It’s official! The 2010 election season is here.

How do I know? Well, it’s not because of the campaigning going on. It’s not because of the smattering of political yard signs beginning to appear. Nope, I know it’s election season because the mud (or the threat of mud) slinging has begun in earnest.

There was a news article on Drudge today that described something that I though might be coming. In case you’re in suspense and wondering, the title is: “Globalist Soros Launches Frontal Assault Against Tea Party“.

I had heard rumblings of this earlier in August…with snippets here and there that videos, news stories, pictures, etc. were wanted so that they could be posted online to reveal bad and racist behavior. The funding wasn’t mentioned — it was rumored that either Huffington or MediaMatters would be the sponsor.

But in the loony left-o-verse of thought and politics, all dough in one way or another leads back to Soros. And it is fitting that Soros is funding this smear effort: He is purported to HATE the Tea Party and it gets under his skin like nothing else.

I predict that this smear site,, is going to do more harm to the left than good. The crazed left is convinced that there are bigots and racists and hate-mongers under every rock. Particularly rocks on the property of Tea Party members. But just like the political nonsense that oozes from the left…the “stuff” found on the .org site will be primarily manufactured by the left, for consumption by the left.

Those on the left who despise the Tea Party (pretty much everyone with a pulse) have tried for months to tar and feather rally attendees or folks at town meetings. The crown jewel of proof of Tea Party racism was the alleged hurling of racial pejoratives at members of the Congressional Black Caucus on the day of the passage of Obamacare by members of the Tea Party who assembled to protest this action. Contrary to the claims by the individuals who were alleged to have been the “victims” of this verbal assualt, no evidence of any kind has emerged — even in the face of a $50,000 reward by Andrew Breitbart.

So now every Tea party event from now until Nov.2 will be documented every which way to Sunday. And like I said, if the deportment of the Tea Party members is stellar, I’m convinced that questionable “bad” behavior will appear on the .org reporting site and exploited for all it’s worth.

The sad part of this is that rather than being skeptical, the MSM will run with the garbage hurled by the anti-Tea Party .org site. They won’t give the Tea Party folks the assumption of innocence until proven guilty. No, no, no. I predict they will pig pile on the alleged “bad” behavior. And they will ignore any evidence that would prove otherwise.

See, as much as Soros hates the Tea Party, the combined MSM hates them worse.  The thought of freeborn citizens exercising their constitutional rights in a public forum drives all these leftist/socialist/statists CRAZY! So they will need the mud and the garbage assembled by the .org site to create controversial headlines and leading news stories.

At least we all know what’s coming. But let’s not fool ourselves, regardless of how exemplary we act from here on in, don’t be surprised if any of us see ourselves portrayed as racists or some other label with negative connotation attached to it.

My advice — smile and say “Have a nice day.” What we will experience on Nov. 3rd will more than compensate us for having Smearbots hurl the mud, garbage and dreck at us.