The government released its highly anticipated unemployment numbers yesterday for February 2011, and the result was that the unemployment rate dropped to 8.9%. This is the lowest unemployment number in over two years, and President Obama and his administration seized upon this good news to take their share of “credit” for the decrease.

However lost in all this adulation and self back-slapping were the Gallup employment figures for the same time period. Gallup tells a markedly different story, with an unemployment rate of 10.3% and an underemployment rate of 19.9%. The Gallup numbers paint a less-than-rosy picture of unemployment…and also show a troubling upward trend. Amazingly, I didn’t hear so much as a whisper in the media regarding the Gallup numbers, but I heard the administration and their willing media touts essentially blowing vuvuzelas in support of the lower Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) numbers. For some reason the divergent Gallup and BLS numbers didn’t stop the Infotainment sector (Lame Stream Media) from wholeheartedly embracing the BLS numbers without so much as a question or a hint of skepticism.

Please, Call me skeptical! I’m beginning to distrust almost everything that this administration says or information that it has a hand in releasing. We’ve seen in the past how easily numbers or statistics may be manipulated for pure political gainsay. And, how encouraging numbers released one month, be they financial or employment-related, may be revised to a more accurate (and disappointing) level in the next…with little media fanfare attending the more dour revision.

As for me, I think that Gallup doesn’t have a dog in the fight…their motivation is to maintain their reputation of accuracy — a hallmark of prestige for their organization. So, I’ll put more stock in their numbers over those that would be released then used as a political shoehorn to aide giving us four more years of the flaccid and ineffectual Barack Obama. The only person that benefits from an exaggerated or overly optimistic unemployment rate at this time is our hapless POTUS. Because if the unemployment (UE) rate is as Gallup suggest, more people are suffering in joblessness.

Right now, the lamestream media and the Obama administration have got us conditioned such that we’re grading the “deadness” of the corpse that is our economy. They would have us believe that our dead economy is showing signs of life…it’s only “slightly” dead because the UE rate came in at 8.9%. Well, dead is dead…it doesn’t matter what you call it so long as the economic corpse is still on the wrong side of the grass, even at an 8.9% UE rate!

In either case…using BLS or Gallup statistics, the numbers are dire. And claims by Obama of “progress” (and the use of any decline as a tacit endorsement of his brilliant economic agenda) cannot paint this awful situation with a more rosy color.