getting all the news focus) are those who are actively embracing conservative values and putting voice to Tea Party principles such as limited government and personal freedom and liberty. McCain has never been big on these core conservative Republican principles…in fact he has been willing to jettison them in favor of crossing the aisle in search of “bipartisanship.”

But now he’s gone way too far. His endorsement of Obama’s attempt to transmogrify himself into an ebony Ronald Reagan stretches his own credibility to its breaking point. How do we trust a man who would in some way encamp with the enemy and support its aims? Yes, I did mean the enemy! Because Obama’s first half-term as POTUS has shown him to be antithetical to every ideal that conservatives and constitutionalists hold dear. And McCain now declares that he sees Obama as being easier to work with? Doesn’t this supposedly astute senior senator understand that his endorsement of sorts of Obama will enhance his chances for re-election in 2012? Could it be that the “maverick” is beginning to show signs of his dotage?

Perhaps if I had to craft a title for John McCain’s biography it would be “The Mis-Adventures of Gullible” because he is either the dumbest politician that God has created, or he is a scheming ideological subversive within the ranks of the Republicans. A “squishy” RINO like Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, both of Maine and both willing to blunt attempts to enforce GOP unity. You know, the partisan unity that is the hallmark of the Democrats.

Well, given what is at stake for our nation…we definitely don’t need the attribute squishy in GOP politics. We need conservative politicians with spines of steel who are true to the constitutionalist’s ideology and true to their supposed conservative core principles. We need patriots and stubborn men and women of virtue — bulwarks of our noble cause.

What we don’t need are the trite and tired antics of John McCain.