Komodo Dragon!

If and when I get the urge to scuba dive, stay the hell away from Rinca and Komodo islands. Very far away!

It seems that 5 European divers were swept away from their underwater fauna sightseeing by the strong and unpredictable currents in the waters surrounding Tatawa island in Indonesia. These currents are so strong that they were swept more than 20 miles from the area of their original dive. And adding insult to injury they were carried into shark-infested waters.

But once they struggled with all their strength for 12 hours in the sea to get to the only dry land available, Rinca island, they came face-to-face with another fearsome predator. You see Rinca island, a palm studded erstwhile paradise, is home to the world’s largest carnivorous lizard, the Komodo dragon.

Luckily, they were able to drive off the reptiles with sticks and rocks. And after 12 hours of what I am sure was high anxiety on Rinca, they were subsequently rescued and brought to a hospital on Flores islands where they were being treated for dehydration.

I think I’ll get the Slip-N-Slide ready, thank you!