The recent banning of baked goods, including cupcakes, at Massachusetts public schools by the Massachusetts legislature is the pluperfect example of nanny-state government gone awry, and a moribund ideology straining for relevance in the modern world. If the big-brained decision makers in the MA legislature think that this imperious action is going to help obese children shed a single fat cell then they are far dumber than even I imagine them. The only thing this legislative silliness does is engender anger and fury towards them. And it makes us question their decision-making abilities and motivations.

I cannot imagine the precious hubris of the folks who think that THEY, instead of parents, are responsible for the health and welfare of children. And furthermore that THEY can capriciously wield their legislative powers to enact laws such as this ostensible ban to perform do-gooding, PC actions that will keep them in good graces with the damn fools who see such measures as good and necessary.

With the myriad problems that engulf our state, these boneheads chose to spend precious time and energy on this “important” cupcake issue. I suppose in their minds they think that we really care about their phony-baloney agenda…and that casinos and cupcakes (two issues that have occupied much of the legislature’s time this year) are truly important in our lives. As soon as I heard the deliberations that went into the recent casino law, for example, to define when and how former legislators could dip their beaks into the promised gambling cornucopia, I saw that this was less about benefit to the state and more about self-aggrandizing special interests — the legislators themselves!

Banning cupcakes is just another way for our state government to place a stern, officious boot on our necks. It represents yet another erosion of our Constitutional rights that are neither valued or respected by those who believe they can relieve us of them with the stroke of a pen. I fear the rest of my fellow citizens here in the Bay State will wake up far too late, and consequently we will leave our children and heirs a restrictive place to live that not only sucks their wallets dry, but every bit of enthusiasm and initiative from their persons and their souls.