Give Me Liberty, or Just Go Ahead and Grope Me. There are a growing number of Americans who see the ridiculous screening techniques employed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for what they really are. Unconstitutional. But that doesn’t stop the political lemmings and ‘Surrendercrats’ from knee-jerk supporting these measures as essential to the safety and security of American air travelers. For example, Emmett Tyrell, a columnist at blames Matt Drudge for the growing brouhaha regarding the airport grope-fests. He suggests that folks who object to the scans and pat downs are somehow hyper-sensitive, less-than-patriotic (after all, we’re at war!) and ersatz civil-libertarians. Gimme a break! The government, in the form of the TSA, has opted to ignore the Constitution in a wholesale manner. The Fourth Amendment guarantees us:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Mr. Tyrrell may wish to surrender his rights as easily as one breathes. But there are others, myself included, who do not wish this. And it is easy to forget when one’s mind is lost in thoughts of a socialist Utopia that one person may not relinquish or abridge the constitutional rights of others because of how they “feel” or what they believe. Or our rights may not be truncated even if the US is at war. The Constitution does not support Constitution Free Zones, or situational limitations of our rights “depending.” Mr. Tyrrell is free to walk into any airport, or into any building for that matter, and request to be searched. The remainder of us freeborn American citizens are guaranteed that we need not submit to hair-brained schemes and onerous searches, regardless of the good intentions put forward. This is of course true unless I’ve missed the memo and we finally live in a post-Constitution America, where the Congress and the government may give and take rights without our knowledge and consent.

In Massachusetts Being Illegal Isn’t Such a Bad Thing. After his re-election on Nov.2nd, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has become emboldened that his less than majority victory (he won with 49% of the vote) gives him a mandate to implement any scheme that he sees fit. This includes his recently announced plans to completely implement the recommendations contained in the so-called New Americans Agenda report that he commissioned during his first term. This includes his recently announced plans for granting in-state tuition for illegal aliens. Mr. Governor — with our state locked in the grasp of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, with our state running a 2.5+ billion deficit and with the state cutting back on local aid to cash-strapped cities and towns do you really think it necessary to burden the already overburdened LEGAL taxpayers of Massachusetts with costly “benefits” to illegals? Regardless of your reasons, this plan to reward the minority and illegal alien constituency of the state’s population is infuriating and ill-timed. Regardless of your assumed mandate(s), Bay Stater’s want tax relief…and a state government that obeys the laws of the land. We want a governor who concentrates first-and-foremost on the hard-working, taxpaying legal citizens and their concerns before he turns his attention (and our resources) to the affairs of illegal aliens who invade our state.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving. The US House Democrats are apparently “stuck on stupid!” Yup, that’s right and the evidence to prove this condition is the recent re-election of Nancy Pelosi as the House Minority Leader. Or Commodore of the SS Clueless, as I’ll think of her for the foreseeable future. Having Nancy Pelosi, the woman who single-handedly wrought the recent election carnage upon the Dems, as the continued face of the liberal Democrats is a fantastic outcome for the conservatives in the House. No better differentiation of ideologies and actions could exist than between San-Fran Nan and the new majority Republicans who seek to return the US’s governance to constitutional compliance. This return will follow the rampant constitutional abuses by the Pelosi-led Congress, and the string of unconstitutional laws shepherded through the House by the then Majority leader Pelosi. It will be personally satisfying to watch this abrasive and offensive woman be relegate to essentially back-bencher status. She and her Democrat cohort had the chance to do some real good for the American people, but instead they chose to abuse their power and threaten our constitutional liberties. Having Ms. Pelosi around as the face of the failed Democrat agenda will be a good thing, and strong medicine to remind the Republicans that the voters mean business if Mr. Bohener cannot deliver on his promises. And she will be a reminder that the Congress should do our business and not the monkey business that Ms. Pelosi encouraged in the House.

Sen Jay Rockefeller (D-WVA), Progressive/Marxist. In a stunning bit of unscripted candor, Sen,. Jay Rockefeller (D-WVA) revealed his true inner feelings regarding the Constitution at a senate hearing this week. You can see the video HERE. According to Mr. Rockefeller:

“There’s a little bug inside of me which wants to get the FCC to say to FOX and to MSNBC: ‘Out. Off. End. Goodbye.’ It would be a big favor to political discourse; our ability to do our work here in Congress, and to the American people, to be able to talk with each other and have some faith in their government and more importantly, in their future.”

In these parts, we call that protected First Amendment speech. Your “little bug” aside, we plebes are free to listen to whatever news outlets that we see fit, and support those who we find have value. Somehow, the voter of West Virginia need to disabuse Mr. Rockefeller of his god complex — his knee-jerk reaction that he has the ability to implement his autocratic feelings by decree or diktat. Unfortunately, this predisposition to ignore the Constitution is deeply held by many of our elected representatives and legislators. They blatantly ignore their sacred obligation to support and defend the Constitution, and they substitute a raw contempt for the document (and our rights) in its place. Rockefeller’s outburst is yet another confirmation that elected office does not draw individuals to public service who represent the best of us. Rather, public service has become the place where individuals who are more interested in power and glory gravitate to. Hopefully the good voters in West Virginia wake up sufficiently in 2014 (a long way off) and “retire” the overly-patrician Mr. Rockefeller at the ballot box. At this point in our history, our country needs more George Washington’s than Jay Rockefeller’s representing us.

Inflation is Here! Inflation is Here! Despite the steadfast reluctance of the government to admit the obvious, inflation IS here. Anyone who purchases gasoline, energy or food know this fact, and knows it well. This news does not bode well for the average American consumer, whose finances are already stretched to their breaking points by the persistent economic downturn/recession. Nothing will kill off consumer confidence and personal financial stability like the prospective double whammy of consumer price inflation and the end of the Bush tax cuts. Folks teetering on the edge of financial ruin will topple over the edge and into the abyss. The government cannot alter reality by simply excluding inflationary factors or commodities from its assessments. By doing so they are only kidding themselves and lying to the American public. we need action — we need the Congress to renew the Bush tax cuts for all Americans, and we need Fed Chairman Bernanke to reconsider his foolhardy attempts to rescue the economy with quantitative easing (QE) — and economy hamstrung by over-regulation and anti-capitalist policies. Bernanke cannot do by printing money what Obama and the Democrats have failed to do over the past two years — get the hell out of the way and let the engine of American enterprise pull us out of the ditch and help us to speed away from our economic malaise.

California, Dreamin. I recently heard a joke: “Q: What’s the difference between the Titanic and California? A: The passengers on the Titanic didn’t vote to hit the iceberg!” That pretty much encapsulates the problems in California in a nutshell. The citizens of California strive to make the place some sort of misbegotten socialist/progressive Utopia, but they simply cannot afford the largess required to keep their Titanic away from the iceberg of financial ruin that awaits them. Simply put, they have far too many unproductive beneficiaries and not enough benefactors. They are like an addict or a drunk that has run out of money…they’re going to get that money by hook or by crook. And based on the election results from the local to the federal level this past election, where they eschewed conservative candidates and embraced pseudo-commies as their leaders, Golden Stater’s do not see themselves as having a problem. Everything is hunky dory…the status quo is just fine. So what if there are structural budgetary issues? So what if the state perpetually operates in deficit mode? “Hey man, chill!” But facing a bailout of misguided and mismanaged California, the remainder of Americans cannot afford to chill out. We must make sure that we inform our representatives that we don not want to bail out the crazy and out-of-touch Californians. They got themselves into this mess; they now need to buck up, bear up and get themselves out of it. Californians don’t need coddling and quick fixes (which will only encourage more bad behavior on their parts,) they need a sobering smack of reality to wake them from their torpor. They can try to be everything to everybody, but when the bill comes due they need to step up, face the music and accept the consequences. It will be tough to watch, but they cannot operate under the misconception that the laws of finance, logic and nature do not apply to them — regardless of how “kewl” that they think they are.