OWS — Obvious Willful Stupidity or Rebels Without a Clue? The “Occupy Wall Street” movement is being put forth as some kind of organic, serious protest over greed in the US and world financial sectors and capitalism in general. Somehow, between a sympathetic MSM and Progressive politicians who find a distracting simpatico with the tent, bongo drum and need-a-bath set, we are led to believe that this is a BIG movement, encompassing many millions of participants. But I’m loathe to count up more than several thousand die hard participants at any of the “events.” One thing is for sure — given that there is no cohesive aim or ambition, and the fact that many of the participants are willing to go on the record with inchoate ramblings — this is a put up rebellion. But put up by whom? And why? And why now? I believe those questions will become clear as time goes on because getting paid to camp out in an ever-increasing-in-filth outdoor venue soon becomes tiresome, and the continued prospect pales in comparison to the fold away bed in mom/dad’s living room. Besides, these fractious neo-hippies are unlikely to garner much support or sympathy from the average working Joe or Jane who has to actually work for a living to, in part, support the right of these selfish nutbars to continue to protest.

Solyndra. I think that the House has finally hit a nerve in the Obama administration with their investigation of the Solyndra scandal. There is something fishy afoot with the incredible sums of money involved in what increasingly appears this green-for-votes/political support scheme. That Solyndra was so very close to bankruptcy/insolvency, teetering on the edge as it were, and the administration saw fit to bankroll this outfit for over half a billion dollars of taxpayer’s money is both troubling and suspicious. I’m convinced that Solyndra represents the pinnacle of crony capitalism that is the hallmark of the corruption of the self-proclaimed “transparent” Obama administration and presidency. We’re being played for fools, and with their rejection of the House subpoena, Obama and his Corruptocrat cronies are thumbing their noses at the law and at us.

GOP Presidential Candidates. I’m presently underwhelmed by the current crop of GOP presidential candidates. Don’t get me wrong, for a staunch Republican and rock-ribbed conservative, there are some jewels in the rough. Like Herman Cain, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. Only Mr. Cain has gained any traction among the purported “conservative” candidates. But Newt has seen somewhat of a resurgence, climbing to 3rd place in most of the national polls, after Cain and Romney. And by the way, Mitt Romney needs us more than we need him. It may be “his turn” to be the GOP standard-bearer, but as a nation we don’t need the medicine that he’s offering. I firmly believe that he’s a go-along-to-get-along candidate, who will unfailingly support the tax-and-spend infrastructure…while making ceremonial and for show only cuts here and there. Of all the candidates, Santorum and Gingrich speak for constitutionalists and conservatives. Through past actions as legislators and through their words while on the stump, they have unflaggingly preached the need to tip the status quo on its head — even though it is to their detriment. I sure hope one of these two prevails in the tough slog ahead, but I’m not holding my breath. Now, don’t get me wrong. I really like Herman Cain and I think he’s a smart, experienced and articulate man. If he is the GOP candidate after the primary winnowing process, I will enthusiastically vote for him! What I don’t like is his 9-9-9 plan…

Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan. There is so much that troubles me about Herman Cain;s 9-9-9 plan. But my primary objection is that by simply offering this plan, Mr. Cain unwittingly cedes the status quo to the tax-and-spend Progressives who have, for over a century now, conditioned Americans to being unwilling ATM machines for profligate political agendas and programs. See, since the turn of the last century we have become inured to being taxed in an extra-constitutional manner through legislative trickery and political duplicity. And although there is a marginal return on our investment in infrastructure and national security, the majority of our money is used as a votes-for-goodies slush fund by craven, self-serving pols. We don’t need GOP candidates offering up “plans”, like Mr. Cain’s 9-9-9 plan, to help support this profligacy. We need GOP candidates who are willing to play the iconoclast, and propose that before we do anything else, we will cut the federal budget by an ACTUAL 50% — including entitlements. We are taxing and spending our way into oblivion and obscurity as a nation. Restructuring how the government gets its financial fix is akin to debating, just after it struck the iceberg,  whether the Titanic will sink in 5 or 6 minutes. In the end, it doesn’t matter! It’s gonna sink anyway!! A tax and spend “plan” by any presidential candidate, least of all a GOP candidate, puts a willful or worse unwitting fig leaf on the root core problem. And if gives false hope that things will really change with a new administration. We need a candidate and a presidency willing to cut up the roots of the insidious government and make tough but necessary changes to the modus operandi of that government. Any plan that does not include this is really no plan at all.