A common thread that runs through the 2012 political season is the sinfulness being encouraged by the Democrat party, through the Progressive, liberal agenda. The basis, the substrate as it were, of most Democratic candidates’ platforms are sin, sin and sin. Now I’m not some wild-eyed prophet or holy man preaching God’s Word from the hinterlands. A coat of hair is just too doggone itchy for me! But having been raised and educated in a parochial school setting, I know sin when I see and hear it.

Vote for me and I’ll give you this or that. Tax the rich because they have more than you. Vote for me and I’ll give you your fair share. Vote for me and I’ll spread the wealth around. Vote for me and I’ll make sure “the rich” pay their fair share. It used to be that all it took to get elected was for a politician to promise “a chicken in every pot.” Today, these brazen purveyors of sin capitalize on man’s lesser angels at every turn. Not only do they promise a chicken, but they also promise the pot, a kitchen to cook it in, a home and all the creature comforts to enjoy the meal…and a free cell phone. Sin is everywhere! Self-sufficiency, initiative and drive to succeed are almost nowhere to be found. Sloth, avarice, greed, covetousness and envy all fuel and dominate the political debate. And unashamedly so. However, the lead dog in the pack on our national road to perdition is covetousness. Covetousness is the most utilized tool to fire up the emotions of the masses. Covetousness is the fuel that powers most liberal political campaigns and it is a powerful fuel indeed.

Monte Millionaire has more money than you, therefore he’s able to pay higher taxes than you. A vote for me will mean that everyone making $250,000 or more will pay higher taxes, and their “fair share.” But fairness is in the eye of the beholder. We all know that desperate people will do desperate things. One need not look back in history very far to see the depths to which man will sink — because it is in our nature to do so unless we tow some moral line and obey some loftier life principles. When Moses toddled down Sinai with the stone tablets, they weren’t suggestions. They were COMMANDMENTS. Because an all-knowing God who created him knew man’s flaws. He knew that left to our own devices that we would certainly devolve into the worst case scenario in terms of human behavior — displaying our lesser angels of conduct as easily as smiling. Without Divine guidance and obedience to some code of moral and social conduct, man is just another animal…with basic animal desires and drives. We are creatures of sin and turpitude.

So, isn’t it expected that when a country, particularly one founded on Christian principles and with the highest regard for Divine Providence, abandons morals, virtues and righteousness that it will by default fall into sin and depravity? Why do you think that there is such a consistent push from liberal thinkers for a “separation of Church and State,” and that this concept of separation has replaced the authentic concept of First Amendment rights in the collective mindset of Americans? The Framers wanted this separation, but only in the sense that the people’s government would not meddle in the religious affairs of its citizens. They did not want a state religion like the one whose tyranny they fled in England, nor did they want politics driving what was spoken from the pulpit. In fact, the 1st Amendment couldn’t have been more explicit in it’s intent:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

Seems pretty clear to me. But Progressive and liberal thinkers seem to view this legislative prohibition a little differently. They seem to feel that although the government cannot prohibit the free exercise of religion, that that does not prohibit said government from discouraging religion or religious behavior in our nation and society. After all, an amoral society is a society open to almost any idea…and a population that is desperate to improve their lot in life will do almost anything to achieve that goal, not the least of which is trading their precious vote for the promise of goodies given to them by a munificent government. And so we come full circle to the employment of covetousness, envy, sloth and greed in the American political discourse. I cannot tell you how many folks I encounter who proudly declare that they are “good, practicing or devoutly religious” folk and that they furthermore describe themselves as morally upright. And a fair number of these individuals also self-describe themselves as dyed-in-the-wool Democrats and liberals. But I also see the ‘Mother Of All Contradictions’ in the way these folks think of themselves. There is a certain amount of moral and ethical hand-waving and moral relativism that must be employed in order to resolve the inherent conflict between Progressivism and liberalism and the strictures that God has placed upon us if we are truly devout and observant. It is perhaps a most propitious place at which to remind the reader of the “forgotten” Commandment; that being the Tenth:

“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s.”

And this also might be a good place to further jog the reader’s memory regarding the definition of the word “covet:”

“1. To desire wrongfully, inordinately, or without due regard for the rights of others: to covet another’s property; 2. To wish for, especially eagerly: He won the prize they all coveted.”

We hear a lot these days in terms of social justice and spreading the wealth around but precious little on the cancerous spread of the sin of covetousness in our nation and society. This extends all the way to the USCCB, whose continued silence on this issue is deafening. We hear a lot about religious freedom and the sanctity of life, but we do not hear much regarding sin in all its forms from our clergy. But this silence or reticence to speak upon this topic does not absolve any of us from heeding God’s words. Just because we square in our own minds that the fruits of Progressivism and liberalism are OKAY, and there is no harm and no foul, that this is so. On the contrary, we each need to make sure that we toe the moral and ethical line required by our faith, and that we identify and reject sin and sinful behavior in all its forms.

Ostensible do-gooders forget that charity begins at home, and furthermore in their own pockets and wallets. To be charitable means that they directly participate in the act of giving, and that they sacrifice in order to do so. They also forget that charity by proxy (that means through the use of taxes confiscated by the government, to those of you who can’t bring yourself to say so) is not charity at all. Forcing others to do your vision of “good deeds” is antithetical to authentic religious charity. Yet, again, we have legion Americans of the liberal persuasion who regard casting their vote for the embodiment of  Robin Hood, for a candidate who promises to soak the rich in order to give to the poor and those “in need,” as absolutely nothing wrong in doing so. But based on His guidance to us, I can assure you that God does. I truly believe that He is taking account, and that furthermore nothing good will come of this regrettable, national transgression.

So I’d like folks to think hard about what is being said and promised to them in the political arena. I’d like them to analyze the words and the motives behind those words. We’ve heard a lot in the mainstream liberal media lately regarding political code words and “dog whistles’ — mostly attached to imaginary racism on the part of conservatives when they speak on all political topics. Well, there really are dog whistle words being spoken by Democrat candidates, from President Obama all the way down the line to local municipal candidates. These words include but are certainly not limited to “social justice”, “wealth redistribution”, “fair share”, “tax breaks for millionaires,” “progressive taxation” and “tax patriotism.” Whatever the catchy political sloganeering attached to these concepts, they have one thing in common: covetousness. And those who encourage you to participate are just as culpable and sinful as those who willingly cast their vote to engage in this affront to God’s law.

Democrats and sinners…REPENT! The time is nigh to save your soul and the fate of your nation. There may be a hue and cry for a separation of church and state…however, we cannot as a nation survive a separation between society at large and morals and virtue. It might also help to fall on bended knees and repent the error of your ways, and to petition God for forgiveness.

It honestly couldn’t hurt.