It appears as though in the run up to the 2012 election that the GOP candidates for president are going to be actually challenging two incumbents. First there will be the actual incumbent, the ineffectual and inept Barack H. Obama and second there will be the state run media, the so-called mainstream media, who are rabid supporters of the incumbent and a dedicated group of so-called “journalists” who would say or do anything to get this man re-elected.

Examples are always necessary, so I offer you two examples of the utter propaganda being offered by the MSM as “news” items, but are not quite so cleverly disguised liberal/Progressive party line drivel:

Leading Democrat says GOP tax argument flawed

Major teachers union endorses Obama’s re-election

The first story describes the attack on the GOP by Obama’s premiere pit bull Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC). Clyburn is a liberal’s liberal…and a sure Obama supporter regardless of the president’s competence — both men are black Democrats. Clyburn’s statements regarding the debt ceiling disagreement in the House are intended to place the GOP in a bad light, and thus Obama’s position in a good light, by making the GOP the bad guys in the fray. Clyburn is using the reliable liberal tactic of attempting to make the Dems the guardians of “everyman” and the GOP the patsies of “the rich.” See, Clyburn’s comments make the GOP seem implacably retrenched in their position on no new taxes because they refuse to consider closing tax loopholes in the existing tax code. But if a tax loophole is closed, doesn’t the individual who previously exploited the loophole pay more in taxes — ergo undergoing a tax increase?

It certainly does! But Clyburn is trying to associate tax loopholes, legal tax avoidance, with “fat cats” and millionaires. It doesn’t matter that such loopholes may be exploited by anyone who pays taxes. but such facts are trivial in the political gainsay that may be achieved by engaging in the sinful class warfare that is the hallmark of the Democrat party. Clyburn is the the latest bomb thrower on the right — aided and abetted by the AP, the Progressive’s trusty media lapdog.

The second story should surprise nobody. Does anyone with an IQ greater than 15 think that the teacher’s unions anywhere would endorse or support a Republican for any elective office? Certainly not, given the more-than-cozy historical, and almost symbiotic, relationship between the Democrats and the unions.

But the ringing endorsement as described in the story reveals the selfish motivations of the NEA and other teacher’s unions. The unions will support Obama, who has been an abject failure as president. Our country is in historic jeopardy as a viable nation under this man’s “leadership.” We have 9.1% unemployment, multi-trillion dollar deficits and debt and a crisis in our culture where an almost majority of Americans believe in an entitlement nation or outright depend upon the government for their living. But these problems matter little because Obama and the NEA have the same education “visions.” I postulate that this vision includes a favored, protected and special interest status for the NEA and other unions by the administration. Just look at the way that Obama used his “Present” response to pressing national issues regarding the recent union brouhaha in Wisconsin. All the Democrat senators in Wisconsin leave the state for parts unknown thus paralyzing the state’s legislature, and Obama has no comment?

Sure, Obama would have stepped in it if he had the courage to comment on this legislative treachery because he would be betraying or sabotaging his cozy relationship with the unions. Unions are a major fundraising artery for the Democrats, and with his track record so far, Obama is going to need an abundance of money if he is going to get re-elected. The unions, particularly teacher’s unions, are his useful idiots.

And by penning the second story, so are the AP.

With such blind support of the liberal/progressive ideology and candidates, the mainstream/lamestream media is going to do everything they can to place GOP candidates in a negative light and in a scrutiny crucible. These candidates will need to stiffen their spines and summon every ounce of virtue and honor that they can in order to do honorable political battle with Obama and his insane media posse. Because everything that Obama has said and done, and will say and do will be massaged and propagandized by a complicit media. And each and every one of us needs to rebuff the shameful bias of this media, and make sure that the hypocrisy is documented and publicized.

This is our country, and the upcoming elections are ours as well. Not theirs.