In the run up to the State of the Union (SOTU) address, and the kickoff to his 2012 re-election bid, President Obama is going to hit the ground running as the Optimist-In-Chief. Everything he purports to have accomplished, or didn’t, is going to be touted by the POTUS as the best thing to happen to America since sliced bread. Hopefully, this week kicks off the last half of his term as president. (We can hope for change, can’t we?!?!) But how well Obama is able to frame the benefits of his agenda so far versus the extreme damage that they’ve done to our nation is going to set the stage for his re-election chances. He is going to have to put the most positive spins on the Stimulus (aka Porkulis), Obamacare, the financial sector bailouts and the takeover of GM and present them in the best possible light. In conjunction with his adoring MSM, Obama must accentuate the positive in any way he can. This is already happening as Obama has clearly pivoted (as opposed to the triangulation of Bill Clinton) from the fundamental change president to the jobs president. He is moving towards the center; a move that may be more uncomfortable for his radid progressive supporters than it is for him. And there are already paeans and love odes about his first half-term that are appearing in the MSM to aid in his movement.

Obama clearly has no deeply held feelings about capitalism. In fact, by all indications he’s a progressive socialist. So rather than an ideological epiphany, his centrist move is less about substance and more about re-election calculus. So, as he tacks towards the political center, one has to wonder how many of his Progressive ideological soul mates he will drag with him. Were the passage of Obamacare, his restricting homeland oil exploration and the onerous regulatory actions actions of his czars (so far) enough to mollify the crazies on the extreme left? Time will tell, but it’s hard to get into the skulls of the true believers. Reading the tea leaves of the Cloward-Piven crowd is tough, particularly since they measure their progress towards achieving their agenda in inches and not miles. The moonbat lefto’s may lionize Obama for his passage of Obamacare…which sets up a controlling structure for the government forevermore. Who knows?

But I think we can count on this. Obama is all about Obama. He will throw his fellow “Democrats” and Progressives under the political bus if it means political longevity for himself. Be prepared for the man to say anything in order to couch what has occurred in the first half of his term in a positive light. This SOTU will be Obama in full rose-colored glasses mode. He is going to re-iterate his “inheritance” of two wars and a “lousy” economy…and try to convince us that he is an extraordinary turn-around artist.

But with inflation just beginning to rear its ugly head, gasoline and heating oil prices increasing on a daily basis and unemployment still in the vicinity of 10%, he has a tough row to hoe. Perhaps his supporters will give him a break and give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, he and the TOTUS are tremendous “speechifiers.” But I think as time goes by more and more Americans are recognizing his agenda for what it it…the greatest governmental spending spree in the history of the world and the greatest assault on individual American’s rights and liberties since the Roosevelt administration.

In his SOTU address, Obama will begin his precipitous move towards the political center. If you’ve been a keen observer of his past politics, he and the political center are strange bedfellows indeed! But move towards the center (and presumed moderation) he must. However every American should be wary of his words and mindful of his actions, both past and future. He might get the privilege of speaking out of both sides of his mouth during the SOTU address, but it will be the Obama who speaks from his one mouth after his national self-adulation during the SOTU that we must have great concern about.

Obama cannot change his stripes, nor can he gain new ones. He is who he is, and we are going to have to understand this fact and deal with its consequences. Over the next 23 months we are going to witness an Obama as POTUS who is going to do everything humanly possible to derail the plans of the Republican majority in the House while portraying himself as “Mr. Goody Two-Shoes” and a moderate’s moderate. He will preach “bipartisanship” and civility, but employ his usual cut-throat Chicago-style political tactics and antics. Americans, don’t be so dumb, gullible or ignorant to buy the “stuff” that he is selling. America has a long way to go to pull ourselves out of the social, economic and governmental mess that was foist upon us in the first Obama half-term. We are going to need a strong leader who recommends strong medicine to get us out of our morass. This will include major cuts to social entitlements and a reduction of the size of government — something we are never, ever going to see from an Obama administration.

By his actions and his words in his completed half-term…when the REAL Barack Hussein Obama held sway…Obama is not nearly half the man to guide us towards a better future. If we’re completely honest with ourselves, the majority knows that this is true. So PLEASE, don’t be fooled by the repackaged, new-and-improved Obama and the utter propaganda and sloganeering that you will hear from him from now on.