In the wake of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last spring, the Obama administration put in place a deep water drilling moratorium. However, this moratorium was overturned by an appellate court judge…paving the way for drilling to begin once again. However, the Obama administration has a peculiar view of American prosperity and its relationship to energy. Rather than encourage business and financial growth by trying to lower the cost of coal, oil and natural gas, the decision makers within the administration seem hell-bent on insuring that the prices of these energy commodities rise relentlessly with time. Take the latest example of this policy by the Department of the Interior — Interior appeals oil drilling ruling. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar just about made it official that Interior will be appealing that ruling:

“The judge in this particular case in my view is wrong,” Salazar said. “And we will argue the case because I don’t believe that the court has the jurisdiction to basically tell the Department of Interior what my administrative responsibilities are.”

If you read Salazar’s statement carefully, this isn’t about oil and gas drilling, it’s about turf. The turf that Salazar and the Obama administration feel that they own. There seems to be an awful lot of foot dragging and red tape wielding in what is ostensibly a “careful” review of each drilling permit. Certainly nobody wants permits to be granted willy-nilly. But we also have an economy to care for and soaring energy prices dominated by foreign suppliers. And in light of the current world tensions, and those in the Middle East in particular, we are now being squeezed on the energy front. And that doesn’t help our fragile economy one bit.

So, it becomes more apparent day-by-day that the United States does not have a workable or reasonable energy policy. Furthermore, the Obama administration appears to be trapped in the clutches of the greenies and the global warmists when it comes to energy. During his presidential campaign, Obama so much as said that he wants to make electricity, coal and gasoline more expensive in order to discourage their consumption and force people to renewable energy sources. Well, based on the soaring gasoline prices over the past three weeks I say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, Mr. Obama!

But forcing the American people into penury or maddeningly difficult financial times through buying expensive foreign energy is not an acceptable energy policy. Neither is foot dragging and fault finding with every source of energy within American sovereign areas. Mr. Obama and his administration may bade us to buy expensive hybrid vehicles that provide short range transportation on an overnight charge. A charge, which by the way comes from a coal or natural gas fired power plant. But that is not a policy. It is a fantasy diktat from individuals who are either blissfully or willfully ignorant of the intricacies of our present and future energy infrastructure.

With his solar, wind and hybrid vehicle energy policy, Obama and his minions should just as well chant “Pay, suckers, pay!” because for the foreseeable future that’s what we’ll be doing at the gas pumps, when heating oil is delivered and when our utility bills arrive. And because our national energy policy is so woefully inadequate and short-sighted, that’s what we will do for the long haul. Pay and pay and pay.

That’s a shame, and totally unnecessary for citizens to endure. If Obama would just acquire a single ounce of real caring for his fellow Americans, then he might convert the “Pay, suckers, pay” into “Drill, baby, drill!” That conversion in agenda might mean that he loses some face…but such as it goes with a position of leadership. We don’t need self-serving hubris and obstructionism based on lip service to special environmental interests, we need a road to prosperity and jobs. Both of which we lack under the present energy agenda.

Drill, baby, drill…before it’s too late.