Barack Obama’s recent assault on the Catholic Church and the 1st Amendment proves that the man has no consideration for the deepest held religious beliefs of American citizens and that he couldn’t care less about the US Constitution. With the exception of the outrage displayed by Catholic bishops regarding this religious and constitutional affront, it was difficult to tell if any rank-and-file Catholics, particularly Democrat Catholics, share a similar outrage and anger.

All we need to do is listen to the “explanation” put forth that self-declared Catholic Nancy Pelosi offered:

“And so this is an issue, 98 percent of Catholics, they tell us, use contraception, overwhelming numbers of people in our country support the president’s decision, including, they tell us, at least you all tell us, a majority of Catholics,” said Pelosi.  “So I support it.  If it comes to the floor we’ll use this as a welcome debate to talk about the importance of women’s health.”

“And it’s not just about the women,” Pelosi said.  “It’s about their children and the health of their families as they make serious decisions and use contraception to determine, as I said, the size and timing of their families.  That will be a debate that we welcome.”

“It’s a sad one,” she concluded.  “We shouldn’t have to be to a place where people are saying—when the overwhelming practice is going in favor of women’s health—‘we want to pull that back.’  And use the excuse of religious freedom, which, of course, this is not.”

The problem with Ms. Pelosi’s analysis is that the opinions of individual American Catholics do not constitute Church doctrine. She knows that…but she is willing to place her fealty to her ideology before her faith. From the lead up to Obamacare, when Ms. Pelosi was House Majority Leader, we understand that this woman is an unprincipled liar and propagandist. And she will indeed unhesitatingly place her party before the United States, the Constitution and the American people she purports to “care” about.

After the bishops’ outcry, we see that Obama and Pelosi are satisfied with turning the debate away from a blatant government intrusion on religious freedom to the red herring of “women’s health.” And American Catholics may be just brainwashed enough to buy this hokum wholesale. Even Obama’s recent so-called “compromise” with the Catholic bishops to force the cost of contraceptives and abortions onto insurance companies was seen as acceptable by many American Catholics ostensibly concerned over women’s health.

This raises the question about the true faith of American Catholics and, again, Democrat Catholics. These folks seem comfortable with the likes of Nancy Pelosi speaking on their behalf from a position of political power. Yet she (in what must be a conscious decision) spits in the face of the Catholic Church with her words. As such, do American Catholics think that the Church is a democracy…whose deepest held doctrines and precepts may be changed according to the vagaries of public opinion (as Ms. Pelosi apparently believes?) If this is so, the Church in America and any hope of a return to constitutionalism are doomed because of the passive acceptance of such anti-Catholic viewpoints like Ms. Pelosi’s and government programs like Obamacare.

It used to be that Catholics worried about the fate of their immortal souls once they shed their mortal coils. That concept, it seems, is passé now. Because for over a century the government has enabled a free-for-all in terms of self-indulgence and self-gratification…all at no cost to the recipient. A free-for-all provided or aided and abetted by the likes of Ms. Pelosi. The following question begs asking: If one doesn’t have to worry about their next meal, shelter, cell phone, etc. because of a beneficent, generous government, why is there the need to thank a generous God for those necessities of life? After all, what did God have to do any of this? Better still, what did the Church and an individual’s faith have to do with the government’s largess?

In a statist, non-secular society God and souls don’t matter as much as voting for the “right” candidate. The condition and fate of an eternal soul pales in comparison to the instant, worldly gratification of “benefits.” So why worry? Why not live it up and exploit the ‘quiddiest’ of quid pro quos?

I betcha a lot of “good” practicing Catholics have more than a spark of doubt in the existence of an afterlife…so why not hedge those bets and make the most out of things while one can? This probably explains why Catholics have replaced God-fearing behavior with the craven idol worship of Obama and the federal government. Unfortunately they are Burger King Catholics…they want their faith and their religion their way. They also want  their “stuff” from the government, no strings attached.

Entitlements über allis…at least until God has his say…